Maseki Gurume – 005

First Outing, Let’s Go To the Capital.


And thus, we’re heading to the capital, it’ll be the first time in my life.


We are taking two carriages to ride to the capital. Father, Alma as well as Grint are riding on the first carriage. While Mother and I are riding on the second.


“Mother, shall I guess what you are thinking about right now?”


“And what am I thinking about?”


“You…. want to do something more for me, don’t you?”


“…You are really one perceptive child”


But of course, I am the one who is most knowledgeable about Mother.

It has already been a few months since I heard about Grint inheriting the house from Grandmother… since then, every night Mother would sleep together with me, which brought warmth into my heart.


Somehow this displeased Father quite a bit.

However, it is natural to be denied nightly activities by Mother if you do not treasure her.


“To be frank, I am quite happy with the way things are, spending time together with Mother makes me happy.”


“Fufu…Thank you Ain, I am happy to hear that.”


“That’s only the truth. By the way Mother, how long is it till we reach the capital?”


“We have been riding for about 3 hours… so I think we are half way there, are you tired by any chance?”


“I am not tired just, seeing as this is the first time I have gone so far away from home, so I was wondering how far it is.”


That’s right, this is the first time I have been this far from home.

The port town governed by Roundharts is a very bustling place where we did all our shopping and it boasts a variety of products which would not lose even if compared to the capital.


There are times where Father, being a general, is very busy traveling all over the place, but seeing as I am only 5 years old, I could never keep up with that.


“Now that I think about it, that is quite true. So how is your first outing going so far?”


“Seeing the roads and travelers that I haven’t seen in the port town, is very exciting.”


“Fufu, you don’t say. Here is a question, what do you think those travelers do for work?”


“Ehh? Aren’t they on a journey?”



Isn’t traveling the main thing they do? Going to different places, living the way they like…. is it no so?


“The correct answer is they are adventurers who are registered with the Guild.”


“Adventurers!? This many!?”



A Guild!? A Guild…. the thing I have been dreaming about (although since my memories were erased so I can’t remember much)

But I am sure that I longed for a Guild to exist!


“Yes, that many!”


Port town that is governed by Roundharts is called Port Town Roundhart and the road that leads to the capital is considered to be the safest road in the country.


The road is completely paved so it is very easy to walk, even merchants walk to the capital.



This road acts as a lifeline for the capital and the port town and brings a lot of income for the country, therefore it is well defended as well as nicely paved.


“Will I also someday be able to travel to different places like them?”


“If it’s Ain, you should be able to challenge anything. So let’s wait until you grow up a little and we can go and get registered.”


“Is it really alright? As expected there really is an age requirement.”


“If I remember correctly the age requirement was 12 years old. So Ain, what do you want to do once you registered? Do you want to fight strong monsters? Or maybe you want to make some sort of discovery and leave your name in the annals of history?”


“I want to find beautiful jewels and bring them to Mother.”


“Ohh, thank you Ain. I am so happy for having such an amazing child.”


No matter how far I go I will still have a mother complex.

Monsters…huh. If it can make me stronger I would love to challenge them, but that’s for the future.

Let’s put this idea on hold.




“Father, are we there yet, I am very tired.”


“We are almost there, Grint.”


“You said the same thing awhile ago”




In the first carriage Grint, Ain’s little brother, was complaining.


“Be a good boy and hold on for a bit longer ok? The one in the back is not saying anything so the talented you should be embarrassed for complaining no?”


“Tch!? I will never lose to Ain-niisama. Father, I am sorry for showing such a disgraceful side of me.”


“It is fine. It is your first outing, so getting tired is normal.”


“By the way Grint, didn’t you receive a letter before our departure? Is it from the church?”


“Yes! Actually, I have received my Status Card!”


“Amazing! Would you mind showing to mother and father?”


Grint received his Status Card a whole year earlier than Ain and it’s all thanks to his grandmother Isis.

His father Logas, was told to apply for it earlier, and since he didn’t have a reason to deny he applied for it to the church.


And it was delivered today before their departure.


Grint was really worried that his status would be worse than his brother’s, while his parents were not worried at all and thought it would be impossible for him to lose.

And it’s all because he has a Holy Knight as his talent.


“Status Card….show me my strength!”


Grint Roundhart


[Job]  none, second son of the Roundhart Family


[Level]  3



[HP]  120


[MP]  94


[Attack]  35


[Defence]  41


[Agility]  33


[Skill]  Holy Knight, Defense Growth Rate UP



“T…this is….”


“Oh my…oh my….you are amazing Grint!”


“So how strong am I mother?”


“Grint! Well done!”




It is natural why his parents are so happy.

His status, even compared to 12 year olds who are eligible to register in the guild is still higher.

Especially his stamina is off the charts.


“I am really glad that I chose you to be the next head of the family. And this is the proof that I was right all along.”


“Thank you Father!”


“By the way Logas-sama, Holy Knight is a skill but can it also become a job?”


“Only if you can master Holy Knight skill to a certain degree.”


“That’s a relief.”

“Father! I have heard that the Goddess listens to our thoughts and changes our jobs!”


“You have studied a lot haven’t you Grint. It is absolutely true. It is possible to evolve your job. For a Holy Knight, next level would be a Heavenly Knight. In our country there were only 3 people who got that legendary job.”


What Grint heard made him delighted.


“So it is fine if I aim to become a Heavenly Knight right?”


“Absolutely. And I believe that you can achieved this goal.”



Heavenly Knight…. gifted in magic, its defense is like an unmovable castle, its strength is comparable to a thousand soldiers, even among knights it stands proudly at the top, its status is so high that nothing can be compared to it.


Even Logas cannot stop praising him.

Convinced that Ain no longer poses any danger to her son’s position, Alma was softly smiling to Grint.


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21 thoughts on “Maseki Gurume – 005

  1. Its like they’re trying to raise him to be an a**hole.

    That aside, I wonder if the MC will hide his status in the future. It shouldn’t take him very long to catch up to and surpass his brother if he really wants to, but I don’t think he wants to become the heir.


  2. The father is really stupide…
    He try to do his best but the final result will…
    Poor guy, but meh… If Ain can upgrade from noble to royalty…


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