High Spec Village – 054.7

《Introduction of the people so far》Part 3

――――◇――――Residents of the City of Orn――――◇――――

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Young girl acting as the Consul Regent for the trade city of Orn.

She is a friendly girl with a beautiful face who is working hard as a substitute of her father, the Consul, who is bedridden and unconscious due to a disease. She is a slight air-head, but her straight and active attitude has gained the trust of the citizens. A bit older than Liscia of the Village of Urd, and as a woman, she has a quite developed body.

To save Orn, which was in a dangerous location surrounded by large countries, she appealed to Yamato, the “wise man of the north” for help.

2018-09-14 (8)


Young man belonging to Orn’s Knight Guard.

He’s also the dedicated escort knight of the Consul Regent Isis, always helping and assisting her. One of the strongest knights in the central part of the continent, earning him the title of “Ten Swords”, his sword mastery is considerable. Weak against underhanded plots due to his straightforward character, but has dramatically grown since he met Yamato.

・Special possessions and equipment at this time: ???Spear


A young man who according to himself likes to fool around.

He always wanders around the city of Orn speaking in a frivolous tone. He has the skill to lower the caution other have towards him, making it easy for him to get along with others easily. He was acquainted with Isis, the Consul Regen who was in trouble, and acted as a bridge between her and Yamato.

He possesses no fighting abilities, but his physical specs are high, has incredibly good eyesight and vast knowledge. There are many mysteries behind him, like the woman assassin who called him “Lacquell-sama” and for him to head towards the “main house”. But still, he’s an existence that is hard to hate.

【Woman Assassin】

Unidentified woman who’s also a follower of Lacq.

The face hidden under the hood is beautiful, but her altered voice makes it hard to discern her sex.

One of the most famous assassins in the continent, and can even steal from the castle of the empire and the kingdom with ease if she were to get serious. She considers Yamato to be a danger, since she can’t quite get a grasp on that person.

【Government officials of Orn】

They are loyal to Isis, the Consul Regent, since she has been like a daughter to them since she was a child. They don’t know the identity of Yamato of Urd.

【People of Orn’s bazaar】

Everyone got along well with the people in Urd’s stall. They don’t know the identity of the people of Urd nor Yamato.

――◇――Hisan Empire Western Division――◇――



A man belonging to the Knights of the Empire in the east of the continent.

User of the Magic Sword called “Mad Storm”. With incredible strength and a magnificent large build, he is a powerful knight who became part of the Empire’s top three with his incredible sword skills. He is a knight who gives off the vibe of a dangerous beast, and doesn’t falter in face of someone strong.

Barrès Irvine, and was a classmate of Prince Loki in his Knight Academy days.

・Special possessions and equipment at the current time: Magic Sword “Mad Storm”



Third prince, child of the emperor of the Hisan Empire in the east part of the continent.

Was raised as a knight since his low succession rights and circumstances of his birth. A prince knight feared throughout the continent due to his excellent sight in tactics and strategy, also known as “Crimson Mask”.

He has a calm and collected image, but the fighting spirit hidden beneath is a brazen one. Aims at reforming the Empire which has grown corrupt.

The knight Barrès, being his classmate from the knight academy days, is his best friend and the only he confides his real intentions.

・Special possessions and equipment at the current time: Han-equivalent horse. ???Rapier.


Merchant of the empire who bought his aristocrat rank with money.

Had a problematic attitude and an underhanded personality, but he was one of the biggest merchants in the empire. In order to further grow his wealth and rank, he infiltrated the empire’s next target as a common merchant. When he got excited, he laughed with a “Buhihihi” tone. Deceased.

【Old Empire’s Knight】

Elder knight and one of the captains of the Crimson Knight Order directly under Loki.

Called “Jii” (Gramps) by Loki since he had served him since an early age, and deeply trusted. Although of his advanced age, both his fighting and commanding abilities are excellent.

――――◇――――Urd Trade Group――――◇――――



An ordinary young man who was transported from modern day Japan into another world.

With distinctive black hair and eyes, and unsocial and blunt manner of speaking. Even if the other party was an aristocrat, his tone and attitude remain the same. Not very good at socializing, especially bad at dealing with children. Although he is dexterous with his hands, he is sometimes a bit insensitive and clumsy (Especially regarding romantic emotions). His “business smile” is terrible.



Granddaughter of the village chief of Urd.

A beautiful girl with a lovely face who, along with Yamato, started the restoration of the village on behalf of her grandfather, the village chief. A fourteen-year-old adult. She is an excellent hunter and her commanding abilities have improved. Worried about the girl named Isis who got close to Yamato.

2018-09-14 (6)


Old blacksmith of the Mountain Clan People who lives in the outskirts of Urd Village.

A stubborn old man with a bad mouth. But his skills as a blacksmith are excellent, and he is able to instantly understand the rough drawings of Yamato and craft the items swiftly. No matter how much money he is paid, he would never receive a request he didn’t like. Not very good at riding vehicles.

He is one of the only three people in the continent who possess the title of Grand Master Blacksmith. He found and old friend of the same race in the city of Orn.

――――Children of the village――――

The oldest three girls: A little younger than Liscia.

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Eldest kid among the village’s children… turned out to be a tomboy girl.

A hot-blooded kid with a simple character, but with the presence of a leader and generosity towards other children. Slightly younger than Liscia, but when dressed properly, she turns out to be a beautiful girl. Everyone calls her by her nickname, since her real name is long and hard to pronounce.

(TLN: Men and women dress slightly different in Urd, Guts always wears pants instead of a dress, so it was “easy” to mistake her for a boy)

banner (3)


A quiet girl the same age as Guts.

Although not good at hard work and haughty like him, she has an excellent ability to draw pictures and write characters. She’s a smart girl who helps Liscia, she also helps with the managements of the village recently.

(TLN: TBH I’m not sure that’s Chloë, but I got a feeling she is.)

2018-09-14 (7)


Beautiful girl of the Han clan and the direct descendant of the late chieftain.

Now she holds the position of leader of the archer cavalry formed by the surviving Han clan children. Especially talented at mounted archery and with an unyielding spirit. Her hobby is to collect whistles. Doesn’t like the streets of the city very much since there’s garbage.



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  1. I think the chloe pic is wrong, in the illustrations for volume 1 the eighth pic is her with the pad of paper and long braids behind her back right?


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