The Villainous Noble Daughter is Perfectly Fine Alone! – Chapter 2 part 1 and 2

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The story after the original ending.


 That isn’t me. Am I dreaming? I was having those thoughts as I was watching Iris El-Katze.

 But the height is different. The physique is different. The hairstyle is different. The eye color is different. The atmosphere is different. The laugh is different. And above all else, the dream’s Iris wasn’t alone like me. She didn’t have the divine sword either. Just about everything was different.

 Yet, the Iris in the dream was still a terrible person.

 Although her face is very beautiful, she has this strange confidence and is very full of herself, giving others a strong sense of intimidation.

 Although she speaks very elegantly, her speech is full of contempt and her feelings of despise towards other oozes out in between her words.

 Everywhere she goes, someone accompanies her and does for her the chores I would normally do myself, she doesn’t even try to do anything by herself. I guess she is trying to be the top brass, the literal ‘queen’ of this school.

 And while trying to act like a big shot, why is it that all the actions she takes are just petty and simple? Gossips? Throwing other people’s belongings away? Pushing someone down the stairs? Just what in the world is she doing? is she trying to play a game?

 I bet nobody could help but to sigh, amazed at this Iris. Thinking of a plan to drive the Alice in the dream into a corner, she executed it almost like a villainous noble girl would. But although she herself is playing the villain part in high spirits, something of this degree could never really be considered true evil.

 To sum it up, for me, Iris, the Iris in the dream was nothing but a petty person.


 It seems like the scene changed while I took my eyes off of it for a moment.

 It was one that I, Iris, was familiar with. To be precise, I remember this scene from a stage in the game. I’m sure this was the party celebrating advancing to the third grade of high school.

 In the dream, the dream’s Iris was being chastised and censured by Alice Il Wand and the crown prince Kyle El Bahamud, together with several other boys who aren’t familiar to me.

 The dream’s Iris was angrily staring at Alice, but I could clearly tell her legs were trembling. After all, no matter the circumstances, if you are a villain you should stand in a dignified matter.

 If its Iris, she would probably be showing a fearless smile and standing there with her hands in her waist.

『Iris El-Katze! You’ve made various transgressions against Alice! But it can no longer be overlooked! 』

『An investigation has already begun. Well, that’s the least I can say. 』

『Have you no pride as a noble? Serving a noble is what I aspire as a Knight, sadly, I’m still not able to accomplish that. 』

 This is a sight I don’t remember seeing, but it’s easy to understand what this is.

“The condemnation.”

 It was the event that I, Iris, was waiting for, but I couldn’t get.

 The various wrongdoings of the dream’s Iris will come to light at this place. To dream’s Iris perspective, all those doings were nothing but normal things, but for dream’s Alice and Kyle, they were terrible acts that couldn’t be forgiven.

『Ordering others to avoid talking to Alice-san, making her feel lonely. Spreading rumors and negative gossips to hurt Alice-san’s reputation. Slashing Alice-san’s clothes and textbooks. Slapping her, pulling her hair, tripping her with your foot, and attempted murder by throwing her down the stairs, to say the least. You also stole Alice-san cherished items and destroyed them. Obviously, we have evidence and witnesses. 』

『Iris! As a noble, even as a person, you are rotten to the core! Trash like you can’t be my fiancée! I’ll have the engagement annulled! 』

『What! Please wait! 』

 Iris in the dream tries to cling to him. As if something was wrong, as if there was a mistaken being made, she desperately clings to the Kyle in the dream.

 However, nothing is a mistake. The Iris in the dream surely bullied the Alice in the dream. The Iris in the dream certainly tried to act evil and eliminate the Alice in the dream.

 But in the end, she was the one being discarded. This was nothing but cause and effect, a retribution, nothing but the defeating of the evil.

『I’ve tried to endure up until now, but I’m already at my limit! Iris-sama! Please apologize! And promise that you will never ever do this again! 』

『Don’t make fun of me! Nothing that I ever did was wrong! There’s nothing wrong with showing some slut her place in society! I was not at fault! 』

『You still keep saying that! You are just a fool who can even take the last mercy one shows to you! You will be expelled from the school! Never show that face of your in front of me ever again! 』

 Being thrown into despair, the Iris in the dream fell to the floor, her legs losing its strength. And like that, she was dragged by the security guards and was thrown out of the school without anyone speaking up for her.

