The Villainous Noble Daughter is Perfectly Fine Alone! – Chapter 1

This is a novel I decided to translate for two reasons, I really like this author, and it is a short story 🙂

I hope you enjoy it.


Chapter 1 – A villain girl is perfectly fine alone!


Iris El-Katze was a villainous noble daughter.

She remembered about it the other day, before entering the high school division. She understood about her past life and that since she reincarnated and up until now, she had lived an extremely selfish life.

Before being reborn, I was really fond of villain characters.

My favorite word: Evil. Favorite color: Black. The character I loved the most: DIO-sama. My favorite death scenario was suicide bombing while hysterically laughing.

I had a very strong love towards everything that was evil. A villainous noble daughter, how nice it sounds, right? I felt so enthusiastic about everything I could accomplish.

I also knew that this world was a part of a game. And similarly, I knew that Iris El-Katze was the villainous noble daughter of the game.

Fortunately, the bad end for her is just being expelled from the school. After that, it was suggested that she was to be disinherited from her house, but at the very least she wasn’t and neither was she banished from the country.

So, I will be able to keep living in this country, but either way, I think I would be fine even if I had to become a commoner.

However, that would bring a problem.

I want to become a villainous noble daughter. That is my purpose.

It’s fine if I’m expelled from school. And there’s nothing to worry about becoming a commoner. If you’re a villain, that is but a trivial issue.

But the problem is not that. It is not something related to Iris herself.

How to say it, it is more of a worldwide problem. The huge evil trying to destroy the world.

Dominating demons and using them to destroy everything.

Spreading the flames of war with its huge power, reigning over the demon race.

Yes, a huge evil. And its name is the Demon King.

In Iris’ memory, there were recollections of a game titled ‘Today’s forecast: Sunny with a chance of love’.

Featuring popular voice actors in the leading roles, with detailed depiction of the character’s emotions, it was an immersive story with beautiful illustrations. These and many other factors made the game a very popular work.

And of course, the Iris before she was reborn, was very much into that game. She bought a variety of game-related goods and participated in several events. It was a game very different from her usual tastes, but nevertheless it was so interesting she couldn’t help but to be drawn into it.

But, it was just a normal adventure game. It was an ordinary game in which you had to choose from predeterminate choices, resulting in increased or decreased favorability, and the ending was already established.

There were no battle parts, and neither were scenes where the heroine fought in the game.

However, by reading the instruction’s manual, one could see that magic existed in the world, and that swords and magic were the means to fight in it.

Demons existed, and it was understood that the Demon King was subjugated shortly before the heroine Alice Il Wand entered the high school division.

It was common knowledge that the Demon King was defeated.

That’s right, a Demon King lived in this world. And since Iris was still a middle schooler, the Demon King was still alive.

The world was frightened by the menace posed by the Demon King. And while it seemed like the world was trying to defeat the Demon King, its efforts were not aligned.

According to the story, the Demon King would already be defeated in one year. However, I never heard or read anything about Iris being the one attacking to defeat the Demon King, and the country doesn’t show any movements as if they were attempting it either.

Maybe a hero is summoned… But such an existence never appeared in the game. If there was to be a hero, you would obviously be able to recruit it into your party.

Therefore, the most possible explanation is that someone from this world defeated the Demon King. But, who is the one who will defeat it? I haven’t the slightest of clues.

Would it be the promising young swordsman from this country? The Magic King from the neighboring country? The legendary master martial artist? The traveling holy knight? Or would it be the strongest and most famous sword saint?

Each and every one of them seem likely, but I doubt their countries would easily let go of such powerful people.

Who would beat the Demon King? Its already been a month since I started thinking about it, but I have yet to find an answer.

Even while taking classes at school, even while keeping my daily routing of bullying my fiancé, moping the floor with some master martial artist, or blowing away some random mountain with magic… Even then, I cannot find the answer.

The world keeps going as usual, and the Demon King keeps trying to destroy the world as usual. The only thing that change, is that the conflict between the people and the demons keeps on escalating.

