Maseki Gurume – 015a

After Arriving At The Castle [Last Part]



 Hey, it’s me, Ain.

 Right now I’m at a beautiful salon that’s connected to the bathhouse. Eh? How was the bathhouse you ask?

 Yeah, there’s no need to talk about that.



“The hot water felt nice, right Ain?”


“Yes, mother.”



 The mixed bath inside the bathhouse which I entered earlier was the largest of the many baths.

 None of the other ones were close to its size, and only this was a mixed one.



 I honestly received a reverse culture shock seeing the spacious and beautiful bath with a fully equipped jacuzzi included.

 I had a really good time washing my body with great-smelling soap.

 Men’s bath? It’s the first time I’ve heard that word……


“I’ve brought you cold drinks.”



 Chris-san, who waited for us in front of the bath, handed each of us a drink.

 It was cold tea.



“Haaa……That felt so refreshing, how about we take a rest after eating, Ain?”


“I’m looking forward the types of food.”


“Seems like you’re really hungry, Ain-sama.”



 Like I said, why do you know I’m hungry, Chris-san?

 I’d like you to stop saying it since it’s embarrassing.



“This might be because I missed my early training. Or maybe it will change after he eats his fill……”


 Chris-san whispered something, but I didn’t let it bother me.

 Ahh, this cold tea tastes delicious in my warm body.








“First of all, it seems you could use some rest, but let me say this first, welcome home Princess.”


“Martha! Yes, I’m home. I finally get to see you again.”


“……Princess, how many times have I told you? ……How many times did I say not to act rashly, and carefully think about your actions in advance, otherwise it would be too late if something unexpected happens.”



 After being called by Olivia, Martha finally arrived.



“(Ehh? This is Martha-san? This girl?)”



 The person in question was a pretty girl with dark-brown hair with freckles, dark-brown hair and standing at about 140cm tall.

 The gap between her appearance and the maid clothes she was wearing was quite something.



“(Ain-sama, I’m sure you’re surprised, but…… she’s a proper adult. Old enough to have taken care of Olivia-sama for a long time and…… and, she’s married.)”


“(M-Married…… this person is! ?)”



 Chris, who was standing close to Ain, secretly whispered into his ears. 

 Ain felt frustrated having his thoughts revealed so easily.



 For the time being, he decided to simply give praise to the culture of this country, where a legal loli could get married.

 Still, Ain prefered someone older than him.



“Ohh……? I just took the trouble of coming back home and you’re already mad at me. Somehow, this isn’t how I thought it would be.”


“How funny, I’m thinking the same thing, Princess. Because of your sudden return, nothing has been prepared, especially for Ain-sama.”



 What did she mean? Like a room? Ain was anxious, but he remembered Olivia’s words.

 Apparently, he would share a room with Olivia, so it didn’t seem like there would be any inconvenience.



“Ain-sama, this is the first time we’ve met. My name is Martha, I was the exclusive maid of the Second Princess, Olivia-sama. Right now, I’m serving as the head maid inside the castle.”


“O-Okay……Nice to meet you Martha-san, I’m Ain. I feel like I shouldn’t call myself by my previous last name, so let me introduce myself as just Ain.”


“Thank you very much for your kind introduction. May I ask you just one question?”



 When Ain started his introduction, her face suddenly frowned in the middle of it.

 ”What would she want to know?”, Ain thought.



“What is it? “


“I’m sorry if I may sound rude, but what do you mean when you say “previous last name”? “


 ”I see, she doesn’t know about the separation.”, he concluded.

 That’s right, this because Olivia hasn’t spoken about her separation with anyone yet.



“T-That is……”



 I don’t think it’s alright for me to say it.

 After thinking thus, Ain stopped speaking.



“Hey, Martha, why do you think I came back? Try guessing.”



 Olivia asked Martha, seeming like she was enjoying herself. 


“Haaa……I wouldn’t know since I’m just a simple maid, but…… was there an urgent problem in Ishtalika? Or, did you come to introduce Ain-sama?”



 Martha answered with a tinge of exhaustion visible on her face.

 The reason being, Olivia, who had returned home for the first time in years, suddenly started talking in riddles. 



“Nope, that’s wrong, the correct answer is……I won’t go back there anymore.”


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8 thoughts on “Maseki Gurume – 015a

  1. “For the time being, he decided to simply give praise to the culture of this country, where a legal loli could get married”

    Say that last part again, but slowly.

    “[…] where a legal loli could get married”

    Still don’t get it? A Legal Loli is called “Legal” because it’s legal for her to date/have sex/get married/etc.


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