Ore no Negai wa – 02 (Last)

Last chapter of this short story.




True End

“Huh? “

A totally white space. I was suddenly standing here.
I don’t remember anything before coming to this place. Truly sudden.
Actually, I don’t remember anything about myself. What was my name? Where did I came from? How old was I? Did I have a family? I don’t know anything. It’s almost as if my personal memories had been stolen.

“You are dead.”

I heard a voice coming from somewhere.

“I collected your soul and brought it here.”

Then it appeared.
Something with a humanoid-like form, a golden glowing figure giving off a hazy feeling. Like a human being made of mist. Was this that place?

“What are… are you God? ”
“I’ve been called so.”

For real?
Although this was some kind of template of web novels, I never expected this to actually happen to me.
Maybe it was God’s consideration to erase the memories I had. So as to not remember the fear of death, or so I don’t leave any regret in my previous life.
No, I can’t be sure. It might just be troublesome to be left with regret in my previous life. I can’t do anything but wild guessing.
However, although a scene where this old man prostrates himself before me in regret comes to my mind, it seems this was different. I became anxious so I decided to ask.

“Did I die due to a mistake from God…?”
“It is my job to build and maintain the world. I’m not in charge of managing people’s life and death.”

Sadly, it seemed that wasn’t the case.

“Then, why are you doing this? ”
“This is just a simple trade. If you are to be reincarnated into another world, it will inspire a change over many things in this universe. For that reason, an administrator of another world asked me to send some souls over from my world. Not only you, a few others will also be sent.”

It seemed this God had made a deal with another God. And like the water without flow became stagnated. So will the worlds become impure without the souls flowing.

“That is a world dominated by magic, not science. The use of various magic tools is what has moved society forward, and there exist dangerous monsters that are defeated by the same swords and magic.”

That was a very well-known setting.

“You can easily imagine it, right? There are a number of similar aspects to those of your world’s entertainment.”

I nodded at those words. Starting with Dragon Quest, there were many games and stories with the same premise.

“But if I send you as you currently are, with no way to protect yourself, chances are you will soon die again. Neither I, nor the administrator of that world want that to happen.”

As God said those words, he made something appear on his right hand. A crystal that shone brightly in seven colors. Beautiful, actually more than beautiful, it even gave me chills.

“I’ll grant only one of your wishes this time. Go ahead, what would you wish for? “

While thinking this was a normal template, I worried about what to ask. It’s one thing to quickly decide on what you’d want when you read a story, but I can’t help to worry now that I’m in that position.
Anything is fine, but only one wish. What could I wish for, to make my life ‘Easy Mode’ after I’m reborn? I personally, would like to play a big role like a hero in those web novels.
Sword Talent? Talent in Magic? Outstanding physical ability? Infinite magical power? Reincarnating as a Prince?
They all have both advantages and disadvantages. There might be enemies immune to physical attacks, and even if I were to ask for infinite magical power, what would the point be if it turned out I couldn’t use magic. There were many things to worry about.
As I thought, and thought, and continued thinking, I came up with an idea. With this, everything could be solved.

“I’ve decided on my wish.”
“Ok, then say it.”
“Then, please grant me an infinite number of wishes! “

I can ask for this, right? Also, if I can ask for a wish an infinite amount of time, there’s no disadvantage. I can become a prince, a fierce magic swordsman, live happily with countless heroines… any dream could be achievable.
I was a bit unease about the possibility of refusal, but that didn’t seem to be the case. God then nodded without hesitation and rose the seven-colored crystal above me, then spoke.

“Good, I shall grant that wish of yours. You’ll be able to wish an infinite number of wishes.”

He said infinite, but that surely means almost limitless, right? But with that, it’s enough.
The seven colors inside the crystal began to shine brighter. The moment the light reached its peak, the crystal disappeared like sand.

“With this, your wish has been granted.”

Apparently, that seven colored crystal was an item to fulfill wishes. This being so easy, I began to wonder is everything was ok.
Anyway, with this I can get a wish granted indefinitely. As I was about to start thinking on what to wish, a voice echoed, interrupting me.

“Infinite wishes. Will it take too long to think about your wishes? I’m ready at any time to grant them. Wish away, as many as you want. For now, I’ll go. Call me after you are done.”

