Moto Sekai Ichi – 071b





 The next day.

 Soon after the sky had brightened, a total of over 200 Court Mages and the three of us gathered in front of the Ngultrum Dungeon.


 The Ngultrum Dungeon was commonly known as the “Hallucination Dungeon”. Other than that, it was also called the “Mushroom Dungeon” or the “Euphoria Dungeon”.

 The monsters that come out are a mushroom-shaped-type, poisonous ones, or zombies that sprinkle spores from their heads, and I can only think the Mobius management aimed to make this a dungeon of weird monsters.


 This Dungeon, honestly speaking, is quite easy. There’s no other dungeon as easy as this one.


 All the monsters that appear use 《Illusion Magic》. If you are hit by it, for about ten seconds afterward, you’ll be shown a hallucination, making it difficult for you to act. And then, the monsters will all rally and attack you during that time.


 There are two measures against it. Resist the 《Illusion Magic》――Or, eat a “banana”.


“What are you talking about? “, you might think I’m kidding, but this is the reality. For one hour after eating a banana, even if you’re directly hit by 《Illusion Magic》, nothing will happen. Don’t ask me why a banana. All I know is it was that ‘setting’.



“HA? What are you talking about? “


 When I told them this story, Sherry-chan spoke on behalf of the astonished Court Mages.  Well, I was already expecting this reaction.


“Eating a banana against Illusion magic, that’s common sense.”

“Something that weird can only be common sense in that strange head of yours. “


 Seems like they don’t know. Or rather, it seems that hallucination countermeasures have not spread in this world.


 It shouldn’t be because there are no hints. There was an NPC in Leñador that was called the “want a banana ojisan” who just gave you a banana without any context, and also, there were many shops nearby that sold an unnaturally large number of bananas here.


 Even then, it is still unknown? ……Did that ojisan suddenly leave? Or maybe the shops’ business policies changed? Even if they stock up on so many bananas, they won’t be able to sell them. No, I guess a random old man giving you a banana without saying anything won’t make you eat it in the first place.


 In other words, since the game world has become the real world, something like this “game-specific peculiarity” has been corrected to fit reality. To the extent that what was impossible before might not be impossible now. This is quite an interesting change. After becoming the number one in the world, it might not be a bad idea to take a trip and find such changes.


“In any case, if you eat one banana per hour, Illusion Magic won’t pose a problem. Like this, the monsters inside the Ngultrum Dungeon will all be small fries.”


 I then took 2,000 bananas out of my inventory and handed over ten to each person. Everyone should be able to fight without problems for ten hours.


“It might be a bit dumb to ask this now, but isn’t the amount you can put in your inventory abnormally high, Second-dono? “


 Asked Silvia, who was next to me, with too much free time in her hands.


“Probably, it’s about 60 times more than normal people.”

“Sixty……! Isn’t that amazing!? “


 If everyone in this world has the default inventory space, then I, who bought the maximum expansion inventory space, has 60 times more. The price was fairly high, one “Yukichi”. (TLN: A 10,000-yen bill) But I bought it without any second thoughts. I didn’t do it despite this being my alt character but instead, it was exactly because this was my alt character. After all, Second was originally a “Bank” character. If it didn’t have a lot of inventory space, there was no meaning in having it.


 And, while I was remembering that, I finished handing out all the bananas.


“Now then, divide into squads and enter in turns. I’ll be waiting in front of the boss. I leave the patrolling to you both, Silvia and Eko.”


“Rogerー! “


 This time, each group was made up of ten people each. So long as they ate their bananas, the monsters in this dungeon are no opponent to ten Court Mages. However, since I’m a bit anxious about the boss, I’ll stay at his spawn location and “spawn kill” it.


 Also, there’s the possibility of something unexpected happening. That’s the reason why I asked Silvia and Eko to go around the dungeon, checking on them. However, even if I say go around, it’s not them simply wandering. Making use of their great combination and their experience in clearing a dungeon, they can go around over and over again at an insane speed.


“Well then, let’s begin.”


 At the same time as I clapped my hands, the first group went into the dungeon.

 And like this, the first clear of the Ngultrum Dungeon by the First Royal Court Magician Division started.







“Alright, you’re group sixteen, right? Ohh, is this your fourth round? Nice. You’re currently at the top.”


 When I pressed a stamp on the stamp card, the girls of the sixteenth group cheered happily.


 This is the end of the Ngultrum Dungeon, a dome-shaped room where the boss appears. However, once you defeat it, it won’t respawn until 15 minutes have passed, so right now I’m free.


 Pushing the stamp on the card meant they had completed “one round”. In the end, I planned to give a prize to the squad that had the most rounds. And then, everyone went back to take a short break before the next round.