 Then, the scene changed.

『Iris. I’m flabbergasted by your behavior. Why did my own daughter do such foolish acts……? 』

『Father! What are you trying to say!?』

『Shut up! You are no longer my daughter! Get out! Even if the world comes to an end, you are not allowed to set foot in this house ever again! 』

 Those were the words the Iris in the dream received from his father in the dream. Falling deeper into despair, the Iris in the dream was driven out of her own house.

 Then, the scene changed.

『That surely is bad, Iris-sama. But I was told by your father to not lend you any aid. 』

『It can be…… for father to go this far……』

 Visiting one of her favorite merchants, she was only told that he couldn’t help her. And no matter how many merchants she visited, their response was the same. The Iris in the dream slowly fell deeper and deeper into despair.

 Then, the scene changed.

『You’re quite beautiful. You’d make a great concubine. 』

『Me……a concubine……』

 While she knew it was rude, she still visited a wealthy merchant noble she didn’t know to seek help, but that was the reply she received.

 After losing her shield as a noble, the only grace remaining for Iris in the dream was her beauty. It wasn’t hard to imagine that after losing that beauty, she would be thrown away. Deepening her despair, the Iris in the dream left the mansion.

 Then, the scene changed.

『Huh? You hate cooking? There’s no way I can hire someone like that! 』

『There’s no way you can do this if you’ve never worked before! 』

『You don’t like to remember things!? Are you playing!? I can’t hire you! 』

 Even though she decided to live as a commoner, her resolution was simply naive. She couldn’t do customer service, she couldn’t cook, and her manner of speech always got in the way. Even after losing everything, the Iris in the dream couldn’t forget the way of living as a noble.

 And that obviously made it natural for her not to be hired by anyone, so the Iris in the dream just wandered around the streets of the royal capital in despair.

 Then, the scene changed.

『You’re quite the beauty. I’m sure you could earn good money by becoming a prostitute, I’m serious. 』


 The Iris in the dream that had already fallen into the abyss of despair, desperately accepted the proposal and began living as a prostitute.

 However, the Iris in the dream never cared to learn the skill, the manners nor the way of living as a prostitute. She just accepted everything that came to her, being dragged by the flow. Obviously, after she stopped making money three years later, she was thrown out of the store.

 Then, the scene changed.

 Her former beauty was nowhere to be seen now, not even a shadow of her past self. Crying in a dark back alley, the Iris in the dream was alone as the sun started to set.

『Why did this happen……?』

 She started to remember the glory of the old days. She remembered her school days, but they seemed almost like a dream now, rather than a memory. Her glorious life as a noble.

『I did nothing wrong. I was right. All I did was what other nobles would have done if they were in my place……』

 As she spoke to herself, a beggar passed by her side. Seeing a woman worse than herself, the beggar left while happily laughing.

 That further deepened the desperation of the Iris in the dream.

『But what if what I did was wrong? Is this the punishment for that? Was the sin so big that I deserved to suffer like this? 』

 She tried to get rid of some insect that was sticking too close to her fiancée. She questioned why did she had to fall this far, if that was all she did.

 In reality, the Iris in the dream truly lost everything. No one would reach out a hand for her anymore, and she felt she would die at any moment.

 No, it was more correct to say that the Iris in the dream had already lost her will to live. And just like that, she would slowly disappear without anyone noticing.

『If this was going to happen, I should have never done such a thing……』

 That was the first time she repented. For the very first time, the Iris in the dream acknowledged her own mistake.

『I’m sorry……』

 Before her death, at the last moment, the Iris in the dream finally admitted her mistake, and even with nobody to hear those words, she asked for forgiveness.

 The curtain of night fell, painting everything in darkness. And the life of the Iris in the dream was slowly slipping away. It was now just a matter of time before the Iris in the dream died alone in this place.

 But it appeared that God hadn’t abandon her. God wouldn’t let the Iris in the dream die just yet.

『Are you okay? 』

 It was a kind voice. As if being pulled by that powerful voice, the Iris in the dream saw a man that wore a slightly anxious expression.

 His right hand extended towards the Iris in the dream, and to her this was obviously a hand trying to help her.

