Moto Sekai Ichi – 003


03 The best world.


“Eh, then why am I in Mobius?”


This is weird. What’s the meaning of this?

Is it that the world after death is Mobius Online?


“Such a delicious argument…”


That’s when I noticed it.

I feel like I was wishing for something just before I died.


Hmm, what was it? Oh, yeah, if I remember correctly ―― 「I wish I was born in the game’s word」 ―― It was something like that.


Dying words as pathetic as me.

But, would it be alright to say they became true? It is true, right?

Considering Ice-chan’s human-like lines that were nothing like an NPC, it makes sense.






If that’s true, then?


If that’s true.








T-this is the best!


The best!


Beyond the best!!!!


Thank you!!


Thank you!!!




I forgot about myself.

I crazily danced for about an hour, while producing weird sounds.

It meant that much to me.

This was the happiest moment in my life.

More even than when I finally reached the world first rank.

Dozens more, hundreds more than that.




I was a thousand times happier.





“Haa… haa… haa…”

As expected, I did get tired.

Looking at my status, my SP (Stamina Points) were 0.

I thought I wasn’t moving around much, but then I remembered. This character hasn’t leveled up, so its stats are still at the initial value. A natural result.


“Haa… fuu…”

However, this is my first time experiencing getting tired and out of breath in Mobius.


Truly a new sensation.

Truly interesting.

Truly, with this, my tension rises up!


I finally came to the game’s world!!


“Fooooo 「Get him! 」Ehh! ? ”


“Don’t resist! ”


People in armor held me down just as I was about to start dancing again. What’s happening!?


“Are you sure its him? ”


“Y-yeah… He’s being a nuisance in front of my store, please take him away.”


Looking towards the grocery store, there stood the poster girl Ice-chan looking down on me with contempt in her eyes.


“Who the hell are you! ”


Probably a knight, the NPC asked me.

No, right now it’s not an NPC but a person, right?

At any rate, I have no choice but to answer.


“What’s your problem? Oh, right, I am-”

“Take him! ”


“Oww, it hurts! Ouch! ”


It hurts, but it feels so refreshing!




……With those thought in my mind, I was arrested by the Third Knight Order.

『Third Knight Order of the Castall Kingdom』 Well, saying it in simple terms, they are like the police.


“Why were you doing something like that? ”


Inside the Knight’s station, I was put under investigation.


“I got, hmm, a little excited…”

Regaining my composure, I answered a little embarrassed.


Facing me was the dignified figure of a female knight with wonderful platinum-blonde hair.

She’s cute, or rather, beautiful. But I’ve never seen an NPC like her. Does that mean, is she a person unique to this world?


“Hmm… you, by the way you dress, are you a noble? What house do you belong to? Why were you alone? Where are your attendants? ”

“No, I’m not a noble.”

“You’ll get no special privileges in our Third Knight Order. Breaking the law is a crime, no matter who. And crimes are evil. It is our duty to judge evil and protect the good citizens.”

“No, like I said, I’m not a noble.”

“Spit it out, wicked noble! We’re already looking into it! ”


It’s useless, I can’t communicate with this person.


“Silence huh? I see… in that case you leave me no choice.”

Along with a metallic sound, the female knight in front of me unsheathed her short sword from her waist. Are you kidding me?


“Hey, wait! I’ll talk, I’ll talk! I’ll talk, so please! ”

“Hmph, that’s what you should’ve done from the beginning.”

Wow… she’s really angry.

Or rather, isn’t this overkill already? If this were to happen in Japan, this would surely cause a march in protest. Or can it be that this is the way police do interrogations?  …Nah, let’s stop thinking about it.

The quickest way to get released is to admit my mistake and properly apologize.


“My name is Second. I’m an adventurer.”

“Lies! ”

“What do you want me to say!? ”

No use, I got crushed right from the get go.


“Those clothes of yours, they are tailor-made, not something an adventurer would wear. I’m sure they are quite expensive.”


I see, so it’s because of my gear. They are certainly not as great as my main character’s, but I had this guy dressed in rare clothes to make him look better. So that’s the reason I’m being mistaken for a noble.


…………This is bad.


The conflict between the Third Knight Order and the nobles was a well-known story in the game. So that’s her position, she’s like a policewoman with an overflowing sense of justice, tired of the corrupt politicians and other corrupt policeman, so to speak. Watching the misdeeds of the nobles with her very eyes, cornering them several times in the name of justice, only to take pressure from the upper echelons and have her investigation crushed… I’m starting to think she is like that. “Just why do you think I became a knight?”


Something like that, right? In any case, I can tell she extremely hates nobles. And right now, I’m dressed as a noble.


……This is bad indeed.


“Come on, spit it. What are you scheming――”


It was at that moment.

Along with the loud noise of the interrogation room’s door opening violently, an old knight with a good physique entered.


“Silvia! You complete moron! ”

“Ug–!? ”

With a dull sound, he hit the head of the female knight, and then lowered his head towards me.


“Please forgive this idiot’s rude behavior. I’ll do the questioning instead.”



