Maseki Gurume – 010a

The truth is, I know nothing.


The Heim Kingdom is the southernmost country in the continent.

Since the whole continent is not one with high temperatures or humidity, it’s not difficult to live here, rather it’s a relatively comfortable area.



Heim owns most of the land in the southern part of the continent, making it the top power in the continent.

Also, not losing in terms of size, its military power is also a head or two above the rest of the countries in the continent.

Aside from Heim, there are three other countries in the continent, but it’s no exaggeration to say that Heim is the king of the continent.



North of Heim, is the Trade City of Birdland.

That’s a country located in the middle of the continent, just north of Heim, and it’s often used heavily by merchants and adventurers across the country. Therefore, in there you can find a lot of novelty goods and luxurious items from all across the continent.

When all the countries in the continent were at war, this was a region that remained neutral and where the ceasefire was signed.

Strictly speaking, Birdland is more like a neutral region in the continent and not a nation per se.


The largest merchants have a powerful voice in the decisions made in the trade city.

This because the security and monster extermination around Birdland depends on the adventurer’s guild, and the costs of rewarding the adventurers and maintaining the security is covered by the merchants’ taxes.

Basically, in the case of an emergency, or if the need to have a person in charge arises, the merchant’s guild becomes the de-facto monarch.



East of Birdland and northeast of Heim lies the Rockdam Republic.

That is a country where the head of state is decided based on an election; the winner of said election receives a noble peerage. The land of this country is about half of the northern half of the continent, and it’s the largest country after Heim.


As for what military power is concerned, if they were to go on an all-out war against Heim, they could endure for a month.

They are not weak, but neither are strong, so there’s nothing to be noted about that.


This is a large area where the agriculture is thriving.



And last but not least, is the Dukedom of Euro.

This is located in the upper left region of the continent. The area west of Birdland, northwest of Heim.

Although it’s the third largest country in the continent, the size of its land is only two thirds of that of the Rockdam Republic, so it’s relatively small.


This is a nation with an excellent cavalry, with no equal across the continent.

However, their population is anything but large, so the size of their military is also small.

Although unofficial, in there is a fierce man who made General Logas from Heim taste defeat in a duel.







“(……I reviewed the things I studied some time ago.)”



There should be no country with such a ship, because as far as military power was concerned, no other country in the continent was more powerful than Heim.



“(I just got inside the ship as told. However, I can’t get that question out of my mind.)”



What really surprised me after entering the ship was the fact it vaguely reminded me of a luxurious hotel from my previous life.

A simple laid out carpet, with the interior decorated with high-class items.

It also smelled quite nice.



“Oh my, what’s wrong, Ain? ”


“Mother…… I just don’t know what’s going on.”


“It’s alright, I’ll be in my room for a moment…… let’s talk about it afterwards, okay? ”


“Okay, I’ll be waiting.”



It seems like I’ll finally be able to get an explanation.

Starting with the ring issue, the word “Princess”…… and from then getting in this ship and heading to the sea.

I already gave up thinking about this matter which is way beyond my knowledge.



“Hey, Chris.”





Chris…… She was the one who said something about a princess, the beautiful female knight who also said she was not an enemy.

Mother was talking to her.



“What explanation should I give to you for the time being? ”


“Everything, but I’d like to hear your real intentions. But even if we don’t inquire about it, back in the home country they’ll dig to the roots of it.”


“I guess you’re right, I wonder if only the events that happened today should be fine? Ain and I are a bit tired. Ain? Would you happen to be hungry? ”



It was quite a rare occurrence for mother to reveal her tired face.

Even earlier, with the whole issue about my father, she never has done such a thing……

It looks like she’s with her mind at peace right now.



“Then…… Some snack and a drink please.”


“That sounds good. Can I ask you to bring the same for me?”


“Yes! You there, go tell the waiter.”


“Right away.”



Chris gave the order to another knight.

Then, that knight, after receiving the order, bowed down with refined movements and left this place.



“You’ll get to eat something delicious, Ain.


“I’m looking forward to it.”







After entering the ship, Ain and the others reached a room who seemed to have been prepared for them.

The door to that room was around five meters tall, and with a beautiful design engraved, making full use of the wood grain.



“I apologize for having you walk all this way.”


“It’s okay. I was the one who suddenly called you here…… right? ”



Chris apologized for the long distance they walked inside the ship.

However, her expression was not that of social courtesy, rather, she had a purely apologetic face.



“Come on, let’s go inside, I want to let Ain sit down.”


“As for me, I’m the one who would like you to take a break soon, mother.”


“Well…… fufu, in that case, let’s sit down together and relax.”


“……After all this time, I’m sure His Majesty will be extremely pleased to have ‘such’ a good grandson.”


“Chris-san? What…… was that just now? ”


“Nothing, please pay no heed to that, here you go.”



He heard some disturbing words, but they were muddled and he was being ushered in, so he didn’t mingle in them.

The space inside had its floor made of a white marble-like material, on which a thick, soft and beautiful green woven carpet was laid.



There were several paintings decorating the walls, and there was this huge chandelier hanging from the high ceiling.

The furniture seemed to be made from the same type of wood the door was made, and all in all, the room exuded a somewhat beautiful and luxurious air.



“Ain, come over here.”



Olivia invited Ain to sit on a large, gorgeous white sofa located near the center of the room.

And Ain sat right next to her.



“Please excuse me. I have brought the drinks first.”



Just as they sat down and their breaths relaxed…… A knock came from the door, and a maid walked in.



“(What’s with this incredibly perfect timing?)”



Ain felt a little surprised since he had never experienced such perfection even during the evening party at the Archduke’s mansion.



“I wonder what did you bring for this occasion? ”


“This here.”



While saying so, the maid poured an orange-yellow-ish liquid.

Ain’s mouth almost watered at the nostalgic smell of apples.



“……Apple juice is it? It’s been a long time. Thanks to this, it seems like I will be able to properly relax. Ain, do you want a glass too? Here you go.”


“Thank you very much! ”



“(Apple, huh? Or at least something that smells like an apple.

……Yeah. It does taste like an apple, but it has a sweeter and richer taste, it makes it feel like a high-quality drink.)”



“How is it? Delicious, right? ”


“Yes. I like it.”


“That’s great. You’ll be able to drink lots of it from now on. ”


“From now……on? Come to think of it, Mother……”



His throat was moistened, and he had relaxed a bit.

Ain then thought, ‘Isn’t it about time to get an explanation, Mother?’ ……





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