Maseki Gurume – 012b

“So, it moves by generating steam?”


“……I’m surprised. So, you know how it works, Ain-sama?”


“Ain, when did you learn about this? ”


“I just happened to read about that in a book by chance.”



Sorry, I only know up to the point of the steam, but after that I don’t know how it works at all.

Sort of like……It generated steam that powers an engine, but that’s pretty much all I know.

In the first place, I don’t know what shape the turbine has or by what principle it works.

I just know the rough way it works.



“I see, it’s indeed important to learn that kind of knowledge……”


“It was really by change, seriously! ”


“Isn’t he a great son?”



I’m satisfied with just mother’s praise.

It’s nice to be complimented on my knowledge every now and then.



“By the way, how fast is this water train? I can barely feel any shaking.”



“Did you know that speed can cause it to shake……? Well, let me explain, the maximum speed it can reach is 1100R, but the normal operational speed is between 850 to 950R.”



R is a measurement unit equal to Km, and it was easy to grasp it since I still had that knowledge from my memories back on earth.



“It goes that fast! ? ”



If you consider 800km/h is the speed of a passenger plane, you can see how amazing the speed of this train is.

With that said, this doesn’t shake at all, and aside the occasional ‘gatangoton’ from outside, no other sound is heard so it’s incredibly comfortable.



“Yes, that’s right. You don’t feel the shaking because that is controlled by a special dimensional control unit especially made for this train.”



What’s that dimensional control unit? Something like a different dimension?

Now I’m scared of going near the windows.



“I-I see…… so, it’s very comfortable for those living in Ishtalika to move around?”


“There is no water train for civilian use currently. By the way, this train is a direct train to the White Rose station, the largest station in the capital. We follow the same route as the other water trains coming out from the port, but the track laid for this train is a private one, and of course that also means it has its own dedicated platform at the station.”



So, that’s why the ship had a direct connection to the train.

Well, to be honest, this does feels like I’m receiving a VIP treatment.



“Still, getting into a royalty-only vehicle…… I feel a bit bad for this.”



When Ain said so, Olivia giggled, covering her mouth with her hand as she smiled.



“M-……Mother? Did I say something weird? ”


“No at all, Ain, I just thought it was a bit funny…… sorry.”





Did I say something funny? To his wonders, Chris was the one who explained.



“Ain-sama, this is something you didn’t know before, so I think it will be somewhat difficult for you to accept it right away……”



She seemed a bit apologetic, but she still continued her explanation.



“You too are a legitimate part of the Ishtalika Royal Family, Ain-sama. You are the legitimate child of Olivia-sama, the second princess, so of course you have the right to use it.”



C-Certainly, I’m also part of the royal family!

Moreover, I’m the only son of someone in quite a high position, the Second Princess!

It’s a given that I should be able to ride in here! And let me say it again, this juice is delicious.



“To be honest, I completely forgot. It’s obvious that mother’s child would also belong to the royal family.”


“I’m glad you understand.”


“Let’s not think of sad things, Ain, okay? After all, you are truly my one and only son…… okay? ”



In the morning, he got into a carriage (last car) and headed towards the capital of Heim, he had lost his position to the second son, and although he was overwhelmed by stuff like not being able to attend the parties, he was now being treated as a VIP member of the Royal Family.



Certainly, this flow of events was outside his expectations.



He, for sure, believed this second life was all part of God’s plan, after all, it was written “Earl’s house” in the gacha.

Therefore, this chain of events was probably just the hand of fate at play.



“By the way…… Olivia-sama.”


“Yes, what is it?”


“There’s one problem…… Well, not really a problem, but there will be some hassle for you both after we arrive at the castle.”


“I expected some of that to be the case, since I suddenly separated and returned home.”


“No, it’s not about that.”



Chris-san was painfully trying to say something, I wonder what it is?



“……The messenger bird Olivia-sama sent, certainly arrived, but the message was delivered to the Royal Family’s steward’s office.”



“Messenger Bird” isn’t a real bird, but some sort of disposable contact device that can be used if the receiver and sender have one set.

It works by dividing a magic stone into two using a special processing technique, and maintaining the connection.

The amount of money one set costs increases depending on the distance that it can be used, and its price is considerably high for one that can be used across continents, like this time.

The money is also a limiting factor, since they aren’t much convenient because it’s only a one-way communication tool and can only be used once…… or so I heard.



“I suppose you’re right, after all it was you and the other knights the ones who came pick us up, Chris.”



Thanks to that, they had come to pick us up at the Roundhart port so quickly, otherwise, taking into consideration the time used delivering a letter, it would’ve taken at least a week for that alone.



