Maseki Gurume – 020a




 Ain’s chaotic day had finally come to an end.

 All starting with the separation scandal, he had come to Ishtalika.

 And many things had occurred ever since he arrived.

 All in all, the day had been packed with new information.



“Ahh, I’m tired……”


“Fufufu, good job hanging there, Ain.”


“Not at all, you had it worse, right Okaa-sama? “



 The time was about ten o’clock in the evening.

 Back in Heim, he always went to sleep only after doing some studying at night, so this time he was going to bed a little earlier than usual.

 However, unable to fight back the drowsiness and fatigue on his body, Ain went to bed together with Olivia in her room.



“Okaa-sama. Is it alright if I ask something before going to sleep? “


“Yes, but of course.”


“Well then, first, what am…… Am I a human being? Or am I a dryad? “



 What Ain was thinking about was his own race. On the outside, he looked like a human person, but he felt confused about this since he was told he had inherited the dryad’s racial skill.



“You got the genes of a human male, but also the genes of a dryad, so it would be more proper to call you a ‘half’. A half-human and half-dryad.”


“Then, next. I was born from your belly, right Okaa-sama? “


“Yeah……Uhmm, you see.”



 Ain was a half-breed.

 In other words, he was indeed a human person, but only half.

 However, there seemed to be some differences in being born from Olivia’s belly.



“Have you heard the phrase “root dividing”? “


“It’s the first time I hear it. But, from what I can tell, is it about dividing a root and have another plant germinate from there? “


“Yeah. It’s alright to have that image. Your birth was pretty much like that root dividing. You certainly grew inside my body, Ain.”


“So, it was like that…… Then, was I born and delivered like a normal human? “



 He grew inside Olivia’s body.

 Hearing this, Ain had an idea of how he was born.



“Ah, but it was a bit different.”


“Eh? “


“There were a lot of midwives present, but I concealed it using hypnosis. Only when it was the moment to give birth to you, I revealed my body as a dryad. Otherwise, I couldn’t have done it. If I had wanted to birth you as a grown 15-years-old, I’d have had to stay in my dryad form for longer.”


“To be honest, I didn’t know this wasn’t your dryad body, Okaa-sama……why do you have a human body despite you being a dryad?”


“Fufufu. I will tell you about that later, okay? ……Ain, you were born from the fruit of a small tree that grew up from my roots while in my dryad body. That small tree is your dryad form, Ain.”



 Ain then thought.

 Wow, that’s amazing, this is completely fantasy-like.

 However, recalling how this world was, he was convinced of this.

 After all, this was a world with monsters in it, therefore, there surely would be many different ways to give birth……



“How should I put it? Since this is like a world I haven’t seen, it’s a bit hard to understand with just words.”


“You thought a child born from a dryad would be birthed the same as a human child? But for a dryad is just with a tree wrapped around your feet.”


 She might’ve called that with ‘it’s just’, but for Ain, this gave him an incredible feeling.



“It’s alright, I have accepted that’s the way it is.”


“You’re a good boy, Ain.”


“Now then, how come you have a human-like body? “


“We dryads are a half-fairy race, this is only to hide the trunk and leaves.”



 ’This is quite convenient’, thought Ain.

 In fact, this world had monsters and magic, so he had to convince himself this was such a world.



“After all, don’t you think it’d be hard to walk with roots as feet? “


“Well, that certainly would……”


“I’m sure that when you grow up, you’d be able to bring out a tree like a dryad, Ain.”


“If I had to say, I think I’m more like a human.”


“Certainly. I don’t think there will be a problem if you can’t become a tree, right? Rather, having the body of a tree might be a bit inconvenient……”



 Olivia spoke frankly.

 In truth, although having a wooden body could be considered special, it didn’t mean it was actually superior.



“Then, one last thing. Is it okay?”



 After saying that, Ain’s face turned serious.

 Up until that point he was lying on the bed as he talked, but then he sat up.

 Seeing Ain doing this, Olivia too sat on the bed.



“Yeah. Of course, Ain.”


“Okaa-sama, about my ability, you didn’t tell the Roundhart family…… my father about it, right? “




“There’s more. You’re a great person, Okaa-sama. To the point you were able to singlehandedly search and find the Sea Crystals, which were a matter of life and death for Ishtalika.”


“……Yes, I guess you’re right. I can’t complain if you’re angry about it.”



 After seeing Olivia quietly nodding, Ain continued.



“Then, why didn’t you tell them that!? If only you’ve told them……”



 Ain thought about the reason why his mother didn’t do it.

 Olivia remained silent about how to properly use Ain’s ability, and she too didn’t try to demonstrate her excellence.



“I’m, sorry……”


“Yes. If only you’ve told them properly this…… I’m sure……”


“……Yes. I’m sure everything would’ve been different for you, Ain.”



 Olivia thought about how it would’ve been for Ain. And she understood it well enough.

 If instead of this road, she had taken another path, the results would’ve been completely different.

 Ain wouldn’t have been given up by his father, and more so, he could’ve lived a happy life with the Roundhart family.



“For me? This isn’t about me…… What I hated the most was the fact you were despised, Okaa-sama. I could endure it if it was about me, but I couldn’t bear watching you being treated like that! “



 However, Ain’s thoughts moved in a different direction.

 For Ain, what he wanted was what was best for his mother, he wanted Olivia to be happy and he’d prefer is her efforts moved in that direction.



“A-Ain……? Aren’t you angry? “


“Can’t you see it with a glance? I am angry! I was always worried about you, Okaa-sama…… seriously.”


“I’m sorry, Ain. I selfishly thought you would be happier here in Ishtalika than if you stayed in that house. What to do? I even went as far as making you walk this painful road……”


“It wasn’t really out of the ordinary, after all, I was together with you Okaa-sama. For me, it didn’t matter whether we came here, or even if we simply escaped from the Roundhart territory.”


“R-Really? “



 I see Okaa-sama can also be clumsy at times, he thought.

 Ain did love his mother Olivia, to an almost unnatural degree.

 Nobody present really knew the reason for this feeling, but these were indeed his true feelings.



“Seriously……for someone as smart as you, why didn’t you give it some more thought? There’s no way I would’ve been happy in a place where they despised you, Okaa-sama.”


“But then, it really took quite some time…… It would’ve been better if I had done it sooner.”


“I guess you’re right. But well, it’s okay. I think this simply reflects what we value the most. For me, the most important thing was you, and for you, I was the most important. I’m sure it was like that……Since this time I think we failed at communicating this, I’ll forgive you this time. But there won’t be a next time! “



 After Ain finished speaking, Olivia stared at him with a blank face.

 Then, tears trailed down her face as she smiled.



“Un. Thank you, Ain…… and I’m sorry.”


“It’s alright. But please, talk to me first the next time.”



 Seeing him, people thought of him as an optimistic five-year-old child, but since he was Olivia’s child, nobody really had any discomfort with how he acted.

 And for Olivia, who was quite doting, she thought of him only as a smart boy.

 But Ain was at a loss as to whether tell her that he had memories of a previous life.






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