21 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 22

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  2. I dont really read NU reviews when I see a book I like I read the first 5 chapters then if I still like it I continue


  3. Well, NU is mostly for Chinese and Korean novels and people there have a strong prejudice against anything else. That reviewer you’re talking about gives 5 stars to every Chinese/Korean novel and shits on almost all Japanese, except for some weird shit about rape and RPG grinding. Who cares.


  4. I never bother reading NU reviews, the excuse ‘bland’, ‘generic’ and ‘completely boring’ just smells like bullshit to me. If I like a novel, then I’ll read whatever I want

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  5. well, some people just cant stand with this trope.

    personally i liked this novel for the lolis. really. see the Loli tag there?

    just dont mind those with different culture.

    Thank you for the chapters~
    looking at the spoils this one seems to be going into kingdom building. much more realistics with crossbow than sudden firearms tbh.


  6. I think many of those whiners just want to put something down to make themselves feel better. I really enjoy this story so far and thank you for all your efforts!


  7. dont mind charioles of NU.
    I like the story better than the chinese ones that are full of revenge and illogical reasons. besides.
    Thx for the hard work and translating this one.


  8. Don’t mind the NU reviews. Most of those so called ‘reviewers’ probably think that no rape, no shameless protagonist, no mature tag and no r-18 means ‘bland’, ‘generic’ and ‘completely boring’.

    Anyways, Thanks for the chapter!


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  10. I don’t see any ‘bland’, ‘generic’, and ‘completely boring’ part here. It’s true that there are unexciting moments, but that is true for every story out there. More than everything, I’ve been enjoying this story so far.
    Thanks for your hard work.


  11. NU reviews are absolutely useless 99.999999999% of the time. I only ever bother to read them if there’s a tag I’m picky about and want to see how it plays out in the story… People there are just plain stupid, truly, the reviews they leave are so useless… Or they just plain can’t comprehend the story as they’re complaining about stuff that’s clearly spelt out in the story…

    Ratings, too, are useless.


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