 This is my last chance. There was no basis, but the Iris in the dream firmly believed so. So, she trusted her feelings.

 In this way, the Iris in the dream was picked up by a man before she lost her life.

 The Iris in the dream, realizing her own mistake, her own twistedness, began to live a new life, changing her way of thinking so as to not make the same mistake again.

 After falling to the bottom of the bottom, after losing everything in her life, at last, the Iris in the dream was able to start a new life.

 And while being supported by this man who had saved her, she decided to in turn support him, and together with him, walk the same path towards a happy future.

 Iris, born as a noble, ostracized by her fiancée, she who had lived as a prostitute, and was later abandoned. This Iris in the dream, who had lost everything, was finally able to get salvation at the very end.

 Surely, the happiness of the Iris in the dream would start from now.

 Surely, a new life will begin for the Iris in the dream.

 Surely, the Iris in the dream will live happily with this man.

 Finally, the Iris in the dream would be redeemed of her sins.
















 But, is that true?

















 There’s no way life can be this convenient.

 It was for a purpose that the man rescued the Iris in the dream, it was for a purpose that he saved her.

  You see, the man knew that Iris was expelled from the school. He knew that she had been abandoned by her family. And he knew that she would continue to remain abandoned.

 To the Iris in the dream, it all seemed unreal. So, to her, the man who reached out his hand to her appeared as a god of salvation.

 Of course, the man’s actions were calculated.

 This man, he believed in a certain God. And for the sake of said God, in secret he had been preparing something.

 Everything in order for that God to descend upon the world.

 That God, was a sin.

 That God, was not allowed to exist.

 That God, was a taboo.

 That God, was one that had been erased.

 That God, spelled ruin.

 That God, was referred to as the Evil God, a nightmare of destruction.

 And it was that Evil God the one who had reached his hand towards the Iris in the dream.

 By the time she figured it out, it was already too late. The man’s preparations were already completed.

 In the room where the Iris in the dream slept, the man was preparing a magic circle. And by placing the Iris in the dream in the middle of that formation, the Evil God descended.

 It was just moments before the ritual was completed that the Iris in the dream finally woke up. When she became aware of it, it was too late.

『What are you doing!? What’s this!? There’s something crawling inside of me! 』

『Oh, Iris. I love you. I always loved you because you would become a wonderful sacrifice. 』

『What! No! Why! Even though I finally met you! Even though I was trying to be happy with you! 』

『But of course, I am happy. After all, God will finally show up in this world! 』

『It hurts! It hurts! Stop it! I hate it! Help me! No, no, NOOOOOOOOO! 』

 The Evil God descended after devouring the Iris in the dream.

 The moment the Evil God descended, the evil deity stained the holy atmosphere of the Royal Capital. The wicked cries of the defiled spirits spread throughout the kingdom, as half them were extinguished in an instant.

 The next moment, the Evil God roared. The soundless roar of the Evil God showed itself as physical destruction, attacking the kingdom and destroying buildings and people alike around its location in the kingdom’s capital.

 The defiled spirits, the destruction of the buildings, and the corpses of the people made the Evil God grow in size. The Evil God which continued to steadily grow, finally reached the size of the royal castle.

 Everything was over.

 A monster had appeared. Within the hour, information about the incident was spread, making the inhabitants all across the kingdom know.

 The surviving people in the capital were in despair. The soldiers and knights guarding the royal castle finally started to move. The king and the princess prayed wholeheartedly to God.

 But obviously, it didn’t stop.

 The hideous Evil God still rampaged around, it continued to eat, and it continued to destroy the world.

 And that was the ending of the Iris in the dream, consumed by the Evil God.

 However, the Iris in the dream was not dead yet.

 Well, there is no doubt that she was physically dead. However, her mind was alive, her soul being taken by the Evil God, kept her unharmed.

 The Evil God might be protecting her. Or maybe the Iris in the dream simply had such an ability. The reason is unclear, but the Iris in the dream did not completely die, and continued to watch the kingdom collapse from inside the Evil God. She accepted all the despair she was causing as she watched.

 They’re dying.

 Everyone is going to perish.

 People died. Soldiers died. The knights died. The nobility died. Her acquaintances died. A former friend died. A stranger died. Everyone is going to perish.

