Maseki Gurume – 017b




 It seems Mother was the most overpowered person here.



“Ain, I’m sorry, we’ve been talking for a long time, were you bored? “


“No, there’s no way that’s the case. After all, I felt as if all my questions had been answered at once.”


“That’s great then.”



 About one hour later, everyone’s questions seemed to be answered?

 In the end, my mother showed she was a bit more of a cheat than I thought.



“Martha, can you prepare some tea for us?”


“As you wish.”


“I’ll help you too. Your Majesty, Princess, please excuse me.”


 His Majesty asked Martha to go prepare some tea, and Chris followed to help her with her task.

 Certainly, my throat felt a little dry.



“Seriously, it seems that every child is loved by conflict in one way or the other.”


“That seems to be the case, Your Majesty.”


“That certainly appears to be the case for you. ……Your Majesty, may I ask you one question? “


“What is it?”



 Seemingly having a question on his mind, Warren asked the King.



“It might be impolite to ask, but I can’t bear to not know. Why did the Roundharts disinherit you, Ain-sama?”


“……My skill was the cause, Warren-san.”


“Huh? Your skill……you say? “



 Lloyd-san looked at me with a puzzled face.



“Forgive my continued inquiry, Ain-sama, but was it really just your skill? “


“Yes.  My skill wasn’t acknowledged by either my father, who’s a great general, or my grandmother, Isis or any member of the house, since House Roundhart is a military family. And then my little brother Grint was born with the Holy Knight skill.”


“Hmph……that’s a bit strange, isn’t it, Lloyd-dono?”



 While Warren-san kept looking at me with a puzzled gaze he started talking to Lloyd-san.



“I somehow expected this of Heim…… But now I’m convinced that continent is lagging behind in many ways.”


“Uhmm, what do you mean, Lloyd-san?”


“Ain-sama. I am the Grand Marshal that oversees and commands Ishtalika’s knights. What skill do you think I was born with?”



 Why would he ask me something like that? I’m sure it’s something like a Holy Knight.

 Are you bragging? Please spare me.



“……Something like a Holy Knight, right?”


“Ptff……kukuku, Lloyd-dono born as a Holy Knight, you say……HAHAHAHA! “


“Hey Warren-dono, you don’t have to laugh……I don’t really talk much about it much, but the skill I was born with, is ‘Sewing’……”



 Sewing? Sewing, like in, sewing clothes, that kind of sewing?

 Was such a strong-looking man born with a skill like Sewing? Is this a joke?



“I’m a bit confused. Wouldn’t it have been better for you to make clothes then?”


“While I ended up doing this, you might be right. I don’t like to brag about my own efforts, but…… after continuously training to the point of vomiting blood, I eventually became one of the strongest people in Ishtalika’s Knight Order.”



 Lloyd-san said he was one of the strongest.

 His expression, showing an extremely proud face, was so cool that even I felt a bit envious.



“This wasn’t easily done but as I kept trying, someone like me, who wouldn’t normally be suited for being something like a knight…… I eventually reached the top of the Knight Order.”


“Ain, I acknowledge Lloyd’s strength and efforts.”



 I see, if His Majesty says so, it must be true.



“It should be fine to show him your sewing technique sometime.”


“Nu! “


“……So, here you have an example of someone working their way to the top through sheer effort. Let me be clear with you. In the history of the Knight Order of Ishtalika, there have been many people who have reached the position of Grand Marshal through their own efforts and not their skills. I don’t think you would be able to do the same with the Knights of Heim. If you think about it, there shouldn’t be any reason why it couldn’t be done in Heim as well.”



 Warren-san sure likes to talk a lot.

 I haven’t seen the strength of the people in Ishtalika.

 However, looking at their technical capabilities, there might be a considerable number of talented people.



“Umu. Ain-sama, this is why we were wondering about them disinheriting you just for a lack of an inherent combat skill.”


“I too didn’t think it would be this bad until I went there, but in Heim, people are greatly segregated at birth. They never really give much thought to the subsequent growth through hard work.”


“What a waste……what are your thoughts on the matter, Lloyd-dono?”


“Since they have to purely rely on luck at their birth, there might be a lack of  training or educational skills.”



 I thought that the skills you were born with were important in Ishtalika, but seeing0 that there were those who reached considerably high positions with their own efforts made me feel a bit relieved.

 This made me feel like this was the place where I was always meant to be.



 I’ll ask Lloyd-san to show me his Sewing skill later.



“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I’ve brought some hot tea.”



 While my head was busy with the implications of our conversation, Martha-san and Chris-san returned.



“Well then, shall we go to the backroom? Ain, there’s a room behind this one where you can take a break. Let’s continue our talk over there.”


“As you wish, Your Majesty.”


“Your Majesty, huh?…… well, we can leave that for later.”






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