The female knight called Silvia, left the room groaning and holding her head with a teary face. It looked quite painful.


“Well then, my apologies. You are suspected of willingly obstructing a business. First of all, please briefly state your identity and occupation.”

The old man then opened his mouth as if nothing had happened. Good, at least it seems like I can properly speak with this person.


“My name is Second. I’m twen- hmm, seventeen years old. Adventurer.”

The truth would be “Shichirou Satou, 23 years old, unemployed, single”, but in this character’s status, he is 17, so I answered so.

I wonder if he’ll believe I’m an adventurer. In Mobius, players who set up to travel across the world are called Adventurers.


“I see. Witnesses said you were dancing and giving off strange sounds in front of Icicle, why were you doing such a thing? ”

“I got a little excited… I’m sorry.”

“So, you admit it. What was your purpose? ”

“I forgot I was in front of the store… I did it for no particular reason…”

Somehow. This is incredibly pathetic. This made me aware that this is already a proper society. It’s useless to think of it as a game forever.


“I see. Then, do you claim that you didn’t intentionally interfered with the store? ”


“Understood. Then, I will speak to the other party about this. Can I have you take a drug test in the meantime? ”


…………How embarrassing.





After that, I came to a settlement with the store owner of Icicle, and after paying the money I was cleared of charges and released.

I’ll never forget the kindness of the shop owned who told me “Buy something at our store next time” after I apologized and lowered my head many times.


“…But still, was that really okay? ”

I muttered, looking at the mountain of gold in my inventory.

My current money is approximately 2 billion CL. In my opinion, that’s not a huge amount.

And the settlement money was only 150 thousand CL.

150,000 CL… if my memory serves me right, with that amount of money you can’t even afford to buy gear on the level of “This gear doesn’t make me look like a noob”.


Oh, by the way, I changed from the nice rare clothes that made me look like a noble right after leaving the Knight Station. Right now, I’m wearing some dark brown leather gear that I bought in a shop in the city. Head, chest, legs, hands and shoes, those five pieces had a combined cost of 2.3 million CL. I’m not sure whether they were expensive or cheap…

Right, I need to investigate the value of money as soon as possible.



While thinking such things, my stomach went all “Ruuuu~”, making sounds. Alright, let’s get something good to eat. I guess the easiest way to understand is to know the cost of each meal and the cost of a night’s stay.


I walked along the main street and entered the liveliest inn in the kingdom’s capital.


“How much is it per night? ”

“ ”

I asked the girl in the reception, but she just stood there looking at me with her mouth open without saying a thing.


“Excuse me? ”

“Eh, ah, s-sorry! A night’s stay, was it!? Ahh, ehh! ”

She was acting strange and her cheeks were dyed in embarrassment.

I feel like Ice-chan was also like this before. Is there something wrong with me?


“Ehh, its 7000 CL per night with meals at morning and evening. 4000 CL for the room alone.”

After a while, she finally told me the price. So cheap!?

Eh, then the full body gear I bought for 2.3 million CL was actually a luxury product…

Well, I already paid for it. You lose if you care.

“Well, five nights with meals included, please.”

“Yes, right away! ”


The girl at the reception nodded with a delighted expression and handed me the key to a room. At that time, our hands touched a little and her face blushed as red as a tomato, and reminding me that I was virgin, I too blushed a little. My doubts are increasing.


While tilting my head, I checked the room I’ll be staying today. It’s fairly wide. A lantern is used as a light source. The bed is… so so. Seems like the toilet is communal. I’m not worried about the bath, since there’s a bathhouse on the first floor.


I went down to the first floor again and decided to have an early dinner in the busy bar.

I sat in the counter and ordered this store’s specialty, a hamburger.


While I waited for my order, I suddenly felt uncomfortable.


The sound of whisperings and the stares.


……Ah, I see.




I toooooootally stick out like a sore thumb.


I feel the gaze from the various customers in the crowded tavern.


Especially, the passionate gazes of the women.


Now my suspicions turned to conviction.



It’s my avatar.

This is the result of choosing the transcendental good looks from the limited-time billing avatar.


Being a simple game character, nobody spares a glance inside the game, but the story is completely different when we’re talking about the real world, with real people.




……I wonder what this is. This incredible feeling.

The incredible and pleasant feeling that this body is no longer just one of a game’s character gives me a shiver along my back.


My smile unintentionally escaped.


The world of Mobius Online.


In this place, my efforts will not be wasted.


This is the best scenario, only for me, who has nothing left.



「What’s the point of trying your best in a net game?」 「What’s good about being the world’s rank one in a simple game?」 「Leave those games and return to reality」 「Come on, let’s go to school instead」 「It’s about time you properly work」 「What do you plan on doing for your future?」 ”


Those were arguments I kept on hearing, and they made the dissatisfaction in my heart the grow bigger and bigger.


But right now, my whole world has been overturned.



“Haha, hahaha! ”


I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud.


I’ve decided.



I’ll become the world’s rank one, once again――






Thank you for reading.


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