 Suddenly by chance, she saw the face of the man she once loved.

 The man who called the Evil God.

 He was dressed in a black robe and hysterically laughed. He was happy to have met his God. He had an ecstatic look on his face. I felt the anger rising from the dream’s Iris’ tattered heart after she understood that every action had been planned ever since he picked her up.

 However, it soon ended. A moment later, the man jumped in front of the Evil God and was crushed by it. However, it might have been the man’s hope to be killed by this Evil God.

 When she saw that scene, the Iris in the dream felt delight. A negative delight. The man who had deceived her just died. The Iris in the dream was happy to see the man getting what he deserved.

 Just as she immersed herself in her delight, the Evil God continued to rampage and grow. The Evil God didn’t stop, nobody could stop it, then it finally reached the royal castle.

 In front of the castle, a line of knights was prepared to defend it, but it would probably end up as a fruitless effort. The Evil God had already grown in size to be twice as tall as the royal castle, there was no way an ordinary human being could stop it.

 Sure enough, they were either crushed, kicked or eaten.

 Of course, the Evil God’s aim was the royal castle.

 Extending a part of its body, it swept away the upper part of the castle. And just like that, a third of the castle was blown away, its debris raining upon the kingdom’s capital.

 Just as the Evil God rested his gaze upon the royal castle, the Iris in the dream opened her eyes wide.

 Was it a coincidence? She saw the figure of the Alice and Kyle of the dream there.

『Kyle, and also… that woman! 』

 The Iris in the dream remembered about that time she was in school. Then, a strong hatred gushed forth.

 It empowered the Evil God. Increasingly negative emotions such as anger and hate were being amplified by the influence of the Evil God that had taken the Iris in the dream.

 That was the reason the Iris in the dream decided to stop struggling. That was the reason the Iris in the dream felt pleasure. Due to despair brought by being betrayed by men, the Iris in the dream had given up on everything.

 The Evil God perceived the feelings of the Iris in the dream. It stopped its random rampage, and now it clearly targeted the Alice in the dream.

 Extending a part of its body, the Evil God tried to pierce the Alice in the dream. Even though the Kyle in the dream tried to quickly act as her shield, he was a moment too late. The attack from the Evil God came towards the Alice in the dream faster than he could become his shield.

 The Kyle in the dream screamed. The Alice in the dream simply closed her eyes. After all, an Evil God was an opponent normal people would have nothing to defend against with.

 And so, the Evil God…  did not pierce the Alice in the dream.

 A light. That’s the only way to describe it.

 A flash. In that moment, a part of the Evil God was splendidly blown away.

 The Evil God howled. The soundless cry brought a wave of destruction; however, it was guarded against by the power of a sword.

 Holy Sword Utopia. A holy sword sworn to be used only to protect the world, containing the prayers of hundreds of saints.

『I wonder just what happened here? Being just transported here by the guidance of Utopia, what a terrible thing to do to me. 』

 A calmed voice, almost inappropriate for the current battlefield, resounded. There stood a man, filling the place with a holy aura. The spirits came forth, cheering for that man.

 After hearing the man’s voice and looking at his figure, both Kyle and Alice of the dream opened their eyes wide. And were relieved after knowing the true identity of the man.

 That man was a hero. He was a hero who had saved the world several times. He was justice, that had destroyed countless evils.

 A knight among knights. The hero chosen by the Holy Sword. The knight in service of the people. Justice incarnated.

 He was the wandering Holy Knight, Saber Keith Rodret.

 His sword was the beacon of hope that was created by the people and spirits together. Although it didn’t come close to my sword, Alastor, it was one of the finest swords made to kill an evil existence. It boasted the power worthy of being called Holy Sword.

 The Evil God was a God, but it was still evil in existence. Besides, it was just a newborn, making it hard for it to resist the holy sword.

 The Saber in the dream just cut through the Evil God with his holy sword, like a hot knife cutting through butter. The purified Evil God raised cries of suffering, gradually reducing its appearance.

 It was overwhelming. This was a hero. This was a brave. The Holy Knight that protected the world was exerting his power gloriously.

 Saber in the dream proceeded to cut the Evil God, and eventually just a single chunk that could wrap a person remained.

