Moto Sekai Ichi – 005


05 Conclusive differences.


“Stop, who the hell are you! ”


As I approached the capital, I heard a dignified voice of a woman, which sounded familiar to me.


If I remember correctly, she was that slightly dumb knight, Silvia was it?


“Uh… Thanks for yesterday.”


I greeted her after dismounting from my horse. It’s somewhat embarrassing.


“Mmm, are you that Second guy from yesterday? What are you doing this late at night?”


It seems like Silvia remembered me. Also, it she seems to be a little softer in how she speaks to me, just a little though. Most likely she was scolded by her boss.


“I went to the mine just a bit.”


“Mine you say? You? What on earth were you doing there? ”


She said with doubt in her eyes. I see, indeed that’s a questionable thing for someone like me to do. Seems like the police in the capital properly do their job.


“Earning experience. There’s a large cave behind the mine.”


“…Punk, you truly love to tell lies. Are you gonna tell me that you bothered to go to such a dangerous place to defeat monsters? Nonsense.”


“Yeah……? ”


I really don’t get her.


“What do you mean? I think the Viper Zombies there are a pretty tasty prey.”


“Hmph. I see, I get it. You obviously lack common sense. Or maybe you got a screw loose.”


Said the female knight in a condescending tone. I want to punch her……






……No, wait.


Did she say “Dangerous place” a moment ago?


I got a sudden premonition. Could it be…?


“Hey, can I ask you something? ”




After asking Silvia, she nodded although incredibly reluctant.


“There are 21 dungeons, right? ”


The best part, the real thrill of Mobius, the Dungeons, had a total number of 21. All the players challenged them, and in order to conquer them easily and find faster routes, information was exchanged…


“What are you talking about? There are currently 19 dungeons found.”


I knew it. That means――


“How many of them have been conquered? ”


“The conquered ones are 13, obviously.”


W-wow… you kidding me…?


“Got it, thanks. Can I go now? ”


“Hmph, hurry and go away.”


I took the horse to the inn while being bathed in Silvia’s “what a weird guy” gaze from behind.




……I see. I got a rough understanding.


In this world, Death really means Death.


Although I take it for granted now… five minutes ago I probably would’ve laugh it off.


No, this is no laughing matter.


That means―― There are few people who bother taking deadly risks in order to become stronger. Because dying really means game over.


And right now――Information that should be unknown unless you risk your live tens of thousands of times, is something that I possess.


So, in other words.



“Ha, hahaha, hahahahahaha! ”


I can’t stop laughing.


The world’s first place.


I might be able to reach it faster than I thought.





Thank you for reading.



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5 thoughts on “Moto Sekai Ichi – 005

  1. thank you

    I hope the novel will catch up to when some monsters attacking a grup of knight where the last chapter of the manga is.


    • At this moment, I’m translating past that, but since I’ve been forgetting my patreons, those chapters are on patreon for now. Will try to post them soon.


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