Maseki Gurume – 021c



 Chris went to tell Olivia and Ain about that matter.

 She found the two people enjoying tea Martha had brewed, at the salon.


“How wonderful, Ain. And the name of that technique is also cute, you surely created something amazing.”

 “It was all thanks to Katima-san. But I’m glad it all went well.”

 “Fufufu. But you did your best, Ain, you’re a great boy. If Chris is cheeky, you can use it on her.”

 “You’re right, if something happens, I’ll just swooosh on her.”


  Uuuh……What’s this, scary.

 Why should I be stabbed……?

 I only came to report, but suddenly these two started talking about weird stuff……


 “Olivia-sama. Ain-sama…… would you mind?”


  I’m a little scared, but I can’t run away, I need to report this properly.


 “Yes, that’s fine, we were just talking about you, Chris.”

 “Go ahead, Chris-san.” 


 Yeah, I heard that, you know?

 Getting swooshed by that thing Ain-sama developed……Dark Straw, was it? That ominous thing.

 Please spare me.

 That thing is really ominous.


“Yes. I came with a report.”

 “What would it be? To me? Or to Ain? “

 “It’s for both of you.”

 “For me too? Understood, please continue Chris-san.”


 Still, Olivia-sama looks very happy, and so does Ain-sama.

 This alone makes me really happy too.

 I’ll just be careful not to be stabbed by that thing.




 “From Euro? “

 “Yes. I was told it came via Euro. That’s why I don’t know who the noble is or where they live.”

 “Okaa-sama. There’s only a few noble that I know.”


 Chris reported the story of this noble asking for shelter.

 And it seemed both Olivia and Ain were not able to guess.


“You’re right…… Like Ain, I’m not sure who this person might be, don’t you have any other detail you can share? “

 “Yeah, I too don’t know who that might be. Maybe if there’s something more, I might be able to tell……”


 Both Ain and Olivia said that, so Chris gave them the other piece of information she had.


“I always carry the flower Ain-sama gave me……I was asked to convey that. Also, if they don’t get a response from being accepted in Ishtalika, they can’t give their name.”

 “……A flower from Ain? “

 “Have I ever gifted a flower in the first place? “


 After receiving this sort of reply, Chris, the person who reported this matter thought this was simply just a trick.


 “Maybe this is a trick? From someone who might be trying to curry favor with you both.”

 “……Ain, I think I might know. About who that person is.”

 “Ehh, really? I just really don’t know.”

 “Olivia-sama, is that true? Then they are an acquaintance……”

 “Fufu that’s right, I know them…… But it might be closer than just an acquaintance. But, to want to come to Ishtalika, I see, I see……”


  Olivia seemed to understand who that person was.

 Ain was still deep in thought, but he couldn’t recall whom he had gifted a flower to.


“Ain, do you want a hint? “

 “Please! “

 “A hint, let’s see. You didn’t just gift that flower. You made it.”

 “I made it……made it……made……Ahhh! “

 “Ain-sama? What kind of person is this? And, is it okay to bring them to Ishtalika? “


 Ain seemed to have found out who that person was, so Chris asked if they could bring them over.

 And as far as she could tell, the other party was not a bad person.


“Okaa-sama. I don’t know what they want to come to Ishtalika, but is it okay? “

 “It’s alright. If anything, they can just live in the castle.”

 “I think that might be a bit too much……so, Chris-san, can you please answer back?”

 “As you wish. Still, is it alright if I ask the name of that person? I have to tell Warren-dono and the others just in case.”


 Chris, as well, wanted to know the name of that person, just in case.

 The reason being, if it later turns out to be another person, it would become a problem.


“It’s alright. ……The name of that girl is:”


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25 thoughts on “Maseki Gurume – 021c

  1. I legit forgot her name, but I do remember her. 1st daughter of the archduke right?

    —I could see Heim being cocky because they had a “white knight” and waging war on ishtalika in the future. Or maybe they will attack Euro. Poor bastards should go out of their little well and see the world.


    • So Heim has a White Knight… Ishtalika has a Dark Knight who (now with the Dark Straw easier then ever) could absorb the power of the former Demon King.
      All that waits at the end of the Roundhearts’ conceit is doom.


    • We could say that Heim has the greatest magical sword of the world… while Ishtalika has nukes.
      Honestly Heim vs Ishtalika is a bit like a game of Civilization when an opponent declared war against you and send over some swordmen to fight against your tanks… Another example would be Gate…

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