High Spec Village – Chapter 9

Something’s wrong with the other site, dunno what, its been like that for over 12 hours, and restarting the server haven’t changed a thing, so I’ll be re-posting the chapters here.

I can’t access the posted chapters on the other side, so I’ll just copy them from my original drafts.

Sorry for the inconvinience.


Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 9


8 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 9

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  3. so they do have livestock, that brings back the question of why they never realized that rice is edible since animals go crazy at the chance to eat grains, i just can’t wrap my head about it because there is a field next to their village, the closer i ever saw was Space Oddisey when the proto cavemen still haven’t realized that they could kill and eat wild animals instead of just foraging

    that and a manga i recently read (isekai death game… something) that had a chapter about the MC being transported to another world full of extremely stupid people so his obvious advices seemed like great wisdom to them


    • Isekai Death Game is a parody. That segment you’re talking about was openly mocking the otherworld genre. To a greater or lesser degree nearly all isekai stories write the inhabitants of the new world as morons so as to prop up the protagonist. The most common offense is having the alternate reality people amazed by the superior flavor and sophistication of Japanese food. Unfortunately we’re seeing the same here.


    • It’s not that simple you know. Moslems believe that porks must not be eaten due to its teachings and most of them also believe that porks are hazardous to consume. What i am saying is, the reason why people dont eat certain things is more complicated and nuance than just “oh other animals could eat it,so it is fine”.


    • The villagers said Inahon was poisonous, so maybe someone tried to eat it raw and got ill, and then everyone steered clear.

      It even happens in reality all the time.


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