Maseki Gurume – 002

My adventure starts here!


……Toxin Decomposition?



“EX is also attached to it.”


“Yes, that’s true, but God…… It’s just Toxin Decomposition.”


“Umu. It’s great against strong poisons.”


“So, I simply can’t get sick or be poisoned? Is that all? ”


“What a rude way to put it. When it comes to the EX, no matter the poison, no matter the bacteria, it’s not effective at all. ”



Just listening to her tone, I can tell it’s an amazing ability.

But, somehow……It’s a bit plain……



“Come to think of it, about the world I’ll be going.”


“I think if I said ‘it’s your usual fantasy world’ you’d easily understand.”


“Does that mean there are monsters and magic? ”


“Umu, umu. By the way, a status system has been established, so it’s quite convenient now.”




“Huh!? Don’t just scream all the sudden! ”



This got me thinking.

Aside from being another world, I wonder what else would be different for me?

It’s not like I’ll be some regular office worker……



And God already said I might be royalty or a noble.

There were people in those positions back on earth, however…… it was kind of hard to understand.



“Anyways, come on, keep reading until the end…… in what kind of family will you be born? ”


“……This is a win, right!? I mean, it’s an Earl! I don’t know what kind of rank that is, though.”


“Most likely, the third from the top. With that alone, it’s worth it, don’t you think?”


“I can’t argue with that.”


“At any rate……it was a win, so that’s what you got. Even the pure magic, which can’t be neutralized and it’s extremely harmful for the body, can’t hurt you.


“Like I said, that’s not useful at all!! ”


“Seriously, calm down……, So? Do you have any more questions? ”


“Is it time already?


“So now you’re back to polite speech……”



Too many things happened all the sudden.

So, thinking back on how the other party is a God, I believe I might’ve been a little out of line.



“Am I going to lose the memories of this place too?”


“You won’t, but you will lose the memories of your previous world. At least that should be the case, but I’m sure you’ll remember some if they’re important. If you forget everything, then that would be purely your fault.”


“What a terrible way to put it.”


“Is that all?”



A question, a question……

Even if I try, nothing really comes to mind, then…… Ah, that’s right.



“Is there anyone else who has been reincarnated besides me?”


“Nearby, no. But if we take walking distance as a measure, then over a year away. But irregularities have the chance to come in contact in the future.”


“That’s a surprisingly long distance.”


“That might look like to you, but it would be troublesome for you if it’s too close.”


“Thanks for your concern.”





Certainly, people with cheats might be scary, so it’s good they won’t be nearby.

And I’m sure other Rare or Super Rare people will definitely possess a really overpowered skill, compared to me.



“And lastly. Will I start over as a baby? ”


“That’s right, it’s safer and better for your future to be born in a noble family rather than just appearing somewhere.”


“That’s true.”


“……It’s about time now.”


“Ohh, I feel like we haven’t been speaking for that long.”


“Ahh, that’s true, you might not feel it, but you’ve been here for 10 years already.”


“What the heck, that long?”



10 years?

I didn’t feel like that much time has passed since I woke up, but I guess it has something to do with this being another dimension or some other mystical thing I don’t understand.



“No at all, it’s just that this was the time it took me to reconstruct you.”


“Hahaha. This damn loli.”


“I’m running out of patience with you……”


“Sorry, I was just kidding.”


“Haa…… Anyways. Then, this is for real now, it’s now time to send you out.”


“So, my glorious second life will now begin!! Okay God, I’m in your hands! ”


“Yeah, yeah. Okay then……May your life be filled with blessings.”


“Yaaaaaaaaaay! ”


“There, go, shush, off you go! ”






I’ve sent a lot of people.

Some have taken their own lives; others have completed their life cycle.

But among them, this was the first time I’ve seen someone had such a stupid death.


“……You aren’t honest at all.”



‘I’m ashamed to put it in words, but I’m really grateful to you, God, for giving me a second life’.

Just as he was about to set off, this was what was on his mind.



“I’m the administrator of the world where you’ll go. So, this is a matter of course.”



He’ll be going to a world where many races exist, not only humans. And there are also evil monsters.

Going to that world from the peaceful Japan, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a little cheat to get them starting…… After all, there’s nothing wrong with me giving a little extra to those I kind of liked. Or so I thought.





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