Maseki Gurume LN – V01 – Prologue

The time has come. I know what many of you will say and how you’ll complain, but after reading the LN I chose to switch to it, it’s way better, you’ll see as you read.

By the way, this is a repost of the prologue, with an added illustration.


Enjoy the chapter!

TL: Kari

ED: Kari

Chapter Prologue




5 thoughts on “Maseki Gurume LN – V01 – Prologue

  1. Haha I told you when you hesitated for LN or WN. LN’s better most of the time, especially with LN having an editor, illustrations and afterword which makes you know author’s thoughts. Glad you switched it before it’s too late.


  2. Thanks for the release. Nice to see that you’re picking up the LN version, but starting from the beginning huh… Oh well, I forgot the story anyway so might as well read. Is any group contacting you right now for handover of the WN translation?


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