Maseki Gurume – 018b



“Your Majesty. What do you think of the Princess and Ain-sama?”

 “Ain is smart, similar to Olivia, and I can also see that mischievous side here and there.”

 “Hahaha. Indeed. They are similar in that aspect.”


  After Olivia straight out said about eating a magic stone, they decided to take a ten-minute break.

 Ain was taken by Olivia, and together they went out of the audience room.


“Isn’t it strange that Ain-sama never thought about the benefits of Toxin Decomposition? It’s true that some of its uses could be guessed using the normal Toxin Decomposition skill as base, but this time it was EX.”

 “Ain-sama is still a small child, Warren-dono.”

 “Indeed, he’s still a small child…… But I’ve got many reasons to think of this as strange.”

 “Hoo. Go on, Warren.”


 Warren then continued explaining his thoughts.


“It could’ve been used to protect the princess, to protect his mother’s position as the first wife. The Roundhart, having a flower garden as brain, couldn’t understand the greatness of Ain-sama. And after the second son was born with the skill of Holy Knight, his father’s eyes turned towards that second child.”

 “Ain is a gentle child who loves Olivia…… I can’t deny that possibility.”

 “Yes. He probably unconsciously postponed thinking on how to use this ability. And, so as to not lose to his brother, his endeavor was to make it up with effort alone.”

 “Fumu…… if you look only at the results, does that mean his efforts were in vain? Warren-dono.”

 “His failure was to give up thinking on how to use his ability, and to leave that for later. If he had properly thought about it and found a way to use it, he would’ve been appointed as the next head of the family with no problem…… well, it’s the Roundharts we’re talking about, so there’s a chance they’d still made the little brother the heir, him being a Holy Knight.”


 For these people, the impression they had on the Roundhart family was that of weak-minded people.


“I see.”

 “You said there were several reasons why you found this strange, Warren-dono. What is the other?”

 “That this was the Princess’ plan. She didn’t want him to notice his ability…… I think that while she cheered at him to become a great knight, there’s the possibility that she was leading him.”

 “……We’re talking about Olivia, so I can’t really deny the possibility. And why do you think she would do that? “

 “If this was her plan…… Do you think everything the princess has done so far has been in order to return to Ishtalika? “


 Both Silvird and Lloyd pondered that idea, however, they still couldn’t deny it.

 Just like how Olivia brought them the deal with Euro, she had always been good at planning and leading people since a long time ago.


“Apparently, the princess’ priorities since Ain-sama was born were, Ain-sama, Ishtalika, the Roundharts, and Heim, in that order. I believe part of her was still reluctant to do this. But just as the princess said, she wanted to raise Ain-sama in an environment where he could be happy.”


This was just an idea. ‘However, it’s normal for a child to receive the support of his parents, and to work hard to achieve their expectations’, by saying so, Warren closed the conversation.


 Even if there was the possibility to use Toxin DecompositionEX for something else, if his mother, Olivia, cheered on him to become a splendid knight, he would obviously do his best to accomplish that.

 Finishing with that, Warren said Ain was such an honest and kind child.







“P-Princess, we’ve brought it…… fuuuuu, it was heavy.”


 We’ve moved back to the conference room again.

 Mother is going to treat me to a magic stone.

 Somehow, it looks like the conference room is quite convenient.


“Olivia, this is…… This was in your room.”

 “Princess!? What did you order Martha-dono to do? ……Preparing the Dullahan’s magic stone, no way, is this for Ain-sama!? “

 “God, you’re noisy, Chris. Please be quiet. Here, Ain, I’ll treat you this here.”


  What’s a Dullahan? It’s so amazing I’m actually speechless.

 It leaks a smell similar to coffee.

 The Dullahan’s magic stone is black, and there’s something like a blue aura swirling inside the magic stone.

 As for the size, it’s somewhat large, about 30 centimeters in diameter.


“This is the magic stone of the extinct Dullahan, Olivia! To use such a valuable national treasure.”

 “I never expected you to bring the Dullahan’s magic stone…… Princess.”

 “Kukuku……it interesting ever since the princess came back, right Your Majesty?”