“Uhmm, Second-san. Can we keep this card as a memento after we’re done? “


 Irie-san was the one who said those words just before leaving. Team sixteen, the squad she was on, was made up of ten girls, and as you could see from the last round, their speed was great.


 When I answered with “I’m fine with it”, the girls in team sixteen were very happy. I felt like I heard the words “janken” and “auction” being said, but since it was about the time for the boss to spawn, I decided not to worry about it.


“But even if I say that it only takes one hit.”


 The last boss of the Ngultrum Dungeon was a huge poisonous mushroom called 「Magical Fungus」. Other than 《Illusion Magic》it was a nasty monster whose attacks had an added poison effect…… however, it was very weak to Fire Attribute magic. With the status of the current me, having grown this much, a single 《Fire Attribute・Third Form》 spell was enough to deal with it.




 Just as the Magical Fungus was crawling out of the ground with a huge “GUOO! “, I critically hit it with a 《Fire Attribute・Third Form》 spell right in the abdomen. The mushroom was already dead by the time the dazzling flames ran and engulfed his whole body.



 Then――A commotion. Several surprised voices came from near the entrance to the boss’ room.


 Then, the girl who was at the head of the group walked up to me.


“Can you hurry up and stamp it?”


 It was Sherry-chan. Why is she in such a bad mood? Can it be that it’s because they are not the top team?


“Alright, team four, right? This is the fourth round. You’re in second place as of now.”

“I know. Hurry up and give it back.”

“Hey, hey, why are you so grumpy? You’re doing quite great.”

“It’s none of your business.”


 What’s with her……?


 After taking the stamp card from my hand, Sherry-chan walked ahead by herself, leaving behind the other members who were resting. Then, those members chased after her, their faces filled with trouble and tiredness.


 I don’t know what she’s so upset about, but there’s nothing I can do but to leave her alone. For the time being, I decided to contact Silvia using team communication.


 ……Ahh, it seems like something troublesome is going to happen. Ahh, this is a bother.


 I’m sure something like this happened before.

 Who was it……?




  * * *




 An irritating man.


 At first, I thought that this bastard who became our lecturer only did so because of his connection with the Second Prince.


 But unfortunately, his ability was real.

 The things he says too, they sound like a complete mess, but he’s correct.


 But more than anything, I just don’t like him.

 I hate being swayed by his way of doing things, I hate his broadminded behavior and confidence. I can’t stomach it.


 It makes me feel all the efforts I’ve worked so hard at for all my life have been for nothing.

 In any case, I don’t like him.


 Even if what he says is true.

 In magic talent, I’ve always been second to none.

 But he alone shattered my pride.


 But as if that alone wasn’t enough for him, my discipline too, my environment, my common sense, he shattered everything that was around me.


 Just by looking at this man’s disgusting face, I can’t help but feel helplessly irritated to the point my heart is shaken.

 I can no longer be in control of my emotions.


 The same happened yesterday.


 He made me and the Captain out as the bad guys and used us to make a good impression of himself.

 It wasn’t just a little extra money; it was a lot.


 Surely, the inn was wonderful. The food was good, the bath clean and the room comfortable.

 However, I am not such a person who can enjoy this sort of gift obediently.


 I am the ace of the First Royal Court Magicians. Even I can afford to stay in a high-class inn like this.

 So, I decided to pay for my own lodgings.




 I became a first-class Court Mage by my own strength.

 It has to be the same from now on.

 I will not become one of that guy’s achievements, I’ll do it with my own ability. Otherwise……




Thank you for reading.

Cheat sheet

Stats details

<Status Details>

  • HP Hit Points
  • MP Magic Points
  • SP Stamina Points
  • STR Short range attack skill power, strength, physical power.
  • DEX Long range attack skill power, dexterity, hit rate.
  • AGI Quickness, avoidance rate.
  • INT Attack Magic skill power.
  • LUK Good luck, critical rate.
  • VIT Simple defense.
  • MGR Magic defense.
Types of combat skills

Named after shogi pieces (The word in bold is the one being used in this translation). From easier to acquire to harder.