 The Evil God had not perished yet, it could still regrow from here. However, the destruction of the country was avoided. The remaining fragments will soon disappear after being pierced by the holy sword.

 The Evil God had been vanquished.

『Thank you… thank you so much, Saber-dono. Thanks to you, the country has been saved. 』

『Please, let me offer you my thanks too. I’m really grateful to you. 』

『I too cannot remain idle. As soon as everything is settled down, I’d like to offer you Saber-dono any reward you might desire. 』

『There’s no need for that. I was only led here by Utopia. I’ll remain here for a while, there’s no telling what the after effects of the Evil God might be. 』

『In that case, let me at least take care of the accommodations. Of course, we will take care of all the expenses. 』

『……Alright, then, I’ll be in your care.』

 The Saber in the dream deeply lowered his head and placed his holy sword back on its sheath. At that moment, the holy aura that dominated the place dissipated all at once.

 Maybe, it reacted to it.

 A fragment of the Evil God turned into a clay-like substance. It changed forms, becoming smaller, and gradually that fragment of the Evil God took a particular shape.

 Kyle and Alice of the dream became frightened, and the Saber of the dream stood quietly staring at it. While the three of them watched, the fragment of the Evil God completed its change.

 It was a woman, the one who remained there.

 She was Iris El-Katze, the sacrificed core of the Evil God.

 Her figure after being thrown away, having lived as a prostitute was nowhere to be seen, and she appeared as if she had lived as a noble up until now.

 This happened because the Iris in the dream always had wanted to get her beautiful figure back, but it’s not like it mattered now.

 The Iris in the dream appeared in that place, looking the same as she was before. That was an undeniable fact.

 In front of her was her formal fiancée, who hated her. Staring down at her, the Kyle in the dream started to get angry.

『YOU…. Iris El-Katze! So, it was you! All of this was your doing! So, this is your revenge for what happened when we were at school! 』

 The Kyle in the dream tried to grab Iris by the arm, but Saber of the dream stopped him. That Iris had come out from a fragment of the Evil God. It was normal to be wary.

 While looking at that situation, Iris of the dream started to think.

 Revenge? Who would do such a thing? Even before dying, I was conscious of my sins. I understood my wrongdoings.

 And what’s more, I have no reason to seek revenge.

『Is it… my fault? That’s quite silly, isn’t it……? 』

 Ahh, this prince still thinks I’m the same as I was back in school, the Iris in the dream thought. The prince treated her as if nothing had changed from those times.

 There’s no way that would be the case.

 Besides, even if I was the same as back then, there’s no way for me to do anything against him. I’m no longer a noble daughter of this country’s aristocracy. I have no reason to destroy the country.

 Ah, Kyle-sama. It’s so foolish of you to think that I would do something like that.

 It was amusing for Iris in the dream, amusing, but a little sad at the same time.

『Oh, I see. It is my fault. Because it was me the one who called down this monster! 』

『To have fallen to this point, Iris! Don’t ever think that trash like you will have an easy death! 』

 Then, please tell me. Do you know what kind of life I have led, and what kind of things I had to endure?

『Fine, Listen up! This is my sin! 』

 If he says it is a sin, I might as well accept it. Let him call me a sinner who called upon an Evil God, to his heart’s content.

 The current Iris in the dream was mixed together with the Evil God. In other words, she was still able to use the Evil God’s powers if she wanted to.

 Iris in the dream already lost her physical body. The reason she currently possessed a body was because of the power of the Evil God.

 So, she obviously could tap into that power, and use the abilities of the Evil God.

 And so, the Iris in the dream invoked the power of the Evil God. Not to destroy the country, nor to kill the dream’s Alice or Kyle.

 But just to burn the memories of these past years of the Iris in the dream from these two people.

 To erase their memories of her. Those two’s reaction resulted in a tremendous shock. By the influence of the memory manipulation, the Alice and Kyle in the dream lost consciousness. By the time this two would regain consciousness, the manipulated memories would have taken root.

 What they would know, and what they would think, that was no longer of concern for the Iris in the dream.

 And there was only one thing left waiting for the Iris in the dream, who had exhausted all the power.

『I’ll finally disappear……』

 Turning into particles of light, the body of the Iris in the dream disappeared after exhausting all the power.