“It was certainly delivered, but before we heard from the steward’s office……no, even after we came, His Majesty…… and the rest of the royal family weren’t informed of Olivia-sama’s return.”


“Oh my.”



Mother reacted like not placing much importance on that issue.

But that will become quite problematic, I think.



“In this time’s case, since the royal family wasn’t contacted, the authority to use the Royal Train and Princess Olivia was treated as being authorized by you, Olivia-sama, since you are royalty.”


“Oh, I see.”


“Why didn’t the King was informed of this……?”


“I can almost imagine what would’ve had happened. Knowing father, he would’ve used the White King.”


“Mother, what is the White King? ”



I got to hear a name I didn’t know.



“It’s a special ship under father…… under King Silvird. It’s much bigger than Princess Olivia, and since it has a lot of things it can attack with, it’s a ship that shouldn’t leave port too much.”


“Just like Olivia-sama says, and it’s impossible for us to hold down His Majesty……In a lot of ways.”



I’m a bit scared to ask what that “a lof of ways” means.



“I know what you’re thinking, Chris. You can never be too thankful for those working in the Steward’s office, I won’t forget to go and convey my thanks.”


“I thank you for your kindness.”



Mother was the one who gave the order not to tell the King and others, that’s what she planned to say.

And as for the authority to use the royal train and Princess Olivia, it seems mother has more than enough of it to call for their dispatch.



The people in the Steward’s office should be in no problem in that aspect, after all, if the second princess Olivia orders them not to speak about it, then it’s their obligation to comply.



“But you’re right……Oh my, that means I’m a daughter who suddenly came home without contacting them earlier.” (TLN: This is some sort of expression, but since I didnt know what it meant, I translated as it was.)


“……I don’t understand what that expression means. But I hope it doesn’t turn to be huge deal.”


“Fufu, it’s fine, right? It looks fun.”



Above all else, I’m happy mother is having fun.



“What are father’s plans for tomorrow? ”


“Before leaving to pick you up, Olivia-sama, I confirmed there was nothing special scheduled.”


“Good, then it’s fine if I just enter the castle as usual, and after taking a bath I head to my room. There’s no problem with that, right? ”


“N-……Not at all, but please, before that, go speak with His Majesty.”


“But Ain is tired. I’ll go greet father after Ain has had a good rest. That’s fine, right? ”



Hearing mother’s plans, I have no issue with them at all.

Up to this point……This is the first time I’ve seen mother speak selfishly about what she wants to do.



(This side of mother is also good.)



However, I kind of feel a bit bad for His Majesty, so let’s help him a bit.



“Mother, if you suddenly return home without saying a word, His Majesty and your family will be worried. Chris-san, at what time will this train arrive at the station?”


“Y-Yes, it is scheduled to arrive around 11:00 in the morning.”


“Thank you. While on the subject, how long does it take to reach the castle from the White Rose Station? ”


“It’s about 20 minutes away using a private carriage.”



That means we’ll arrive at the castle at around 11:30, give or take, and mother said she wanted to take a bath after entering the castle, then……



“Let’s have a light meal prepared around 12:30. Then have a little nap break at around 1 o’clock, and go see His Majesty after 3 o’clock in the afternoon, how does that sound mother? ”


“Okay……But are you alright with that, Ain? If you want, we can take a few days off, you know? ”



That’s too much waiting time.


“Since I will be in his care…… I would like to greet His Majesty a bit earlier, mother. I don’t want him to feel insulted and think “Olivia’s education was lacking”.”


“……Isn’t he such a cute and lovely boy, my Ain? Alright, let’s do that.”



Nice, I got hugged.



“Speaking of which, could I ask you to prepare a room, Chris-san? I feel like I’d appear as rude since I’m suddenly intruding.”


“There’s no way you’d appear as rude, Ain-sama…… If it’s a room-”


“For the time being, how about sharing a room with me, there’s no problem, right Ain? ”



It seems I got the best result possible.



Hey Chris, don’t look at us with such a troubled expression.


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    btw there’s a small mistake with
    “Why didn’t the King was informed of this……?”
    where it should be
    “Why wasn’t the King informed of this……?”

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  2. Thanks for the chap~
    Good to hear that you can focusing more on translating, because I love your work and the series you translates ^-^)

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  3. Thanks for the chapter~!!

    Really, Ain is a huge Mother-con! Also! What does he mean it took the 2 days to get from Heim to Ishtalika!? Didn’t the ship meet them after only a couple of hours after Olivia called Chris!? Other than the time it took to travel from Ishtalika to Heim, there’s also the process of preparing the crew, starting the ship, getting permission, …, etc. and they got here after ONLY A COUPLE IF HOURS!? And to go back, without all those procedures, it took them a couple of days!? The author really messed up this time!


