High Spec Village – 051

Episode 51: Afterwards developments


After rescuing the girl Isis, Yamato went back to the city of Orn.

The fact that she was kidnapped was strictly confidential and unknown to the general public.

In order to avoid information leakage, Yamato entered through the city gate used exclusively by the Knight Order, and went directly to the old consul mansion to deliver Isis to the Guard Knight Lienhardt.

“Isis-sama! ”

“It’s great to see you safe, Isis-sama! ”

Some plump government officials welcomed Isis.

For them whom had served the consul for many years, Isis was almost as their own child.

Isis was kidnapped by the aristocrat merchant Butan with the use of sleeping pills, but there seemed to be no after effects and she was safe.

“So, you are the ‘Wanderer’ Yamato-sama. I truly offer you my thanks for what you have done this time! ”

“Did you break through the imperial knights and saved Isis-ojousama with just a single horse!? Truly an incredible warrior! ”

The heavyweight officials of Orn came closer to Yamato, giving him the greatest praise as a hero.

By the way, earlier Yamato had changed his identity to a “wanderer” and hid his face with a cloth.

“I just happened to be passing by and helped. It’s not something worthy of making a big deal.”

His words were a lie though. It was his personal intention to help Isis.

It was when she came to see him that Isis was aimed for and ended up being kidnapped.

Despite the fact the Empire had crept into the city, she still decided to show the “third gift” that Yamato had talked about.

That’s why Yamato felt a sense of responsibility to save Isis.

(The disguise was perfect… I guess I got nothing to worry about them retaliating…)

Their identities were unknown to the imperial army.

And the only two who knew of him, Barrès and Loki, would most likely not take revenge against Orn and settle with killing Butan.

(Rather… it feels like I was used to ‘dispose of Butan’… or at least that how it feels.)

Although he had become a criminal, the financial strength and authority of the aristocrat merchant Butan was considerable.

Many merchants in this continent dedicated part of their work to the loaning business, and since they also dealt with the royal families, their voices were quite strong.

Even kings and emperors couldn’t handle a situation like this previous one carelessly.

Perhaps not only Yamato took advantage of the chaotic situation, but so did the Empire.

They turned a blind eye on him helping Isis in exchange for getting rid of Butan.

(Imperia Prince Loki, huh?)

He was a dangerous young man.

A prince from the Hisan Empire, which controlled the eastern part of the continent and was advancing its territorial expansion.

Not only was he an incredible swordsman, but also a quick and sharp person whom many may consider a schemer.

“Yamato-dono! If it’s alright with you, would you celebrate with us in the Consul’s pavilion!? ”

“It’d be great to hear of your past heroic deeds.”

The Orn officials invited Yamato to hold a celebration with the excuse of having Isis rescued safely. Him being the main figure, the hero who bravely rescued the young girl.

“I’m sorry, there’s still some thing I need to take care of.”

Perhaps they truly meant to thank him for saving Isis.

However, it was a fierce battle the rescue of Isis, and he gave the excuse of having several wounds in his body left because of it.

In truth there were no injuries on him, but it was true that the fight against the Empire’s knight Barrès was a fierce one.

“Well then, if you’ll excuse me.”

And so, he decided to return to the inn where the village chief granddaughter and the children were waiting, to rest for a night.

Dawn of the day following the incident came.

A messenger arrived at the city of Orn coming in the name of the “Hisan Empire’s Prince Loki”.

『The incident this time was caused by the idiocy of the merchant Butan alone. Therefore, the Hisan Empire rescinds itself of any and all responsibilities derived of such. 』

It was a formal letter, but the contents could be very much resumed as those.

It appeared that the emperor deprived of its nobility rank to the merchant Butan a few days before the incident took place.

Therefore, this time, the incident was charged to a “mere merchant”, not one of the nobility.

『Still… we present to the Consul Regent Isis, a token of our sympathies with our sincere honesty. 』

At the end of his addressal, the messenger from the Imperial Prince Loki presented a large sum of money towards the city of Orn as he expressed their condolences.

It was a considerable amount, but it also had the purpose of lowering the sour taste Orn might have against the irresponsible actions of the empire.

“…In other words. Is like the Hisan Empire saying『We’re not going to fight against Orn, yet』 Or at least that what the messenger implied.”

Those words were spoken by the Guard Knight Lienhardt, who purposely bothered to report to Yamato.

In order to promptly save his lord Isis, he resigned from the Order of Knights, but was reinstated after her safe return in reward.

“But still, the imperial army will come.”

“Yeah, it would seem so.”

Yamato agreed with Lienhardt’s predictions.

After confronting the man called Loki, the flame of ambition could be seen dwelling in his eyes.

He was a dangerous young man trying to advance his supremacy with large talent but never being conceited.

Going by their geographical locations, the empire would not yet invade the city of Orn.

But in a few more years, with the goal of “Continent domination”, the Empire will move forward its armies.

And, “when that time comes”, there surely will be some sort of influence in the remote village of Urd, located towards the north of the city of Orn.

“We need to be more careful in the future.”


With that, the report about the relations with the Empire from Lienhardt ended.

“By the way… you’ve been authorized the “Urd Store” you applied for, Yamato.”

“That’s great to hear.”

This was something he had requested to Orn officials in stead of the people of Urd.

After noticing an empty shop in a back alley near Orn’s Bazaar, Yamato applied for permission to open up an Urd specialties store in that location.

“Yamato… you are the benefactor of the Consul Regent. Isis-sama even said ‘If he wants, we can give him a large commercial building in the main street’.”

“I helped Isis out of my free will. Don’t worry about it.”

Superfluous rewards were unnecessary since Yamato had to keep up his front as a “wanderer”.

Besides, at this point in time, the production capacity of the village of Urd wasn’t very high.

After all, only recently the production of food and household supplies had stabilized.

There was no need for a large building, a simple small shop in a back alley was more than enough.

“You’re really not a greedy fellow, huh….”

“『A wealthy person does not get tired of wealth / Chouja tomi ni akazu』Is a saying in my country… it means “There’s no limit to human desires and that is dangerous”.”

“Sounds like something you would say, Yamato.”

Lienhardt gave an awkward smile to Yamato’s response.

When Yamato first met him, he was a knight who would not show such a flexible expression. Even without a sword in his hand, he gave off an image of being a stiff person.

Perhaps something inside of him changed when he abandoned his position as a Guard Knight in order to save Isis.

As a knight in service of the consul, he was likely to grow even more.

Yamato felt like he could leave the situation of Isis to the current Lienhardt.

“I’ll recognize you a little, Yamato. However, that’s as a swordsman… I don’t intend to lose to you as a man! ”

“Not like I’m going to compete with anyone. Besides, I’m not a swordsman, I’m a simple villager.”

“Ohh… I suppose that’s true. But still, I’ll never lose to you, this I swear to Isis-sama! ”

“Suit yourself.”

That stubborn side of Lienhardt hadn’t changed at all.

He spoke about how he would ‘defeat’ Yamato the next time he came to Orn to set up the Urd shop.

And after talking about their next reunion, the chat with Lienhardt came to an end.

The property contract of the Urd shop was successfully completed and the advanced preparations proceeded without issue.

All that was left was to select the products once they returned to the village, and then it would become a full-fledged shop.

――――It’s been several days since they rescued Isis.

And finally, the morning when they would return to the village of Urd, came.



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