 The body of the current Iris in the dream was only been made by the power of the Evil God. Even if she lost the strength to maintain that body, the Iris in the dream would only be losing her body once again.

『This too……Is a suitable way……for me to end……』

 The Iris in the dream had fallen to a point where she could no longer be considered a person. Just when she believed she could stand again, she was once more pushed down further into the abyss. And as a result, she had caused the death of numerous people, she felt responsible for the destruction by the simple fact that she formed part of the Evil God.

 There was no way to obtain salvation.

『Holy Knight-sama……Thank you very much……』

 As long as she was alive, the Iris in the dream could never be saved.


 The Iris in the dream finally got her salvation, and with a gentle smile, she completely disappeared.

 And with that, my dream is over. That attitude, to accept everything at the last minute, could be evaluated as brave.

 However, I can’t help but to say that the Iris in the dream was a petty person. A villain should be able to stand on their own. No matter how much she had fallen, she should just accept defeat, but we villains have a high pride, so we also should do our best to crawl up.

 So, what’s with her? Being broken after a single defeat? Failing to see the opportunities she had?

 Although she lived in a lukewarm environment, the Iris in the dream reigned as evil and tried to overthrow the Alice in the dream as a villain. But she was defeated instead, and all she could do was fall further down.

 Why give up after a single defeat? What an unsightly scene. Never give up if you call yourself a villain. Because that is nothing but an insult to the person you tried to overthrow.

 Nobody said this would be easy, but it is worth it. It takes a person with high pride, with a clear objective, and one who would not desist no matter how many times they fall.

 I’m not saying that because it doesn’t concern me, I’m saying it because I am me. It is pitiful to watch at the Iris in the dream. And so, near my ear, a small voice was heard.

『So you’re saying you will accomplish it. Ohh, then I’m really looking forward to it. I’m very, very much looking forward to that. 』

 An unpleasant voice. It is the same voice as mine, distorted, impure, one which overlaps many, many times.

 Two? Three? No, more than that. A hundred, two hundred, even more voices could be heard.

『We are the remnants.』

『We are what was left.』

『We are the dust.』

 Their faintly appearance began to show. It resembled something like smoke, like mist.

『And also, we are the ruin of what once was.』

 That fog finally took a human-like figure, confronting me.

 I knew that figure.

 That was a figure I was recently watching.

「Almost like a ghost.」

『That’s right, ghosts. We are ghosts. 』

 That was indeed Iris. The ghost of Iris.

 Strangely enough, these ghosts appeared as if overlapping with each other. Not an afterimage, but dozens, hundreds of ghosts overlapping.

“Most have disappeared, but it was impossible for some to disappear. The remaining residue that couldn’t even be cleansed by the Holy Sword. Is that what this place is? “

『A great answer.』

 I heard the sound of applause coming from all directions. Apparently, there are countless more ghosts in here than what I can see.

『So? Was it fun? Did you despair? Do you regret it? 』

 One of the ghosts happily speaks.

『You too will become like this. You too are going to be thrown away. You too will become ugly. 』

 That was their promise and prediction.

『Ahh, I can’t wait for it, I’m really looking forward to it.』

 It was a voice full of joy.

『Hurry up, so we can be together. So we can mix. You will be very welcome. 』

 It was a voice as if calling to a friend.

 If the dream I just saw is a scene that have been repeating all this time, then an Evil God will surely appear. An Evil God will appear before Iris, and in time, I will be destined to confront it.

 But, what about it?


 That’s right, its nothing but crap.

“Nonsense. Nothing but a pile of crap.”

 What if there’s an Evil God? Is it not just an extra villain in the end?

 Was it not destined to be destroyed?

“What if that’s the case? There can only be one villain in the world. And that is this Iris El-Katze! “

 And actually, aren’t these ghosts also villains?

“You too were casted away while trying to eliminate Alice-san, by having the tables turned, didn’t you? If you lose, lose in a dignified manner. Accept that ending.”

 At least, the Iris in the dream accepted her ending in the very last moment. It was a good sight, at the very last instant, splendidly scattering, proud and evil. But these ghosts, they weren’t able to do it. There’s no way they would have.

 Then, there’s only one thing for me to do.

“If you weren’t able to do it, let me give you a little guidance.”

