High Spec Village – Chapter 24

I wished the author came back and edited the chapters, there are so many grammar mistakes… Some are funny but others make it hard to know who is speaking.

Amazon Japan reviews rates are low for this novel in part due to the grammar mistakes, and according to some reviews, the web novel version is pretty much the exact same as the LN version, including mistakes. Makes me sad.

At least I have hopes for the final arc, since it was released first as a LN and then in syosetu (Haven’t read it yet).

Anyway, enjoy the chapter and see you in 4 days 🙂

Chapter 24


10 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 24

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  3. The only thing that kinda turn me off is lack of emotion. Imagine being catch to be a slave while yours family was murdered on front of you. Sure, some of them would`t but i think most of them would be sad, cry etc. They wouldn`t be so calm and accepting like those here


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