    • You are right, that timetable is messed up, also with a train going 800km/s+ is kind of awkward. It’s supposed to arrive at 11:00, but we don’t know the actual time they are just now. It’s pretty lazy writing from the author. How long would they travel? 2 hours? Don’t tell me, 5 hours – That would be almost the size of USA only to travel to Capital, which probably isn’t on the opposite coast of the continent. What about that huge length of this track, it would not be economical. It feels like the brainstormed idea put together without proper thought of implementation in a functioning world. It reminds me of Chinese authors that write of towns with span of 50 km and such.


      • It isn’t actually.

        A typical boat at best speed takes 2 days… the princess Olivia took less than that. Considering (at least my understanding from wn and manga) it was no more than a couple hours, six max since she contacted them to come get her, double that to return, add in time for the water train, and an extra 20 minutes for the final carriage ride… I’d be surprised if it wasn’t at least a day of travel.

        Keeping in mind that’s using the round trip of the princess Olivia ship.

        A bit of Proofreading here… the following segment…

        “The people in the Steward’s office should be in no problem in that aspect, after all, if the second princess Olivia orders them not to speak about it, then it’s their obligation to comply.”

        Is it the princess herself or the ship being referenced? It feels like it’s the person so it might read better with the following change…

        “The people in the Steward’s office should be in no problem in that aspect, after all, if princess Olivia orders them not to speak about it, then it’s their obligation to comply.”

        Otherwise it’s a bit wordy and there’s a temptation to read with commas or whatnot… ie

        “The people in the Steward’s office should be in no problem in that aspect, after all, if the second princess, Princess Olivia orders them not to speak about it, then it’s their obligation to comply.”

        Thanks for the translation!

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      • The light novel and the manga had editors, remember. Also, there were some awkward switching to third person in the chapter. I’m going to check if that couple days was actually a couple of hours, I feel like that might’ve been a mistake on my part…… that first part was translated over a few very stressful days so I might’ve screwed up. Lemme check.

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      • Alright, I checked, the usual boats take to three days, this one isnt specified, only says “a shorter time”. I fixed one paragraph…… I swear to go this new wording was the one I originally wanted to use… Idk why I used the other one.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter!
    Looking forward to seeing how Chris and the royal family reacts when they find out Ain gave Olivia and Creure Star Crystals. Can see it now, “Hi your royal majesty Grandpa. Good to finally meet you. Oh and by the way, before coming here I proposed to both an Archduke’s daughter and your daughter by giving them Star Crystals. I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time, but don’t worry I fully intend to make good. Wow, I didn’t realize a person could get so red! What do you mean I’m fooling around and abusing the heart of your sweet, innocent daughter by two-timing her? Boy the guards sure are overprotective escorting me to my room while holding me so tightly. I’m going to be hanging around noon tomorrow? Well I didn’t have any plans but if that’s what you want. Bye.”
    Btw, got a few typos and awkward sentences. One is in the sentence “It was really by change, seriously! ”, should be “It was really by chance, seriously!” as Ain is trying to cover up his previous life’s knowledge by making it seem he knew about steam engines by chance.
    Also, the sentence “No at all, Ain, I just thought it was a bit funny…… sorry.” should be “Not at all, Ain, I just thought it was a bit funny…… sorry.” rather than no at all.
    A few too many words in “I suppose you’re right, after all it was you and the other knights the ones who came pick us up, Chris.” Would be better if written as “I suppose you’re right, after all it was you and the other knights who came to pick us up, Chris.” or “I suppose you’re right, after all it was you and the other knights who were the ones who came to pick us up, Chris.” Haven’t seen raw so not sure which one fits better but definitely need – to – between came and pick at the end.
    The sentence “Why didn’t the King was informed of this……?” is kind of awkward. “Why wasn’t the King informed of this……?” is smoother.
    “Good, then it’s fine if I just enter the castle as usual, and after taking a bath I head to my room. There’s no problem with that, right? ” should be “Good, then it’s fine if I just enter the castle as usual, and after taking a bath I’ll head to my room. There’s no problem with that, right? ”
    Sorry for being so nitpicky,


    • I dont have an editor for this novel, so this is fresh out of of the translating session. I’m aware I miss some sentences, or some sentences are weird because I start them thinking on one way to say it and change it midsentence and forget to check it hehe. Sorry.


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  6. so the steward office independently pass through the order without going through the King’s ear so there’s no chance for there to be sudden war from the kingdom’s flagship bombarding the Roundheart’s port town to the ground after picking the princess up 😂


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