『Wha-……How did that swo……』

 It was a sword emanating an overwhelming holy aura. The sword I saw in my dream, Utopia? Nah, there’s no way this can be compared to such a garbage.

 I never expected to see a ghost that had seen a plethora of worlds, pale at the sight of this sword.

“I too have mercy in my heart. I pity you all. However, I’d never acknowledge an existence like you. I would never accept that such an ugly existence will be the end of me as a villain.”

 Yes, what appeared in Iris’ hand was the Holy Sword Alastor. A sword that harbored the power of a god, passed down since ancient times, and the ultimate weapon to slaughter what was evil.

 Naturally, on existences such as the ghosts of what became of Iris, it demonstrated its effects in full.


“Disappear, ghosts. Your sole existence is evil.”

 Iris didn’t hesitate to swing the holy sword towards the ghosts. And while showing its true power, Iris used it to scatter the thousands of ghosts of Iris without showing the slightest regret.

 And then, Iris sighed. Spitting some words in place of a mourn.

“I will never acknowledge such unsightly existences as the same as me…”

 The hand that held the sword tightened its grip. As the holy sword was held strongly enough to almost crack, it shone as if in protest, but Iris didn’t notice it.

“Besides, Evil God? There’s no need for one in this world. There’s only one villain in this world. This Iris El-Katze is enough! “

 As she declared, the holy sword shone once again. The rotten world created by the ghosts was shattered, and a white space without a single thing appeared in its stead.

“Alright, let’s go Alastor. Let’s clean the garbage in this world! “

 Iris screamed those words. And once again, the holy sword responded, declaring to the world that the strongest had once again began to move. The aura emitted provoked the spirits across the whole country, and it too shook the magical powers of the people.

 This happened while Iris was asleep. In other words, it was midnight when Iris provoked the spirits.

 And naturally, other people were also in their sleep, but they jumped in surprise as they sensed the restless spirits due to the activation of the holy sword.

 Iris didn’t think about those people’s troubles. She was the supreme ruler of the sword, and also a villain.

 It was two days after she saw that dream that Iris destroyed the Evil God that she went ahead to resurrect. She crushed its soul with the maximum magic annihilation spell, so that it would be impossible for it to revive again.

 At that same time, Alice was somehow involved in the attack on the Evil God. In addition, the magic annihilation spell decimated her cloths, so Alice simply returned home naked, as if nothing had happened.



So, how did you like this chapter?

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17 thoughts on “The Villainous Noble Daughter is Perfectly Fine Alone! – Chapter 2 part 1 and 2

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    • For 3 years she couldn’t couldn’t drop the noble act or learn any skills? Mm that’s a bit of stretch considering how deperate she was, humans are very adaptable in extreme situations. Throwing a bit of a pity party heh

      Well it’s nice to know the backstory to old iris and alice/fiance.
      Thanks for the part translater!

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    • Consider this my comment for the second part:

      Knew it was too good to be true, nothing that convenient does happen. I still feel glad that the Iris in the dream finally got her peace. And that our Iris killed the evil god to be the number one evil in the world XD

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  3. Iris has a twisted take on what it means to be evil; hers is sort of a noble “evil”, or a grey zone that leans towards darkness. Kind of like Mafias and Yakuzas, but both also do nice things that benefit them.

    I find it really funny now though that she’s the S&M queen of evil; Alice is a wiling servant, and her fiancee is secretly wishing to also feel such pain/pleasure.

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  4. My gods, what the heck are you doing here, Saber!? That evil god is not Beast 666 and we still have Lostbelt to destroy so quit faffing around, Ayaka is waiting for you!
    Joking aside, I can see the author draw a lot of elements from Fate/Prototype (Iris -> Manaka, Evil god -> Beast 666, a holy sword weider jumping dimension to kill a evil beast…)

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  5. Kind of wanted to slap our “Evil” Iris and I have a rant for that. She kept switching between stay down and, why didn’t you rise up? And I just mmmmmh, original Iris I feel so bad for you and the fact who has control of your body now lol. I antenna feeling that her power is from the Evil God and is why her life restarted with past life memories. But she can still use the Holy Sword Alastor because it matters not the basis but the reason behind the use, theories anyway. Who knows but the author.


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