High Spec Village – 069


Episode 69: A Reddish Figure


The three of them were surrounded by more than 10 armed imperial soldiers.


“Kill them at once! ”


The empire’s diplomat who previously wore an expressionless face, yelled while his face was dyed in anger.

He was currently hiding behind the soldiers as he ordered them from a safe place.


Being almost a tenfold difference in numbers and the imperial soldiers being armed with long swords, there was no doubt they had the upper hand.

The diplomat man was sure of their one-sided victory.


This was the type of serious situation it had become.


“Lienhardt, I leave Isis to you.”

“That’s a given even if you didn’t say it.”


After entrusting the powerless girl, Isis, to Lienhardt, Yamato grabbed the only weapon he had, the self-defense knife.

It was a situation where they were surrounded by many people, a formation that made easy to tell who was on defense and who was on the offensive.


“Hah? What would a lowly merchant do with a knife in this situation!? ”


The diplomat mockingly smiled at the show of resistance.

Although he was confident in the soldiers, he ridiculed the group as if they were waiting for a miracle against the battle-hardened imperial soldiers.


“If possible, try not to kill anyone, Yamato.”

“Don’t worry, I got this.”


However, Yamato and company ignored the diplomat and started to make a move.

Although they usually argued with each other constantly, Yamato and Lienhardt had acknowledged each other’s abilities.


So, these are the imperial soldiers, huh? They sure are trained… but, they are “normal”…


With the influence of the world transition, Yamato’s physical abilities had been strengthened many times.

Dashing with his incredible power, Yamato ran to the center of the imperial soldier’s formation.



The fight was quickly over.


If one used a watch to count the time, it would probably be just a couple minutes from start to finish.

The curtain closed quickly in the battle and the result was a unilateral victory.






Over ten imperial soldiers lied on the floor, leaking cries of pain.


They all had been neutralized already by Yamato and Lienhardt, unable to resist.

Since they only took punches and kicks, their injuries were light and they were not in a life-threatening situation.

However, regardless of that, they would not be moving for some time.


I knew it, they were just “normal”…


These imperial soldiers had, without doubt, a high degree of training.

But they weren’t outstanding, just “normal”.


They were no match for Lienhardt, holding the title of “Tenth Sword”, one of the strongest in the continent, and Yamato, with his enhanced abilities.


“It c-c-can’t be… are you monsters…?”

“It’s rude to call someone a monster, you know.”


The only opponent left standing was the diplomat, shocked.

He couldn’t believe what had just happened, and was just standing there at loss for words.


The imperial soldiers he was so proud of and was sure were nearly invincible… they were easily suppressed in an instant by a mere merchant wielding a knife and a mercenary.

This probably came as a bigger shock for a civil officer like him who only spend his life behind a desk and never ventured to the front lines.


“Well then… what should we do now, Yamato? ”


After confirming the safety in the room, the knight Lienhardt approached Yamato and asked.

The previously angered and frenzied diplomat was now pale, so it was clear the negotiations wouldn’t be able to resume at this point.


“Well, there’s no point in being in the imperial capital. Should we return to Orn?”

“So, it really comes down to that, huh…?”


At Yamato’s proposal, the knight Lienhardt just sighed in resignation.

However, he too agreed with the proposal itself.


“B-bastards, are you stupid? Do you really think you can escape from the imperial castle… no, from this imperial capital!? From our great and glorious imperial capital!? ”


Hearing their future plans, the imperial diplomat couldn’t help but to ridicule them.

Even if they were as skilled as they were, they were only two people.

He proudly shouted that they wouldn’t be able to break through the castle gate and checkpoint, where fully armed soldiers and knights would be waiting for them.


“We didn’t come to the imperial capital to fool around. If those checkpoints are the same as the ones I’m thinking, then I can easily break through them.”


They could procure weapons from the imperial soldiers lying on the ground.

And with his strengthened abilities, Yamato was sure he could easily carry the girl Isis and still move quickly.

Needless to say, but the knight Lienhardt should also be fine.


And the trade corps waiting in the imperial bazaar are ready to leave at any given time.

With a single signal, the camouflaged wagon can be turned practically into a moving fortress.

There are also the Han horses, with enough power to leave behind any possible pursuing force.


“Alright. Let’s go, Yamato! ”

“No, wait. Looks like someone is coming. Maybe enemies.”


It happened at the time when Lienhardt tried to head for the exit of the room.

Sensing the signs of people coming, Yamato took stance.

After leaving the room, there was the possibility of getting ambushed in the narrow corridor.


