Maseki Gurume – 006

A Mothercon No Matter The Place, But The Heroine Suddenly Appeared


“What do you mean by that? ”


“I’m very sorry, madam! But it looks like, for some reason, we couldn’t get in touch with you at all……”



Right now, I was caught in the middle of a confrontation.

However, thanks to that, my angel of a mother has become extremely mad, what should I do?



“Then, do you admit this was an oversight on your part? ”


“Yes, I am ashamed such thing came to pass… For such a blunder to fell upon the prestigious Roundhart Family, worry not, I’ll have the person in charge of contacting you fired immediately…”


“I don’t really care about that. Please handle it as you see fit. Well then…… Can Ain go inside now? After all, this was a blunder on your side.”


“Still, I very ashamed to have to decline, you see, this party was organized by the Archduke, I’m in no position to…”


“Is that so…?”



The issue here was that the head of the nobility in the country, the Archduke… Archduke Augusto stipulated that in the case of a family having several children, only one child was allowed to attend.



The reason was apparently an incident in the last presentation, when one of his grandchildren made his debut. Due to the large number of young children, many from the same family, the atmosphere in the party became restless because several of them were crying.

Therefore, it seems the Archduke decided that only one child per family would attend the presentation parties he hosted.



And such notice appears to have not reached the Roundhart family…



Since my mom was going to present me at this party, it seems like Grint asked Father if he could come along with me this time.

Father was troubled about how to respond, but there, Alma got in the way.



“How about we use this opportunity to also introduce Grint as the next successor! ? Or do you want us to just stay home without even showing our faces… Are you really going to make us go through such humiliation! ? ”



So she yelled.



At that moment I wondered what was she about, but now I’m certain of it.

This was most likely orchestrated… in order to humiliate me and mother.

I mean, there’s no way they would make such mistake towards an Earl House that is led by a famous general.



Was money involved? Or maybe she got hold of the letter before anyone in the mansion could read it… Well, not like I really care about it to be honest.



Now then, how to get out of this dilemma? On a side note, the Archduke’s garden is huge. Is it being lit up by magic or something? It has a really romantic atmosphere.

It’s hard to describe it, but it’s almost like a work of art, filled with a plethora of flowers I’ve never seen before.





“Ain… I’m sorry. Can you wait a bit longer? ”


“It’s not that, Mother. I’m the one who wants you to wait… Excuse me Mr. Guard.”


“Yes… what is it? ”



Did he think I was trying to complain?

He doesn’t have to be so nervous…



“This wonderful garden of the Archduke has piqued my interest. I was wondering if I might be allowed see it instead of joining the party… would that be alright? ”


“…I’m very sorry, Ain-sama. I’ll immediately go ask about this, please wait for a moment.”


“Don’t worry, I have no hurry.”


“A… Ain.”



Mother. Please don’t show me such a sad face.



“There are so many flowers as beautiful as you, Mother, I’m sorry for wanting to see them instead of attending the important party. I’d be happy if you’re not disappointed for having such child.”


“Ain… Sorry, I’m really sorry. ”


“Why are you apologizing so much? I’m the one causing you an inconvenience.”


“Haaa… haaa… Thank you for your patience, Madam Roundhart… Ain-sama! ”


“How was it? ”



Did you really have to hurry so much to run out of breath?

Was it okay to run in a place like this? Filled with nobility?



“The Archduke said he was willing to allow you to watch as much as you’d like so long as you accepted the condition of having a guide he assigned escort you.”


“I’m thankful for that. And who would be the person guiding me? ”



For the time being, I’m a bit relieved to be able to leave this place.

Now, if only there wasn’t some guy to get in the way of mom and I!



“That’d be me.”


“…A pleasure making your acquaintance, my lady. My name is Ain Roundhart…… excuse my rudeness but, could you give me your name? ”


“S-So this is Ain…”



What came out was a gorgeous girl, probably three or four years older than me, her long and beautiful light-blue hair fluttered in the wind. For someone so unbelievable beautiful as her, let alone Rare, she probably got the Ultrarare for her future.


“I’m Krone Augusto. I’m this House’s eldest daughter. I’m the one who’ll show you around.”



Wow, I never expected the Archduke’s own eldest daughter to be our guide…



TLN: The Manga says Granddaughter, I haven’t read the raws and I don’t really…gosh… you gonna make me read the raws right? … alright, one second…


Alright, the manga says 孫娘 (Granddaughter), but the WN says 長女 (Eldest Daughter/First-born Daughter)

And also, her name is the same in both works, クローネ アウグスト, Krone Augusto


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26 thoughts on “Maseki Gurume – 006

      • She said she was the HOUSE’s Eldest Daughter nod the Archduke’s daughter. Could be author meant her to be Archduke’s daughter like how Ain is the son of an Earl. Seems a shame for a girl still in her single digits to be so bound by stupid noble etiquette and politics. Going to refer to events in chapters ahead hence the spoiler and /spoiler tags between the [ and ] assuming it works, if it doesn’t don’t read rest of paragraph
        [spoiler] Then realized later that Archduke needed to be old enough to have a son to take over while he chaperoned Krone’s trip while abdicating his position. After all he mentioned it would be politically messy for both of them if he, as an Archduke, travelled to a kingdom justifiably angry at his home kingdom for not only welshing on a contract, but putting their beloved princess and her son through years of neglect and abuse from her husband and his family without doing anything. [/spoiler]


    • I think she an elder daughter. in the wn did say that the granny gives up his seat to the son which is her dad so it could imply that her dad is currently in the position.


  1. Thank you very much for the meal. I’m definitely looking forward to more of this story soon. 🙂 Keep up the awesome translations.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Looking forward to seeing what happens in the garden. Read the manga but it didn’t really reveal her thoughts on several things that happened in the garden. Hope it explains why the eldest daughter (although considering her age and how old Arch Duke looks in manga seems like granddaughter is better, although what rank and role in family are her parents if grandfather the Arch Duke and head?) is showing them the garden when could’ve had another family member or high ranked servant do it even if Arch Duke’s family trying to show courtesy and responsibility for what was obviously Alma’s duplicity. Wonder why Earl letting her get away so much with making his eldest son look bad even if favoring Glint. After all, MC is his blood related son too. Considering what’s hinted at in summary hope Earl and Alma get in big trouble and publicly punished for their poor treatment of Olivia and MC.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    As for Krone being the house’s eldest daughter would apply if she is referring to her father’s house and not her grandfather’s house as she didn’t mention a title. Although should be the Archduke’s granddaughter not daughter in the sentence ” Wow, I never expected the Archduke’s own eldest daughter to be our guide… ” The grandfather was noted as being the archduke due to making the one child per family rule due to an incident during his grandson’s debut towards the beginning of the page. Although I’m not really familiar with how titles are shared in families so is the father an Archduke too or has a personal lower rank but will become an Archduke when the grandfather retires and passes the title to him?


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