Moto Sekai Ichi – 001


This story is a work of fiction.

It may include drinking, smoking, grotesque expressions, etc.

My best regards.



01 A measly despair.


Putting your life at stake.


I learned that it was a very difficult thing to do.

Be it work, sports, hobbies, gambling.

The subject matters not, but in modern day Japan it’s very difficult to accomplish something after having lost everything.

Livelihood, funds, society, other people, your body, they all get in the way.


I skipped school, and even as an adult, I did not work much.

All I did was trying to aim for the “top”.

I literally bet everything.

Everything except for the bare minimum such as meals, sleep and excretions were dedicated to “it”.


『World’s Rank 1』

And this is the result.

The pinnacle among millions of people.

Really, really exhilarating!

What a pleasant sensation!

I felt as if all my efforts, all of my life was finally rewarded.

The world’s rank 1, recognized by everyone in this planet. The same as the presence of God, giving everyone a sense of awe. The strongest existence, the summit in all history, the one who never allowed defeat. That is me.


That is the result of my life.

That is everything in my life.



The rank 1 in the world ladder of the VRMMORPG『Mobius Online』.


Everything I ever did became history.







Being lost in a daze would be exactly like this.

The other day, my main character 『seven』 was hacked.

Not only my character, but everything from backups to personal data.


I wasn’t the only victim in this attack. From what I heard, around 3,000 other players were affected.

And what’s more, those were the “top 3,000 players”.

The culprit was already caught. He too was one of the top players, and it seems, according to him that “it all started from simply jealousy and turned into a crime”. Hacking the character data of 3,000 players can’t be done by someone with such a lighthearted excuse as “simply jealousy”, it was the obsessive work of a deviant, but the media and general public seemed to think lightly of this.


Well then.

This was the announcements from Mobius Online operators following the incident.

It is impossible to recover the affected characters. As compensation, the affected players will get preferential billing treatment at the time of creating a new character.



Gastric juices flowed through my throat as I vomited, trembling with rage and feelings of emptiness, but how about the other players?

The public opinion was in favor of Mobius too, saying “Mobius management were also victims” and even in online forums they were saying stuff like “Mobius response is a reasonable one”.

On Twitter and YouTube, famous personalities whose characters were erased got crazy and rampaged, spreading rumors against the development company after that notice was announced.

However, with time, the fuss died out and the Mobius hacking case was completely extinguished.

You got to be kidding me.



I got no motivation left.

I can’t think of anything left to do.

All I could do was sigh.

I haven’t eaten anything but water in the last three days.


The world’s rank 1 would never come back.



“……Alright! ”


Well, I can’t keep being like this all the time.


I cleaned my knees of the bread crumbs that lied on the ground and stood up.




“Let’s die! ”








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27 thoughts on “Moto Sekai Ichi – 001

  1. has to be the least admirable way to get isekai ed… Come on author, why like this -this is the intro for crying out loud, at least do it some justice. this is just sad


    • The guy is experiencing the big moods. He is sort of a fanatic as well, screw loose from reasons. But, yeah, from another standpoint it’s condoning the rope (which is a big no no).

      I love you readers as well, ♥ to you all no matter what. keep on keeping on, cheers and GL.
      alegrarse amigos


  2. “Alright! I better stop moping around and get to work!” *huk!* *gurgle…*

    I wasn’t really expecting that… I thought he’d try to become number 1 again and maybe overdo it to the point of death, not just take his own life. That’s the amazing and heroic MC people, someone who gives up at the drop of a hat. Yaaaay… Did a god reincarnate him because he was amazed at how determined and hard working the MC was so he gave him a second chance? Pfff, nah… he wanted to see how quickly he’d kill himself again even after getting what he so desperately wanted.

    Hmm, I wonder how that ladder ranking worked anyway? What was he the best at? The best at pvp by being incredibly skilled and calculative, best at using every waking minute to get the highest gear score, the best at completing every useless achievement listed… Hmm…


    • He was the best at EVERYTHING in this fictional VR game, and it all went “poof” because Mobius Online Corporation couldn’t be bothered to properly secure their backup data from cyber-attacks. Data belonging to PAID subscribers, in a game economy with Real Money Trading. and even though the crook was caught, the company, media, government, et all, treat it dismissively and go “well, as an apology, we’ll give you a discount on your next character.”

      It’s total BS, and if this happened in the litigious US, or just about anywhere that isn’t as insanely workaholic as Japan, Mobius Online Corporation and Mr. “I was just jealous” would have been sued and fined into a smoking crater in the ground.

      And just in case you think this story can’t happen with Japanese software companies, just remember Sony’s Root-kit “anti-piracy protection” scandal.

      I can’t blame the MC too much for being suicidal when his passion for the better part of a decade goes “poof” thanks to malice and nobody cares.


  3. This story start in fantasy world, where servers don’t have backups, and consumers, which are players are don’t understanding that they data could be deleted too… Author could put more effort and make it more possible, because this is BS. If this person would start working for game company and thx to it get access do DB and delete data and backups, or make them not usable (most companies don’t test if backups works after they are setup) it would make same story for MC, but more possible. Even CD Projekt Red after get hack, and they data was encrypted by hackers get it back from backups. And encryption is not fast so they have good access to they servers. (this is real world story, so…)


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