Maseki Gurume – 020b




“As expected, Ripple is really delicious. I mean this sort of magic stone. The taste is on the richer side.”


“Fufu, that’s great. Say, Ain? “


“Yeah, what is it? “


“This was a bit weak as an apology, but was it good? “



 About 30 minutes had passed since they had that exchange where Ain conveyed his feelings.

 And now, after having a hard time falling asleep, Ain was drinking tea with Olivia.

 Of course, Martha had prepared it.



 Near Ain, there were some pseudo-Ripple magic stones prepared.

 For him, this was just a snack. The fresh aroma of Ripple, with the perfect combination of sweet and sourness, made his throat feel refreshed.

 Taking one on his hand, Ain absorbed it.



“Was it good? “


“Yeah, was it good? Was the Dullahan’s magic stone yummy? “


“Ahh, that was quite delicious.”



 The Dullahan’s magic stone certainly tasted like coffee.

 However, the quality of that taste was so impressive there was nothing he could compare it with.

 A luscious taste marvelous enough to be called addictive, almost like a drug.



“……There’s a bigger magic stone embedded in the ceiling of the audience room.”


“One larger than that? From w……”


“The Demon King.”



 Olivia revealed the magic stone embedded in the ceiling of the audience room belonged to the Demon King.

 This was the most treasured possession and one of Ishtalika’s national treasures.

 The Demon King’s strength seemed to have been extraordinary and caused a huge crisis across the country.



“Demon King!? T-That sounds like something……. really strong.”


“Ara, Ain? Are you just thinking of strong? “


“And something really delicious! “



 Ain was also thinking about its taste.

 How delicious would it be? What sort of taste would it have?…… Would it be like the main dish? Or maybe more like a dessert? He wondered many things in his mind.



“But if you were to eat that, I think even Otou-sama would get quite angry……”


“That seems very possible, after all, he said to stop talking about that back in the conference room.”


“It apparently belongs to a Demon King who was defeated about 500 years ago. It suddenly appeared in the continent of Isthar…… that place, however, is quite far away from here. “


“It happened a long time ago, huh? I can’t imagine how that Demon King looked, but I suppose it was really strong.”


“He was such a strong enemy that it was reported half of Ishtalika’s talented people had died at that time. I’m sure it would be really delicious for you Ain, but……yeah, I guess it’s impossible. “



 Ain rejoiced when he heard about the Demon King’s magic stone, but he also thought it would really be a problem if he were to eat it.

 Apparently, it was used in the country’s last line of defense, so it seemed that even Silvird would get quite angry if he were to eat it.



“Next chance I get I’ll put up with just smelling it……”


“You can’t eat it and claim it was unintentionally, okay? “


“Whenever I’m to go to the audience room, I’ll go after being full.”


“That sounds good.”



 According to what Chris had said, it seemed he would eventually have some control over his absorb skill.

 For that, it was also said he would have to train himself.

 This was a necessary training for Ain in order to avoid causing some unintentional damage.



“By the way, Ain.”


“Yes, what is it?”


“Krone-sama and then…… yeah, I think you’ll be allowed to have one more person. Krone-sama is beautiful and smart, so I think she’s okay.”


“Wh-……? Uhmm, what does that mean?”


“About your future queen. As for my place, let’s see……I just want you to please let me stay close and watch over you. “


“Well, of course, I really care for you, Okaa-sama, but……why mention Krone?”



 Olivia suddenly began talking about Ain’s future bride.

 And from her words, it appeared two people were allowed.



“But about Krone, I think my social position is a bit too low…… ahh.”


“If it’s about your position, I think currently it’s a lot better, so don’t worry about it, okay? “


“You’re right, that seems to be the case.”


“As for the second person, that’s Chris…… she’s a nice girl and beautiful despite being clumsy at times…… well, let’s think about that later, for now, it’s time to sleep, good night Ain! “



 After bringing Chris’ name, Olivia ended the talk there without going into further detail.

 While saying that, Olivia lied down on the bed.

 And with this, today’s talks finally reached an end.



“Krone, huh? I wonder what she’s doing now?”



 His thoughts went to Krone, who was far away, in another continent.

 His first impression on her was that she was a great girl.

 She was smart and beautiful, and Ain found her very charming.








“A child who grew up without knowing any motherly love……”



 God was alone in the white space, thinking about a time before Ain turned the gacha and was born into this world.



 About Ain’s previous life growing up in an orphanage.

 His core memories had almost been erased, however, the strong desire to know a mother’s love still resided.



“I feel sorry for what happened to him, but still, his love for his mother is far from normal.”



 There was a reason why Ain’s previous life was spent in an orphanage.

 His mother had died from heavy blood loss after giving birth to him.



 Afterward, his father, not being able to bear watching that child, abandoned him at the doors of an orphanage.



“I wonder if it remained buried in his unconscious? His feelings of wanting a mother……. his regrets about it.”



 A mother who died while giving birth to him.

 With those feeling about his mother, the desire to protect his mother became stronger than anything else.

 God thought this might have been the case.



“That baby couldn’t have those kinds of memories, and Ain right now doesn’t have them either. That’s why I don’t understand.”



 Even then……

 Even then, his love for Olivia suggested that there might be a considerable influence from his previous life.

 Was it something that had affected his soul directly? Or was this simply how the person named Ain was?



 God had watched Ain so far.

 And after making up her mind, she decided to continue watching over him.


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27 thoughts on “Maseki Gurume – 020b

  1. FINALLY! Feels like its been forever since last chapter… Thank you for the chapter.

    I guess author is going to beat around the bush for a while longer…


  2. “I wonder if it remained buried in his unconscious? His feelings of wanting a mother……. his regrets about it.”

    For this part i think using the word subconscious is more accurate


  3. Well, that does seem like one hell of a recipe for creating a mom-con.

    Dead mother and abandoned by father then reincarnated to distant to the point of abandonment by 2nd father and son-con mother.


  4. God is thinking that Ain actions are subconscious?
    I forgot, but why is Ain acting like a child despite claiming to have previous memories?
    I can’t help but think of him as an obedient child, waiting for things to be served to him. Maybe that’s the way he enjoys his second chance?


    • it’s already mentioned that his core memories…everything that is about him…has been removed but just like reformatting a HDD, there would always be some remnants left behind… meaning his memories about himself is now gone but some general stuff about his previous world (not life but world) still lingered within him (aka the train, and various flavors/tastes that he could compare to the magic stones)…


  5. Hmmm, seems like the goddess is interested in MC. So, that could be interesting… Oh, what if MC absorbs some of the goddess’s energy? GOD MC!!!!!!

    Thanks again for all your work!!


  6. this author is kinda poor in setting up his “foreshadowing”
    Well we all know that Krone, Olivia and Chris us the three from early on, Krone is obvious as she has her own sequence, Olivia is explained from his birth origin, Chris? like LOlivia, they would have an ageless appearance, basically, Krone and Ain will catch up to look basically the same age as them when the story is entering mid to end arc. so they’d all basicalky fit.


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