And so, God vanished. At the same time, a myriad of color crystals appeared before me. Not in the units of tens or hundreds. Thousands, millions, trillions of them, their amount was at such a level.
After slightly looking at them, I felt delighted at the mountain of colored crystals before me.
Each and every one of them was an item that could fulfill a wish. And an innumerable number of them were here. I’m sure that even if all my wishes are fulfilled, I won’t be able to consume them all.
And so, I kept on wishing.

Excellent physical appearance.
Talent with the sword.
Owner of the Holy Sword.
Talent in Magic.
Infinite magical power.
Outstanding physical ability.
Born in a privileged position.
A happy life.
Countless heroines.

Each and every thing I could think of, I continued to wish those wishes.
However, a limit eventually came. With my poor intelligence, I couldn’t think of any more wishes. But with these alone I think it will be enough. Rather than ‘Easy Mode’, with things as they stood, I will be able to live a happy live without having to do anything in the next world.
Ans so, I called to God. Since my wishing was finished, I called to him.
God then appeared again. As I told him I was looking forwards to going to the next world, he took a glance at the mountain of seven color crystals.

“You haven’t completed your wish yet.”

My mind stopped for a moment.

“Your wish was for me to grant you an infinite number of wishes. You cannot leave until they are all wished, and I’ll fulfill then when you are done.”

He threw those unforgiving words to me.

“I’ll come again after you finish all your infinite wishes. Until then, farewell.”

Then God mercilessly disappeared again. I don’t know what to do. But no matter how much I shouted, God never came back.
I’m sure, just as he said, until the infinite number of wishes comes true, he will not come.

My wish was to get an infinite number of wishes.
How much will it be until all those are wished?

And so, I continued making wishes. A seven colored crystal disappeared every time a wish was granted.
However, it feels like their numbers aren’t decreasing at all. No matter how many wishes I made, all the crystals were still there.
And lying among them, was I, not thinking about anything. All I did was to mindlessly spit out wishes.
As the seven colored crystals continued to accept those wishes. Countless wishes, infinite wishes, indefinitely, forever, never decreasing.
Accepting them and accepting them, and accepting them… over and over.
It doesn’t end.

It doesn’t end.
It doesn’t end.

And so, I started to wish.

Someone, kill me.
Please, end this hell.

That was all I was wishing for now.


<< ToC


25 thoughts on “Ore no Negai wa – 02 (Last)

  1. How should I say it… the first part was mean, he wasted his wish, but….. at least he wasn´t caught in a never ending hell. That´s really cruel, to be caught there. But also his own fault in a sense.

    Thanks for the story it was interesting.

    Liked by 9 people

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  3. He could have then wished for there to only be one wish left, or he could ask for time to rewind back, or he could wish to be transported to another world. Or if he was a bit more smarter or creative, he could ask to be the smartest or to be more creative, or even become God.

    Liked by 3 people

    • He could wish to be able to bring his wishes to that world or to be able to control everything or like you said become god or he could use his wishes and build his own world in that “god domain” (like I wish there is more human here, I wish there is wooden house here etc.) and then he wouldn’t be left there and I don’t understand why someone wrote that story there aren’t anything you can understand from this story except to watch someone’s words because when god is going to reincarnat you and ask about your wish it’s normal to by greedy and wish for something OP (but I think wish for more wishes is stupid in itself it’s like playing Minecraft on creative mode I don’t see any fun after some time but you can wish to be god or to become administrator of this world and then you can change game mode whenever you want) and I don’t see any reason for God to be so “mean”(?) Because god wanted to reincarnate some souls to another world for that world to become pure or something so why would he stop one of these soul? And if he stops him then probably he stops more people who made wishes like him (who never thought of wishing someone like god or gin for more wishes let first throw the stone). Translator-sama thx for chapt. 😛


  4. So that’s it folks… Remember to ask for a Hundred or two… You’ll be trapped in a neverending loop of wishing even untill you ranout of words in your vocabulary.

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  5. I think im gonna cry. I wish i could go in there and save him. He should wish to be able to create stuff in that blank space or some contact with human worlds like internet. Hell he should wish for someone with alot of potential to be born and task that hero with the quest of liberating him.

    Liked by 1 person

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