  1. Pawn/Soldier (Fuhyou)
  2. Lance(Kyousha)
  3. Knight (Keima)
  4. Silver General (Ginshou)
  5. Gold General (Kinshou)
  6. Bishop (Kakugyou)
  7. Rook (Hisha)
  8. Promoted Bishop/Dragon Horse(Ryuuma)
  9. Promoted Rook/Dragon King (Ryuuou).
List of Swordsmanship skills


  1. 《Soldier Swordsmanship》                   Normal attack.
  2. 《Lance Swordsmanship》                     Piercing attack.
  3. 《Knight Swordsmanship》                    Precision attack.
  4. 《Silver Swordsmanship》                      Strong single-target attack.
  5. 《Gold Swordsmanship》                           Small-range attack to all directions.
  6. 《Bishop Swordsmanship》                       ???
  7. 《Rook Swordsmanship》                       ???
  8. 《Dragon Horse Swordsmanship》     ???
  9. 《Dragon King Swordsmanship》        ???
List of Shieldmanship skills


  1. 《Soldier Shieldmanship》                   Normal defense.
  2. 《Lance Shieldmanship》                     Piercing deflection.
  3. 《Knight Shieldmanship》                    Defense + knockback.
  4. 《Silver Shieldmanship》                      ???
  5. 《Gold Shieldmanship》                           Ranged guided defense + knockback.
  6. 《Bishop Shieldmanship》                       Reinforced defense (Temporarily boosts VIT and MGR)
  7. 《Rook Shieldmanship》                       ???
  8. 《Dragon Horse Shieldmanship》     ???
  9. 《Dragon King Shieldmanship》        ???
List of Archery skills


  1. 《Soldier Archery》                   Normal range attack.
  2. 《Lance Archery》                     Piercing range attack.
  3. 《Knight Archery》                    Precise sniping range attack.
  4. 《Silver Archery》                      Strong single-target range attack.
  5. 《Gold Archery》                           Weaker range attack with added knockback.
  6. 《Bishop Archery》                       Strong piercing range attack.
  7. 《Rook Archery》                       Very strong single-target range attack with scaling % damage.
  8. 《Dragon Horse Archery》     Powerful piercing range attack.
  9. 《Dragon King Archery》        Powerful on-impact range attack.
Types of Magic skills

They use the “Form” or “step” system of martial arts. From lower to higher.

  1. First Form              Regular attack
  2. Second Form         Extended range attack
  3. Third Form            Strong single target attack
  4. Fourth Form          Strong extended range attack
  5. Fifth Form              Extremely powerful extended range attack
  • Their cast time becomes longer in this order First→Third→Second→Fourth→Fifth.
Ranking of the skills

From lower to higher, then it changes to the “Dan” system of martial arts, which means Grade.

  1. 16th class
  2. 15th class
  3. 14th class
  4. 13th class
  5. 12h class
  6. 11th class
  7. 10th class
  8. 9th class
  9. 8th class
  10. 7th class
  11. 6th class
  12. 5th class
  13. 4th class
  14. 3rd class
  15. 2nd class
  16. 1st class
  17. Grade 1
  18. Grade 2
  19. Grade 3
  20. Grade 4
  21. Grade 5
  22. Grade 6
  23. Grade 7
  24. Grade 8
  25. Grade 9
  26. Title

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23 thoughts on “Moto Sekai Ichi – 071b

  1. At least the other one (the one whose name I forget; the one with earth spirit) was self aware and acknowledged her issues. Plus she had nice intentions of wanting to become friends with second; she just didn’t know how because she was a problem child (which again she at least acknowledged about herself). Sherry is just an annoying little ****. Her reasons for hating him are so sad. “OH MY GOD HOW DARE YOU PAY FOR OUR ROOMS AND DRINKS WITH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!!”. “OH MY GRACIOUS HOW DARE YOU TEACH US A FUNDAMENTAL FLAW IN OUR TRAINING AND WAY OF THINKING THAT CAN MAKE US AT LEAST 1.5X STRONGER (AT MOST 3X).” Like what does he want her to do? Apologize for taking the time to motivate his students and teach them how to drastically improve their efficiency with simple methods? She could at least acknowledge internally that she has no good reason to hate him and that she should be grateful, but nope. To top it off the other one didn’t see his strength until he saved her; Sherry has seen how strong he is AND STILL ACTS LIKE A STUCK UP BRAT.

    Anyway, thanks a ton for the chapter. Nearly caught up now and just to say I love your translation


  2. Sherry is a lot more palatable to me than Cherie, which is kinda funny. They’re both being a pain, I couldn’t find it in me to think of Cherie as any level of endearing at all. At least the author didn’t write Second and Sherry as a manzai duo and then proceed to use just those words to describe them as such.


  3. I am the opposite. I prefer Cherie to Sherry, at least Cherie was a true tsundere. By that I mean a socially awkward person that acknowledges her flaws and did want to become Second’s companion by making a grand achievement. Her retorts were amusing and she was not physically violent. Some readers were probably prejudiced against her due to oujo-sama stereotypes in this genre.

    For Sherry she is just too prideful and its hard to sympathize with this kokeshi doll. She’s looking down on him too much and far longer too. She seems like a much worse version than Cherie. If Cherie never had Gnomides and was a true loner.


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