“Oh, reinforcements!? The elites of the glorious imperial army have come to save me! ”


In response to Yamato’s words, the diplomat’s expression changed.

His previously pale complexion changed to a delighted and ugly smile that showed him being convinced of his victory.

He truly was a pathetic man, beyond irritating.


But right now, they couldn’t be bothered by him.


Hmm ……This presence……no way……


It was a presence Yamato remembered.


The marching footsteps stopped on the other side of the tightly closed door, obviously many people were behind that door.

Guessing from the presences, the large number of people now couldn’t even be compared to the soldiers they just fought inside.

Furthermore, there was a presence exuding a fierce killing intent.


“I’m coming in.”


Along with that voice the door slowly opened, and one knight wearing long crimson clothes appeared.

Slowly… however with refined movements showing no gap in them, he entered the room.


“What is the meaning of this? ”


After calmly observing the situation in the room, the crimson knight asked with a serene tone.

At the end of that questioning gaze lied the diplomat, whose expression suddenly changed to pale again.


“Y-yo-your Highness Loki… w-why are you in such a place…?”


The trembling man could barely form words to reply towards the unexpected appearance.

The diplomat had no idea of why Prince Loki, a child of the Emperor, would make an appearance in this place dedicated to diplomacy.


As expected, this presence… truly belonged to the Prince of the Hisan Empire, Loki…


He had felt it from beyond the door, but even for Yamato, this was unexpected.


“I heard a messenger from the city of Orn had appeared, so I came here. However, I found it strange that your esteemed person never reported it.”

“Th-that is…”


Loki sent a sharp icy glare towards the man, towards the diplomat who failed to report.

When a messenger from another country was to come, he had the duty of reporting it without fail, regardless of the position it held.


“Also, there are several things I want to ask you, Lord.”


Loki continued to speak.

Allegedly, this man had used his position as diplomat to make arbitrary decisions, abusing his authority and even taken bribes.


“A-about that… I did it for the Empire…”

“Capture him.”

“Haa! ”


At Loki’s signal, the knights that were behind him detained the diplomat.

There were the elite Crimson Knights, led by the knight and prince, Loki.

They had the power to detain even powerful suspicious nobles.


“Take those soldiers to the barracks.”

“Haa! ”


The knights took away the diplomat suspected of treason and carried out the soldiers who had fainted in the floor.

Afterwards, the previous hustle and bustle from minutes ago disappeared, turning quiet.


Left in the room were only the thee of them from Orn, and Prince Loki with a few knights as escorts.


“Sorry you had to go through all that, Isis-dono.”

“Thank you very much for your concern. And, it’s been a while, Your Highness Loki.”

“It truly has been a while since we last met officially, Isis-dono.”


Approaching Isis, Prince Loki greeted her.

Isis too, greeted the prince, using the highest of courtesy.


However, from the tone and attitude of each other, one could guess that they were old acquaintances.


“Well then…”


After giving that light greeting to Isis, Loki turned towards Yamato’s direction.


“Are you the rumored “Yamato of Urd”-dono? ”

“I don’t know about any rumors, but I’m Yamato from the village of Urd.”


Towards their first official meeting, Yamato politely introduced himself to Prince Loki.

He couldn’t carelessly respond towards the other party, whom obviously was a powerful person.


“Yamato of Urd-dono… Have we met somewhere before? ”

“Might be your imagination. It’s my first time coming to the Imperial Capital.”


In actuality, however, Yamato had met Loki with the kidnapping incident involving the imperial aristocrat Butan took place.


However, at that time, he had his face hidden and only mentioned “Yamato of the Mountain Dog Group”.

My disguise was perfect, he thought to himself.

So, with his true identity not uncovered, he pretended this was their first meeting.


“Is that so…”


While casually conversing, Loki kept on observing Yamato’s body.

Probably trying to measure his skills and abilities.


In contrast to him, Yamato hid nothing and particular, answering in a natural way.


“I see… As expected of the man recognized by Barrès…”


After finishing observing him, Loki smiled and muttered something in a quiet voice.

Yamato on the other hand, only felt confused that he had an interest in a merchant such as him.


“Well then…”


After finishing speaking with Yamato, Loki turned toward Isis once again.


“In regards to diplomacy with Orn, I am interested. Let’s change places and listen to what you have to say, Isis-dono.”

“Eh… Your Highness, Loki is interested…?”


At the unexpected situation, the Consul Regent of Orn, Isis was shocked.

Because she never imagined that the prince, the emperor’s child, would take a seat to discuss diplomacy with a single city-state.


And thus, the negotiations resumed, this time with Loki.




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