Tou no Madoushi – Chapter 1

Hello! Here’s a novel I found interesting in the Novel Updates Pick up request Forum, I hope you enjoy it.

Also, there’s one thing I want you to consider/keep in mind. I don’t have an editor, nor I’m the best at translating. Neither english nor japanese are my mother tongue, but I enjoy translating and try to give it my best.

Some times I struggle with words and meanings, but I try my best at making the translation readable without changing the meaning the author tried to convey. So that means I’m also not the fastest, it takes me around 2 to 3 hours to finish a chapter, or a little more if I have to do some research on terminology.

I don’t try to give fast “unedited” translations that read like machine translations, but something good, or at least decent enough that you feel like reading proper english.

I thank you in advance for your support on this novel and the other novels I translate.

And so, lets get to the chapter!

Episode 1: The girl praying at the stone statue.


Guingard, the city of magicians was as usual, crowded with plenty of people.


People of various professions and different social statuses came and went over on the main avenue, which extended all the way towards the harbor, filling the wide road.


They all came to visit Guingard from places all over the world, in order to trade the rare items crafted by the magicians.


And in this busy road in Guingard, there stood a single and lonely side street. The main street and the surrounding areas had a heavy traffic, everywhere was packed and jammed with people, but that single street seemed to have been forgotten.


But it was natural for people to avoid that street. Unlike the countless side-streets that derived from the main avenue, that single one was a blind alley that wasn’t connected to anywhere else.


For most of the people it was a waste of time to stop in that space, considering the congestion of the main avenue.


It wasn’t even an ideal place to take a break. There was nothing to sit on, and it was too small of a space to unload luggage or even park a carriage.


There was only the stone statue of a magician standing there alone. In past times, that stone statue was the receiver of many prayers from devoted people, important because of the great achievements of that person. But now the times had changed, everyone was in a hurry all the time and nobody bothered to stop by.


It was that kind of statue, that people usually walked by without even looking at, but right now there stood a girl praying towards that stone statue. She devoted her prayers while ignoring the bustle of the street behind her.


And a boy who had just came to Guingard, Lynn was staring at that girl since a while ago, fascinated.


What a strange girl.


Lynn was mesmerized by the appearance of the girl, observing her closely. She wore a white hooded robe, and in her hand, she held a long wooden cane.


From her appearance, she was probably a resident from the Magician’s tower where Lynn was headed towards now.


But not only was her appearance what Lynn was attracted to. There was something about her aura that deeply drew him in. Although it was a bit better when compared to the main avenue, the street noises, the voices and restlessness of the hurriedly walking people was inevitably heard.


The sounds of the bustle in the street caused a bit of unrest to Lynn.


But the girl on the other hand, kept her eyes closed, without concerning herself with the fuss, and continued to devote her prayers with her hands on her chest.


Among such a noise and turmoil, the feeling surrounding the girl was a very quiet and relaxed one.


Maybe it was the mysterious power of a magician at work.


Hers was a serene and tranquil atmosphere that would make one think so. She was as quiet as an undiscovered lake in the depths of a forest. Lynn wanted to keep looking at her forever.


However, the girl’s prayers suddenly ended. She turned towards Lynn, noticing his gaze resting upon her. Their eyes met.




Lynn was unable to endure the silent gaze of the girl, and greeted her.


But he regretted talking to her. Even if she was not a magician, she at least looked like a priest or a cleric, and in any case, she was certainly an aristocrat.


On the other hand, Lynn wore a dirty shirt and a pair of tattered pants. The difference in their statuses was as clear as the day.


But after the returned the greeting of a “Hello” on her side, the mood of Lynn lightened. He felt relieved.


Back in his hometown, Lynn wasn’t really aware of the difference in status, so he had the habit of carelessly talking to everybody.


That often angered his shishou/master.


Lynn’s master was very strict about social status.


And not knowing the city’s caste system yet, he thought he had somewhat done something bad, but apparently that didn’t seem to be the case this time.


“Uhm, is that the statue of a famous magician?”


Lynn, who didn’t know what to say next, switched the topic to the stone statue the girl had been praying to a while ago.


It was a majestic statue.


It depicted a man with a muscular physique, wearing a cloak; one of his hands held a cane while the other was help up high, as if reaching into the infinity.


He had an impressive countenance, and it felt really imposing.


Lynn felt that for a statue like this one to be made for him, he surely had been a respectable person, admired by everyone.


Surprise colored the face of the girl for a moment. Almost as if she was hearing something unbelievable.


That made Lynn felt nervous again.


He wondered whether he said something strange.


“You don’t know about Gaelias!? Are you new to Guingard? ”


“Well, I suppose.”


I guess that was something like common knowledge here.


Lynn felt embarrassed that his uneducated side became exposed. He was becoming more and more tense since he spoke to a girl he didn’t know, in an unknown city.


“Grand Magician Gaelias Krust. He was the man who built that tower.”


“That tower…”


Rising his gaze, Lynn looked at the imposing tower behind the statue.


That tower was the symbol of the magic city Guingard, and was also called the Tower of Gaelias.


It was also the place where Lynn would become an apprentice magician.


It had the appearance of a fortress, but it also looked like a castle and a factory.


In reality, it was all of those.


The Tower of Gaelias wasn’t only a facility where magicians would train.


It was a facility complex that was responsible for the research and development of magic and magical tools, of education, of the military, of commerce, of production and several other aspects.


The magic tools produced in this tower were exported to various countries around the world, and the magician army that was dispatched from the tower fought all over the world as well.


One could say that in this word, everything revolved around magic.


The tower had many floors, stacked one after the other, and its top pierced over the clouds.


The tower’s wall also varied, from rough stone, to polished marble and even some parts that were reinforced with iron plates.


There was also a part that had several big holes, which was the military port. That was where the ships carrying the magician army would sail and be sent to different parts of the world.


There were visible traces of the renovations made over the years, similar to a cloak sewn from different cloths; also places with cannons installed, bridges, metal frames and even trees growing in between the gaps.


And even now, renovations still continued; in a similar way to the different generations of magicians changed, the tower also had its appearance change slightly over time.


“Not just the tower. He was an existence who many call the father of the magicians, whom devised the basic theory behind several magics. It would be better if you remember that.”


“You… seemed to be praying to him…”


“Yeah, I was wishing. I prayed because I want to be like him.”


“Like him… like Gaelias? ”


“Yes, my aim is the top of that tower.”


Rising her hand, she pointed towards the sky.


Lynn tried to see the top of the tower that lied behind her fingertip.


But, it was blocked by the thick clouds, rendering it unable to be seen.


He had heard that only a few chosen ones among the magicians could reach that place beyond the clouds.


Even learning magic was difficult in order to become a magician. He wondered how much power one would require to reach the top of that power.


It was an unfathomable thought for Lynn.



Next time, episode 2「The Labyrinth of the Tower」




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