Me, Iris, is trying to become a proper villainous noble daughter. But at the same time, I am a noble. I don’t think that because I’m a villainous noble daughter, it gives me the right to let people sacrifice themselves pointlessly. What I aim at is to bully the heroine, and then become a legitimate villainous girl who is condemned by my acts.

But if the world is destroyed… there is no way I can become a villainous noble daughter. However, the hero who will save the world hasn’t appeared yet, nobody wants to carry this heavy burden on their shoulders.

……Can’t be helped then, let’s make a move.

I was prepared for it. If nobody wanted to move, there was no other choice than to do it myself. I’ll single-handedly blow away the Demon King and then, after the world becomes peaceful, I’ll be able to be condemned as a villainous noble girl.

Turning her gaze towards the wall in her room. There, hanging on it, was a divine sword, one of the treasures passed down since ancient times. A weapon only able to be wield by a few chosen people, and currently it had accepted Iris.

“Let’s go, Alastor.”

In response to her call, the divine sword flew into her hand. The moment the handle was in Iris’ hand, the sword emitted an enormous sacred aura which could be perceived throughout the whole country. Letting the demons all across know that the strongest had finally started to move.

“Now then, you better be prepared. I’ll give you a taste of what real evil is.”

The supreme ruler of the divine sword had begun to move. Nobody would be able to stop her now.

Then, six months later.

“Guhh… it cannot be… to be… by a little girl…”

“Me alone is enough evil for this world.”

Iris El-Katze. An overlord aiming to be a villainous noble daughter had become the hero who finally defeated the Demon King.

And then, she graduated and went to high school, which was the starting stage of the game story.


Alone in her room, in the high school division dormitory, Iris was lamenting.

I should have played my part and acted as a villainous noble daughter, she thought. Then, why…

She couldn’t comprehend. She felt like she couldn’t understand what was evil anymore. And since she didn’t know, she decided to look back on her own actions so far.

In order to become a villainous daughter, she had to subdue the Demon King. After that, things went as normal and after enrolling into the high school division, she met the heroine, Alice Il Wand similarly, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Then over the months, the relationship between the heroine and Iris’ fiancée Kyle El Bahamud, seemed to be growing steadily. On one occasion, when Iris saw her walking alone, she let her kindness (?) show and taught her some things.

It was a suitable time after all. Then, her act as a villainous noble daughter started.

“You, come here for a moment. “

Be evil, as if it was natural. Iris spoke to Alice by herself, acting according to her motto. Iris didn’t expect her to obediently come, but Alice was blankly staring up to her.

“…For a moment. “

“K-Kyaaa! “

Shaking and trembling, she replied to Iris with a loud voice. I wonder if I scared her so much, Iris wondered. Although it hurt a bit, maybe it was good that she had seen Iris as a bad guy, so Iris decided to be positive about it.

“I want to talk to you a little, its fine, isn’t it? “

“Yes! No problem! “

The villainous noble daughter was finally threatening the heroine. In an empty classroom, Iris was coldly looking down on Alice.

“It appears that recently you’ve been having a friendly relationship with Kyle, who happens to be my fiancée.”

I say fiancée, but it’s not like Kyle is in good terms with myself, even if I’m his fiancée, she thought.

For some reason, Kyle always acted unfriendly towards Iris. He always felt stiff, and never tried to be friendly and drop the honorifics or polite speech while speaking with her. He even laughs so hard and talks casually with his friends as if he was a commoner, Iris sulked a bit in her mind.

“Yes! He is a good-hearted person, and I get along well with him! “

What was more, Alice even said she was good friends with Kyle. I’m not sure why she said that, she said in her mind, but this is really convenient then. If their relationship kept deepening, Iris was certain that she would eventually be condemned as a villain.

“Aren’t you letting it get a little over your head? There’s a limit to what I can overlook, even I cannot let it slip by.”

