Maseki Gurume – 013b


After going down the stairs and a little further ahead, I finally saw the exit, it feels like it’s been a long time since I was outside.

“Olivia-sama. This time, taking into account the situation, we are closing the carriage gate. After the two of you have boarded, we will open the gate and leave.”

Carriage gate?

“Chris-san, what is the carriage gate?”

“White Rose station has several entrances. But since they are for the citizens…… since they are for the general users, Olivia-sama doesn’t have to use them; there’s a stop for the Royal Carriage at the central entrance. The carriage gate is the gate set up at that place.”

One exclusively for the royal family, how fancy.

“Although both of you moved quickly, there were a lot of people who noticed it. It’s inevitable that people will gather near the carriage gate, but still, by closing down the gate, they will not be able to confirm who got into the carriage, so the commotion will be controlled a little.”

At the end, Chris added that it will take a little longer.
The princess who was sent to marry to another continent suddenly returned home without any previous notice, it’s only obvious it will make a fuss.

(I heard that people from Ishtalika occasionally came to the port town Roundhart. Then, shouldn’t information about mother…… about Ishtalika’s second princess be flowing immediately?)

This fact made me anxious about what kind of information about mother was made public.

“By the way, Chris. What sort of explanation was given about me going to Heim? ”

“There were some facts that were kept under wraps. We monitored those who could cross the sea, stopping them from talking. To the civilians, they were simply told that you went out to marry for the sake of Ishtalika.”

Hearing about monitoring and hushing, Ain became a little interested in what was done.
The smell of conspiracy was so dense, he wanted to pull out an air purifier.

Nonetheless, it was natural for the to be a commotion if that princess whom went to marry into another country suddenly returned.

“Wasn’t there any information leaked by the people coming to Ishtalika or people from Ishtalika going to the Roundhart territory? In Heim, mother’s real identity was hidden.”

This bothered him.
Leakage of information due to other people’s movements.
It would’ve become a huge deal if information about the real identity of Olivia had become public while in Heim.

“We managed to do that with some coercing, but since I think that explanation will take some time, how about I talk about it while on our way to the castle? Please let’s continue in the carriage.”

It can’t be helped some coercing was used, right?

Since the carriage was already here, let’s get inside for now.
I got into a huge carriage about ten tatamis in size.
Two big, white horses pulled the carriage.

“I will ride with you as escort and attendant. The rest of the knights will be on guard duty, so don’t worry.”

Inside the carriage was a large king-sized bed, and two sofas, one for three people, and one for a single person, were lined up.
At the corner was a small room-like spot, probably where the waiter would prepare the tea or something.

Now then, let’s get back to the story.

“Well, it’s not like it was everything just coercing, Ain-sama, between the Roundhart port and Ishtalika…… Do you know how much money is required to travel between these two places?”

“Now that you say it, I’ve never thought about it.”

“There are many strong monsters out in the sea. That’s why there are escorts and defense…… there are more measures you could think of, to take in order to survive.”

Certainly, not everyone could ride a monstrous ship like “Princess Olivia”.

“That’s why, since it’s not profitable, there isn’t much trade between the two countries.”

“I see, that’s true.”

“Speaking of the cost of a one-way trip…… to put in in a way that’s easy for you to understand, Ain-sama…… Let’s see.”

“Ain? Remember the Roundhart mansion? ”

“Yes, I’ve lived there until just recently, after all.”

It’s not a house where I can live anymore, but for some reason, mother wanted to use it as an example.

“A round trip will cost pretty much a quarter of that mansion.”

“I can see why it’s a big deal.”

The Roundhart’s was a fairly large mansion, even if it paled in comparison with the Archduke’s house.
Does it really take that much money just by going back and forth?

“I heard it’d take two to three days on a regular ship…… but even then, that’s a lot of money.”

“Ain-sama. Most of the travel expenses are related to escorts. Near Heim…… near the land, the monsters don’t pose a big threat. To the extent that fishermen can even slam them with the oar and defeat them.”

What the heck, are they small fries?
Can you eat them?

“But, when the sea floor becomes deeper, it suddenly turns into the home of large monsters. People with powerful combat skills are needed…… if you don’t have someone with a magic lineage among them, it can become an all-you-can-eat buffet for the monsters.”

“Ahh, I see, when hiring strong adventurers, the price also becomes higher.”

“It is as you say. Ship preparations and brokage costs through the guild are a special process when getting ready for a long-distance voyage. Considering this, there are not many that can even stand on the starting line unless they are nobles, and it’s even rare for people with the means to do it to actually do it.”

“Rare, does that mean it has happened? ”

Was there such a fearless person in Heim?
I wonder how rich were they?

“The most recent was the son of Archduke Augusto, if I remember correctly, the last time was when he came to study abroad. Although it was a short-term study period, he was able to see many places, obviously, while being monitored……pardon me, while being guided, so there should’ve been no issues.”

Well, it’s okay since he was being monitored, but as expected, that house sure is rich.

“Chris. I wonder how many applications have been made to go to Roundhart from Ishtalika in the last ten years?”

“Four applications. However, all four were denied.”

That was the coercing, right?

“For the reasons of denying them, one was simply just because……there was no particular reason for this, it was just to lightly harass them. For the other one, we had to apply pressure to the house that applied, and while forcing a marriage, the application was put down. Regarding the remaining two applications, His Majesty made a deal and an engagement on them, so there was no further talk.”

That was just coercing, isn’t it?
I feel sorry for the nobles that were harassed.

“By the way, how did the adventurers keep their mouth shut? ”

“There aren’t many that become someone talented enough to cross between continents. Even then, it’s difficult for a single individual to prepare a ship. Therefore, for those people, a decree was made so that they didn’t have to pay taxes for a while.”

(Powerful adventurers seem to make a lot of money, so I guess the bonus of not having to pay taxes is a great advantage.)

“……I should’ve prepared something to drink first…… Although the road is short, I hope you can relax with some tea now that the explanation has ended. Please wait a moment.”

Since I was just getting thirsty, I was happy with Chris’ suggestion.

(Ishtalika’s Castle…… White Knight, I wonder if I’m prepared?)

Up until now he was in a Count’s family, and although it was considered a high-ranking noble title, Ain have had nothing to do with castles. So, with a little anxiety in his mind, Ain looked forwards the tea Chris made.

“This is the White Rose Stationmaster, asking the driver-dono for indications.”

“……This is the driver. We require the mechanic to be called according to the regulations.”

After Olivia and the other left, the stationmaster arrived at the train.
The reason, because it was necessary to verify the state of the train after each use.

Although not many checks were needed, this was an important job in order to confirm its safety, and sometimes, a mechanic or some cleaning crew had to be called.

“Understood. I’d like you to explain since some of the content in this report seems weird.”

“There might be some problem with the heating layer of the water tank since the conversion efficiency of the magic stones have fallen by about 20% of the normal range…… This isn’t an urgent problem, but we ask for an inspection and maintenance in order to keep the safety standards.”

“Roger that. Let’s get right to the inspection as soon as it enters the garage.”

The driver was puzzled.
This because the water train’s performance in the steam generating part was lacking today.

He almost felt the illusion of another pipe being added from where the magic in the stones was sucked in, but he first needed to complete the inspection work. If no abnormality was found there, he would then check the supplier of the magic stones.

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  1. That last little bit about the extra pipe… has me paranoid now Grints mother or grandmother has something to do with a larger conspiracy…

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  2. oh boy, his passive mana absorb tin actually managed to suck 20% of the performance of the mana stones from expected
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