 “Alright, I’m not listening. Ain, I really love the Dullahan. I mean, don’t you think it’s cool? It had such strong and cool black armor. Now, come here.”

 “Yes, coming! “


  I didn’t really paid attention to what His Majesty and the others were saying.

 My interest on this won over that.

 Also, it was the first time I heard mother was a fan of the Dullahan.

 I guess she forced them to put this in her room.


 “This, you see, is my precious treasure. Here you go. You can absorb it.”


 Mother looked happy as she said those words.

 Okay then, let’s dig in.

 It’s mother’s treasure, so let’s take good care of it.

 I then reached out to the magic stone.


 “O-Oohh…… It’s been sucked. The national treasure, the magic stone is…… being absorbed……”

 “Bitter……? “


 Just like I imagined, it was bitter.

 I don’t really know how coffee tastes in Ishtalika, but if I had to describe it, it was just like coffee.

 It had a strong bitter taste just like espresso, with no milk or sugar mixed in.


 The sourness isn’t too strong, it’s just right. The texture on my mouth, although I’m not really drinking it, feels thick and heavy.

 It’s not spiced by any means, yet it has a unique aroma.

 This bitter taste would go great combined with some cheesecake.


“Umu, umu. It’s been absorbed, huh? Warren-dono.”

 “Indeed, it is. I’m looking forwards to how he grows.”


  I could feel the old men fixedly staring at me, but I just kept sucking on the magic stone.

 Little by little, it transformed into a large glass chunk.


“I-It’s enough Ain…… If you keep absorbing it, nothing will remain! It’s be a shame if that were to happen! “


 His Majesty is so surprised that he said something a bit strange.

 It’s fine, I’ll just suck it dry.

 I won’t give you a share.


 “Did you finish absorbing it, Ain? I wonder how it tasted? It looked pretty delicious.”

 “It seems to be over, Princess. For you to ask Martha-dono to do something like this…… Seriously.”


 Chris-san seemed a bit exasperated, but it’s already too late for that.


“It’s over, Your Majesty.”

 “I can’t calm down, Your Majesty. This looks so interesting! Isn’t this exciting?”


 Lloyd-san was excited from the beginning, and was the complete opposite from the King.


 “Hey A-Ain, do you feel anything has changed? “

 “Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to hold my head on my hand like a Dullahan. If I had to name something, my body feels filled with energy……”

 “That’s right! My lovely Ain……Now, come and show your mother everything.”


  It kind of sounded a bit obscene, but it was just a status card.

 Still, thanks.


“Even among monsters, eating a Dullahan is an unprecedented event…… Seriously Princess.”

 “God, this is so exciting, right, Your Majesty!? ……Your Majesty? “

 “Ahh, yeah, you’re right…… I’ve already gave up on this so let’s just look forward to it.”


 Chris-san and His Majesty were half shocked, but they still seemed to be looking forward to it.

 Speaking of Lloyd-san, he was still the same since the beginning.


“Well, can you show it to us please, Ain-sama?”


 With Warren-san’s voice as the cue, I placed my status card in front so that everyone could see it.




 [Job] Houseless Child

 [Level] 30


[Stamina] 1255 => 1020UP

 [Magic] 2541 => 2100UP

 [Attack] 218 => 144UP

 [Defense] 540 => 500UP

 [Agility] 95 => 0UP


[Skills] Dark Knight, Toxin Decomposition EX, Absorb, Auto HP Recover, Gift of Training.



 I became quite strong, hehe.

 With this, I’ll be like a celebrity.

 Let’s ask them later how strong am I.

 I would like to compare it with Chris-san and the others.


“This growth……  I can only call this incredible.”

 “Your Majesty. This is a huge discovery! The research department will be happy.”

 “It’s just like Warren-dono says. The rise in stats is, in one word, incredible. However, along with this, we’ve found the growth value of the extinct Dullahan species. This can be called a considerable discovery.”

 “The Dullahan was a monster famous for its tough defense and high strength wielding a long sword. But by seeing the rise in stats, the main one was actually Magic……? Even if the defense is high, the gap between this and…… In other words, they might’ve been knights specialized in magic.”