“No, I would never! I’d never do something that would make you, Iris-sama, uncomfortable! “

“…T-those words, would you swear to God they are true? “

“Of course! I swear to Iris-sama, they are nothing but the truth! “

“Is that so. Can I believe those words? “

“I would be honored! Iris-sama! “

She didn’t need to swear by my name, but I guess she was just scared and made a mistake, Iris believed. After all, she didn’t think she was that great of a person to be sworn upon.

After that warning, Iris though that Alice and Kyle would no longer be in contact with each other, but apparently the world seemed to selfishly advance the story.

The very next day, the figure of Alice and Kyle talking with each other could be seen. She felt like Kyle was wearing a jealous look on his face, but it was probably just her imagination.

But regardless of that, this was very convenient, so Iris smiled. With this, now she could start acting as a villainous noble daughter without holding back.

And from that day onwards, the relentless and unforgiving bullying towards Alice began.

During the magic lessons—–

“Oops, I am so sorry. It seemed like you were overheating, so I used water magic on you without thinking.”

“It’s ok! I cooled down already! It’s just that after meeting Iris-sama, my heart began to get hot! “

During the swordsmanship lessons——

“Are you ok? Sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just that it’s a little hard to hold back against someone as weak as you.”

“I understand! Worry not, it’s a supreme pleasure to be on the receiving end of Iris-sama’s hand! “

When it was time to clean—-

“I’m sure you no longer needed that tattered textbook, did you? I took the trouble to dispose of it for, so you should be grateful.”

“Thank you very much! I always wanted to discard it, as expected of Iris-sama! “

When they were passing by each other—-

“What an unpleasant garbage. You’re an eyesore, I don’t want to see you.”

“Thank you very much! “

After shopping during the holidays—-

“I got to buy a nice whip.”

“Please, please! Don’t hold back and use it on me! “

When Iris wanted to relieve her stress—-

“This stupid sow! “

“Buhiii! “

(TLN: Pig’s squeal sound)

When Iris wanted to know her true feelings――。

“By the emperor’s will, open, silent gate!”

「I love you! I will follow you anywhere! 」

Along while defeating a bandit who snuck on the school—-

“Take this, and this, and this, and this! “

“Harder! Faster! “

Along while destroying an evil spirit—-

“Medoroa! “

(TLN: A Dragon Quest spell, the ultimate annihilation technique created by Matorif in which ice and fire is combined, a magical arrow able to disintegrate anything. Cannot be stopped and can only be guarded by using a reflection spell.)

“Oh no, it’s so exciting! “

Along while messing the neighboring countries’ armies—-


(TLN: Arthur/Artoria’s from the Fate series’ reference)

“Thank you very much! “

As she finished thinking back, Iris felt refreshed by her evil acts.


“I wonder why nobody has denounced me yet…”

I acted as a proper villainous noble daughter and properly bullied Alice, she was convinced of such. She bullied her using words, using swords, with magic; her body, heart, and spirit should be torn, of that she was certain.

But for some reason, not even one person had denounced her acts. Also, Iris’ fiancée, Kyle should be aware of the things she had done to Alice. Then Kyle should be acting saying something along the lines that she was not suitable to be his fiancée.

He was supposed to cancel the engagement and condemn her for her acts. But nothing of that had happened, which was strange.

“Why? Why can’t I…”

She couldn’t comprehend. She felt like she couldn’t understand what was evil anymore.

Iris tried her hardest to be evil. However, in the end she was not seen as evil. Because she had become a hero, the world wouldn’t allow her to be called evil.

The supreme hero, she was recognized as an ally of justice in this world.

Iris El-Katze. She continues to stray again today, all the while she aims at becoming a villain.


“I was called by Iris-sama again today! “

“What? She has never done such thing with me! “

“Recently, she’s been talking to me more and more. And what’s more, she’s been giving me all kinds of rewards, aaaah aaaaah.”

“Ggggr, why, why Iris! Why can’t you do such things to me, who is your fiancée! Why did you choose such a perverted girl!? “

“Please stop, you’ll dampen my mood. If it’s not Iris-sama saying those words, I’d rather die.”

“You’re really rude, aren’t you…”


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