Moto Sekai Ichi – 008a


08 Ostracized Female Knight.


My first impression of him was the worst.


I though he was a young nobleman who grew up in a snugly environment that didn’t know hardships, a man with no common sense that was not thinking about how he would be bothering others as long as they didn’t bother him.


But right now.

He defeated six Scarlet Mantis in thirty seconds. From 20 meters away, and nothing but a long bow, an impossible feat to do with Archery.


How much effort did he put into it?


I feel sorry for having bundled him together with those dirty nobles.



How about me?


From an early age I have wanted to follow the path of a Knight, and this is all I’ve accomplished with my sword.


Useless. No matter what I do, it’s useless. Since I had no talent for the sword I was chastised in my home, and when I finally entered to the bottom rank of the knights, I felt so left out.


I had no skill after all.


All I did was speak of justice, I was that lousy justice girl.


But even that justice felt empty, it did not resonate.


Even when I exposed the unjust aristocrats’ dirty deals, someone from above always came to stop me.


And when I tried to expose the boss’ injustice, other knights got in the way.


Those political lapdogs.


I’m sick of it.


I’m sick of this Kingdom’s system.


Just take a look.


Even after the death of our comrades, the rotten upper echelons are trying to capture and use the savior of the Third Knight Order.


And the reason we got into that predicament was because of an incompetent commander and the unreasonable orders from the upper echelons.



Is this truly a Knight Order?


The image of a knight that I once admired and aimed at?


If that’s so, then, I’ll just……




* * *




“Second-dono. Aren’t you going to join the adventurer’s guild? ”


After helping the Third Knight Order, I was brought to a room and made to sit in a sofa which seems to be of quite a high class.


I was wondering if I’ll be receiving words of thanks, but the first thing the old man sitting opposite from me said was almost the opposite.


“The adventurer’s guild? ”

“Ahem, I guess I should start from the beginning. I heard that you, Second-dono, despite being an adventurer, did not belong to the guild.”


Certainly, I’m not affiliated with them.

However, there is no reason to belong to the guild.


The adventurer’s guild in the Castall Kingdom is an organization that controls and oversees requests such as monster extermination. So to speak, they’re the bridge between the people and adventurers ――But the truth is, they are a rotten organization in this Kingdom that seeks to manage personal information from adventurers in order to serve their own needs.


The reason why I know this is because that’s the setting of the story in Mobius.


“Sounds like a nice deal, but I’ll have to refuse.”

“……Can I ask you why? ”


What a tenacious old man. What is his purpose?


“I’m not particularly bothered by money, and I’m not good at being tied to an organization… maybe because of that. ”

Since it’s probably useless to hide it, I told him the honest reason.


Immediately after, the old man made an expression that as if troubled.


“What’s wrong? ”

“It’s nothing. As a knight, I don’t want to let such a great adventurer as Second-dono go. Especially this time, when Second-dono’s ability has become quite obvious in a big way. With this being the case, many nobles will rush to get their hand on you.”


“……In other word, you mean the guild will protect me?”

“Pretty much.”




He said my ability has become obvious in a big way, but there aren’t many witnesses, so isn’t it good if the Third Knight Order doesn’t speak of it?


Why would this old man wanted me to join the guild?


…………Hmm, I have no idea.


I may join some organization, but I don’t feel that’s something that would keep me from reaching the world’s first rank.


“After all, no, I won’t join them.”

“……I see.”


When I said so, the old man pulled down.

And then, he opened his mouth after being lost in thought.


“Then, let’s go with our Silvia. If you have someone from the Third Knight Order attached, it will serve to give them some level of restrain.”


With Silvia…

I see. She might be a bit dumb, but she is quite beautiful. Any man would obviously want her by their side.


And that’s exactly why I’m afraid to accept this old man’s proposal.


Perhaps this is what he was originally aiming for.

That said, I do not understand what the aim is


“I have no idea what hand the nobles might try to play with. And Silvia is famous for being a tough knight against the nobility in the capital. I think this will be quite effective, don’t you think? ”


This old man gave an additional push.


……I feel like I’m starting to get it.


Silvia is tough on nobles. And the upper echelons of the knights are connected to those nobles. In other words, Silvia is a thorn on the side of the knights. Does that mean he wants to relegate Silvia?


Oops, I went on a tangent again.


If that’s the case, maybe this is actually a good proposal for me, right?


Why? Because a wolf comes with a bag… Never mind that. This is a unique opportunity to bring a beautiful female knight to my group.


“How long will she be accompanying me? ”

“Uhmm. Let’s ask the person herself ――Silvia.”


After I asked, the old man opened the door and called for Silvia.

After a short while, Silvia, whom now was not wearing her armor, appeared.


“Silvia. You’ll be in charge of acting as Second-dono’s escort. About the time of this endeavor, as a knight I would like to respect yours and Second-dono’s opinions.”


“――eh! ”


Silvia was surprised by the old man’s words.

Well, that’s only natural. This is pretty much a de-facto demotion. But that also means that her and my opinion will be respected, that is, Silvia’s term will be decided by me. I knew it, it seems like the knights want to chase Silvia out.



Silvia was looking down in silence. I managed to steal a glance at the valley in her chest. Not bad, moderately sized mountains.


“Got anything to say in particular about your term? ”



The old man told Silvia implicitly to remain silent.


Then, he turned his eyes towards me. Should I be the one deciding the term? In that case――


“How about two years? ”


That’s what I’ve decided.

Two years. That should be enough time to get to the world’s first rank.


The old man then spoke without changing his expression.




And thus, the female knight Silvia became my escort.







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