Posting Schedule

Weekly chapters will begin counting on monday, they might be posted at once or split across the days of the week.

Bi-weekly chapter count starts on the 1° and 15th of the month, they will be posted randomly between the 1 and 14 for the first half of the month, and 15 to 28-31 (depending on month) for the last half of the month.

Extra chapters will not count as sponsored chapters, only proper chapters.

Sponsored chapters will be posted between 24 and 48 hours after reaching the goal amount. Sooner if there is a stock of chapters.

Why a schedule?

Well, I finally settle on my new store, and I want to gift something to my mother and my nephew for christmas, so I decided to stick to a schedule now and try for donations since my current earnings arent enough.


Christmas goal reached!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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