Maseki Gurume – Chapter 3

Alright, here it is, it pains me to see MTL.

At least now I have a favorite phrase:

“I want to Mother away from the me who is awakening to an Oedipus complex”

I know you leeches go to the highest bidder (fastest translator) and then complain the story was bad when the translation is what makes the story hard to read.

Still, I respect other people’s effort, but I dont like seeing people talk crap about a novel when it’s not the actual novel’s fault.

Enjoy the chapter!

TL: Kari

ED: ——-

Chapter 3




16 thoughts on “Maseki Gurume – Chapter 3

  1. Glad i didn’t open the other translator site…
    That phrase you showed is enough to make my brain crashed twice
    Thanks for the chapter
    So i assume you will continuing this series then…


    • I was never dropping it, and this series is being sponsored so yeah, I’ll continue it.
      I was going to do the LN version (That’s why there’s a prologue up) but people convinced me to stick to the WN

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      • Hi, Thanks for translating this. I’m glad you didn’t drop this. I’d have dropped this if you had since the other translation was horrible.

        Have you read both the LN and the WN? If so, are there any differences?
        Will you post the illustrations even if you translate the WN?
        I always thought people will prefer the LN since it was an edited version of the WN.


        • So I had originally brought up using the light novel. However after backlash Kari decided to use the WN. She has the light novel, and according to her the LN is very very similar to the manga. I hope you are enjoying this novel. I know I am.

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          • What backlash?
            It’ll obviously be similar to the manga since the manga uses the LN as source.
            My question was if it was similar to the WN. I read the manga so I wouldn’t want two versions of the same story.
            Thanks for answering and yes, I’m enjoying the novel/manga.

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          • It is similar to the WN, after all, it is based on it.
            It is exactly like the LN, since it’s an edited version of the WN.
            But there is more explanation of stuff in both the WN and LN.
            What I’m doing is the WN.

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          • @Kari
            Thanks for the answer. Yeah the LN is an edited version of the WN but there are cases where the story changes completely. Like Seirei Gensouki.
            Is there a schedule for this? Chapters are pretty short so I hope we’ll get at least a couple a week.
            Thanks again for translating this.

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  2. I’d already bought the LN on the strength of the description and art when it popped up on NU, so the other “translation” was a disappointment to say the least. Glad to see something actually readable now.

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