Maseki Gurume – 022a

Visiting The Town And A Magic Stone Store For The First Time





At Euro, far away from Ishtalika. A bit before Lloyd reported to Chris and the others.

Here, the heavyweights were discussing the matters with Ishtalika.


“To think something like this would happen.”


The one speaking was the leader of Euro, Duke Amour. When he first heard this story, he could only see it as a joke.

This story passed through many people until it finally reached Duke Amour.


At first, the diplomacy and trade officer received a letter from someone who claimed to be a merchant from a foreign city. For Euro, to which those were little more than pretty stones, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say this was like someone buying trash from them. So, when someone offered to buy those stones, they were very welcoming.


When the deal was getting at its last steps, a message bird’s letter arrived and it said they would be the new contact point from there on, albeit extremely polite. About a year had passed since the last letter saying “please wait some time while the preparations are completed”, from a person from the other party.


“Duke Amour. It finally arrived today, Prime Minister Warren’s reply from Ishtalika, shall I read it for you? ”

“If you will.”

“We, Ishtalika, agree to the amount of the payments and conditions set to this transaction. We will also officially announce this trading partnership between Euro and Ishtalika. We completely acknowledge these two points and have high hopes for the future development of this enterprise. With this said, we would like to move on to a meeting to agree on the terms and other issues such as excavation work…… W-We did it, Duke Amour! ”

“Yeah, it would seem we will get busy from now on, but the most important thing is we got this deal.”


Duke Amour felt greatly relieved.

He never thought he would be in a trading partnership with such a strong country as Ishtalika.

Duke Amour wasn’t stupid, and he was also good at reading the flow of things. Despite that, he had no idea how this deal would end up as.


“Hahaha. Thank you for your hard work, Duke Amour. Still, with this, our country will make a lot of money, and we can also borrow the name of Ishtalika.”

“To think something like this would happen. You truly don’t know what life has in store for you.”


Heim didn’t disclose Olivia’s case, so of course, Euro wasn’t in the knowledge either.

From Euro’s perspective, they only knew the fact that a person from Ishtalika who was investigating the Sea Crystals in the trading city contacted Euro through the Guild after discovering them and that’s how the exchange began.


“Then, with this issue settled, there’s only that other matter.”

“……About Archduke Augusto, isn’t it? ”


The Duke’s aides spoke about Archduke Augusto.

The Archduke thought about evacuating Krone in the unlikely scenario that an attack from Ishtalika was to take place.


Luckily, it wasn’t impossible to travel to Ishtalika through Euro, so Archduke Augusto prepared money and intended to use this channel to cross the sea.


“I have a suggestion.”

“Let’s hear it.”


A well-dressed noble who was attending the meeting expressed his opinion.


“Archduke Augusto is a heavyweight in the mighty Heim, how would he feel if he were to learn of our dealings with Ishtalika? ”

“Wouldn’t that be dangerous? ”

“Rather, wouldn’t this be a good opportunity to talk about it offhandedly?”


What he meant to say was to speak with Archduke Augusto in a way of implying the dealing was set. Something like, ‘Euro is now friends with Ishtalika’.

But, of course, there were many cautious opinions on it.


“……No, I don’t think it’ll be a problem. This has already been acknowledged by Ishtalika, by the Prime Minister Warren-dono. This means we can also speak about our relationship with Ishtalika. Therefore, I don’t think It’ll be a problem.”


Duke Amour said so. It might’ve been a problem if the contents of the deal were still being discussed. But now, official permission from Ishtalika had been granted. Therefore, it was Duke Amour’s opinion that it would not pose a problem.


“Certainly, now that you say it, that might be the case.”

“Umu. Since it’s been officially acknowledged, it won’t be a problem if they know.”


After hearing the words of Duke Amour, the opinions of the other members present began to shift. After all, he was correct, Warren had already given his agreement to the terms. The deal was already in motion, and all that was left were some minor details that would be discussed next.


“Then, what will we do? Will we give a ship for Ishtalika to Archduke Augusto? ”

“But that might be somewhat rude towards Ishtalika.”

“It’ll be alright. However, I think we will need to consult with them beforehand. It’s the Archduke after all, so I think if a fair price is paid, Ishtalika wouldn’t have a problem.”


The heavyweights exchanged opinions, but eventually, they concluded that they should consult with Ishtalika for the time being.


“Archduke Augusto said his granddaughter, Krone-dono, wanted to visit the man in her heart. As expected of Heim……Of and Archduke of Heim, he seems to have acquaintances with nobles of Ishtalika.”

“Hahaha, that kind of makes me feel a bit envious of him.”

“Well then, let’s talk with Archduke Augusto. We need to prepare a letter.”


After that, when Archduke Augusto received the news, he was so surprised that his eyes seemed to pop out.

But, as a result of that, he was relieved he managed to secure a safe journey to Ishtalika. First, he wanted to tell Ain to have a word with Krone and with that see if they would accept it.




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