 This was a national treasure, so the effects after absorbing it were amazing.

 From the already absorbed magic stone, a rich smell continued to come out.

 It seems that even after completely absorbing it, the taste still remains.

 I don’t think there any use for it anymore.

 I wonder if I can get them to give me this big crystal ball?

 I’d like to eat it bit by bit later.


“U-Uhmm…… What is a Dark Knight? “


  Martha-san asked about the Dark Knight.

 What’s that? Sounds scary, where did this question come?

 After a second of thinking, I checked on my status plate…… Ohh, isn’t that me?



“It’s a job only usable by the Dullahans, a skill, Martha-dono. What about it? “

 “L-Look at the skills. I never expected it to come to this point.”

 “Your Majesty? ……Lloyd-dono! “


 His Majesty was surprised to see the Dark Knight skill.

 Well, I’m also surprised about it.


 “To think a Dark Knight could dwell inside a person’s body. The Dullahan was said to be the strongest of all the humanoid monsters. And you’ve acquired that skill, Ain-sama! I never expected something like this to happen! “



 Hearing that name, Dark Knight, doesn’t it sound a bit cool?

 It also feels somewhat sarcastic that I went the exact opposite direction of my brother Grint with this Dark Knight.


 “Ohh, Ain, isn’t he a good boy? The Dullahan was something I really longed for. And I even got that Dark Knight too! I’m really glad that I’ve thought about this this far.”


  Saying that, mother hugs me, squishing me against her ample chest.

 Sorry, but are we done for the day? I’ve decided to sleep like this.


“……Princess? What do you mean by ‘thought about this this far’? “


 Chris-san seemed curious about mother’s words.


“Eh? What are you talking about? I don’t know what you’re saying, Chris.”

 “I certainly heard this too, Princess. Can it be that you……?”

 “I also heard it, Olivia, you’ve certainly not……”


  Huh? What’s wrong with everyone? Why are they all looking at mother?



 “Yes. Princess……Can it be that you, after Ain-sama was born and you thought the possibility of him being harassed…… Did you plan this? You believed the possibility of him absorbing magic stones existed…… and planned to give him the Dullahan’s magic stone? “


 Lloyd-san began to question mother.

 Plan? What’s all this about? ……Also, can someone tell me more about mother’s race skills?


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  2. Thanks for the chapter, I wonder, if he could use detox ex on a magic stone without absorbing it, maybe by dripping a drop of blood on the stone or something, could his mother then use her absorb race skill to get stronger as well


    • of course he can. It’s just that no one has thought of it. they’re too focused on how Ain can safely eat magic stones, the haven’t realised he can detox them and give them to other people. though his mother would get far more benefits because she has the absorb skill too while other people would need to physically eat it for not much growth.


      • Ain doesn’t need to even touch the stone and toxin decomposition ex is an active skill and his blood, not having any ability to use skills, would not do anything to a magic stone.
        He could just put his hand near it, detox, then have someone else lick it.


  3. So.

    Instead of explaining to the Earl how amazing the skill could be and how strong he could become, which would endear him to the family and ensure that he was still viewed highly, even if Grint was chosen as the heir due to his skill, she chose to not say anything–even to Ain–so she could get back home and get him to absorb the stone of the monster she adored?

    Even if it was to make Ain stronger, give him a position of more political power, and bring him to a home where she felt he would be more loved, that doesn’t excuse forming such manipulations that involved him going through what he did. The only reason he wasn’t completely miserable was because he was such a mom-con…


    • Why would she bother explaining it? Olivia was clearly unhappy with this marriage arrangement, the only positive was Ain, she was clearly plotting to leave once possible. She didn’t trust the family anymore for disregarding Ain after learning the skill’s name. Even if she did tell them, they probably would have made the child with the holy knight the successor anyway being a military family and all.

      You could easily make a counter argument against the Roundharts family too. They easily disregarded the deal and made Grint the successor. They did everything in their power intentionally and unintentionally to make both Olivia and Ain dislike them. So what Ain suffered a bit, but he always had his mother by his side, and by enduring by both of them they were able to leave that wretched family for a better life.


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