Maseki Gurume – 023a

By the way, how strong are you?




“Father. Thank you again for today.”

“No problem, Grint. Remember to rest properly.”



The new Roundhart mansion in the Royal Capital of Heim…… Grint and Logas had finished their morning training.

The punishment for the case with Olivia was a considerable decrease in nobility rank, and the confiscation of their territory. Thanks to that, it was thought that Grint’s future marriage would disappear.

However, Aide, the father of his marriage partner Anon, did not break his daughter’s engagement.


Grint had now finished his morning training.

And for him, the daily status checks were now a routine.



Grint Roundhart

[Job] Next head of the Roundhart Family

[Level] 5


[Stamina] 220

[Magic] 124

[Attack] 125

[Defense] 90

[Agility] 41

[Skills] Holy Knight, Defense Growth Rate UP



“Father. My stats have grown a bit more again.”

“Marvelous. Keep going like with the aim to join the Imperial Knights.”

“Yes! ……By the way, may I ask one thing?”

“What? ”


Grint looked at Logas with a face with a little expectation.


“I’d like to see your stats, Chichiue/Father.”

“Ohh, certainly, I’ve never shown them to you before.”

“Yes! I can’t help but being curious about your stats, since you’re one of the best knights in Heim.”

“I’ll show them to you then. If you don’t grow past me, then you’ll never be an Imperial Knight.”



Logas Roundhart

[Job] Chief Commander

[Level] 55


[Stamina] 1490

[Magic] 811

[Attack] 653

[Defense] 421

[Agility] 317

[Skills] Great Swordsmanship, Body Enhancement, Command


And thus, Logas revealed his stats to Grint for the very first time.

Heim’s strongest knight, and one of the most powerful knights of the continent.

And after seeing Logas’ stats, Grint’s respect for his father grew.


“Amazing, Chichiue! To have such high stats…… I’ll have to do my best to catch up! So that Ain-oniisama, who ran away, won’t be able to reach me.”

“Yes, indeed. If you work harder, the way to become a knight will open for you. And moreover, since you’re also a Holy Knight, you’ll be able to demonstrate your true power, Grint. I’ll be waiting for when that time comes.”

“Yes! ”





“Mother-in-law. Just like you said, they didn’t make a move, Mother-in-law.”

“That’s right. I can’t go around speaking of it, but it was simply stupid from the very beginning. Even without borrowing the power of that country, we’re already the kings of the continent.”


This was a conversation between Isis and Alma. The contents were about Olivia and Ain, and about Ishtalika.


“However, in the unlikely event that a war starts-”

“It won’t. In that country, the words of the Founding King have the same weight as the words of God. And since that country and Heim aren’t trading partners, the only thing they can do to us is ban the entry from their ports.”


Alma had not been told about Olivia. She was just the second daughter of a baron that was sent to be the second wife, so she had not been told any secrets since the risk of her leaking them existed.

In the Roundhart family, only Logas and Isis knew the truth about Olivia.


Therefore, when Alma learned the truth about Olivia, she was afraid she might get executed.


“But, Mother-in-law. If we’re banned from entering their ports, it will eventually become a drawback……”


Among the Roundhart family, Alma had the most sense of crisis on this situation. She had been a cold person towards Olivia and Ain, and speaking of Ishtalika, that was a country that Heim could never hope to beat. Still, this was something she couldn’t say in front of Logas or Isis, after all, she had never seen Ishtalika with her own eyes.

However, considering everything she had learned so far, she had the idea that Heim would be destroyed after a few days.


“That certainly might be true. I can’t deny it…… however, it doesn’t matter what the outcome is. We couldn’t let Ain become the next head of the Roundhart family. After all, he was born with ‘that’.”


Toxin Decomposition. This ability was often use in Heim to detoxify the venomous bite from snakes in the forest, and to cure light food poisoning. Therefore, even if it had EX, Isis couldn’t imagine such a skill to be useful.

And, like that, it was impossible to have Ain become the next head of a military family like the Roundharts.


“I agree.”


The skills you were born with were very important in Heim. That’s why Alma tried to convince herself that this couldn’t be helped.

And because she felt anxious, Alma strongly supported Grint to become a great Holy Knight…… an Imperial Knight.




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  1. “Toxin Decomposition. This ability was often use in Heim to detoxify the venomous bite from snakes in the forest, and to cure light food poisoning. Therefore, even if it had EX, Isis couldn’t imagine such a skill to be useful.”

    Wow. The mother in law is really as dumb as a door nail. A cure for poison at max level and she doesn’t know what can be done with it. You practically have a 24 hour on call doctor with 100% efficiency and success. Can the author be anymore lazy with creating villains/antagonists?

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