Maseki Gurume – 001

Such an idiotic way to die.


Everywhere was glowing white.

A place where you couldn’t see what was ahead.


“Do you want the gacha of the place you knew? Or do you want to turn a gacha for a place you don’t know?”



God said, just the same thing she said before.



“I’d like to ask you about that first, did you also give me a gacha before? ”


“That wasn’t me, it was another God the one who turned it.”


“What was the result then? ”


“Common, in other words, normal.”



Was I destined to be a commoner in my previous life?

Well, it’s reasonable, after all I went to a normal university, I got accepted into a company around my own level, and there I worked.



Eh? But I think I was happy enough.



“That’s the kind of thing Common is.”


Please don’t go reading another people’s mind.


“If it was Rare, in that world where you lived before, you might have been the president of a large multinational company, making a ton of money, or maybe a successful and long-lived athlete.”


“So rare is that good, huh?”


“If it were Ultra Rare…… It’s possible you would’ve been born as the child of a pretty big oil tycoon.”




“In your case, since your cause of death was a bit pitiful, I’ll guarantee at least a rare gacha as a service.”


“My cause of death? ”



Honestly, I don’t remember.

Why is that? Well, because my memories were erased after I was transported to this place.

As one would expect, I remember general knowledge such as common sense, but my so-called episodic memories were erased.



Eh? But then, why did I remember I went to a normal university?



“You might remember little details while you’re here, but don’t fret too much about that, they are more like remnants.”


“I see, so it’s to save time.”


“Little by little, those memories will certainly disappear.”



I see, certainly, I can’t even recall what my name was, or what kind of house I lived in, or even what kind of wife I had.

My cause of death…… I wonder what it was.

If it was enough for me to get a guaranteed Rare gacha, I guess it was pretty nasty.



“Incidentally, you did not have a wife, and your years without sex were the same as your age.”


“Ahh, this little prick! ! ”


“As for the cause of your death…… hmm……”


“As expected, is it something difficult to explain?”



God had trouble speaking.

Well, that’s to be expected, she was going to give a Rare to a human who lived a normal life. I wonder if it was something like torture, or a thing you wouldn’t think of in modern times.



“Do you still remember that you hated insects? ”


“Ah, now that you say it, that’s certainly true.”


“There was a cockroach in your house.”


“Haa? Ehh, what does that have to do with it?”



A cockroach? Isn’t that just a bug?

Just how in the world does that lead to my death?



“While you were making dinner in your house, you panicked when a cockroach suddenly flew in.”




“Then you fell on your back.”





What’s with that stupid development? Was that what got me? Was that my cause of death?



“Does that mean my cause of death was me hitting my head……? ”


“No, that was the kitchen knife you were using while cooking…… the moment you fell down, you threw it upwards.

Then, it landed in the throat of the fallen you, and killed you pretty fast.”


“Isn’t that even stupider! ? ”


“You were quite into cooking. The knife you were using was also a splendid professional knife, and a heavy one at that……

But I guess that was better than to keep on suffering before dying.”



Did I really have such an embarrassing cause of death……?

Well, still, if I could redo my life all over again, I might be up for that.

Could it be that I might’ve been tired of living the same repetitive daily routine?



“Umu, that’s certainly true. But that wasn’t your cause of death…… hahaha! ”



God opened her mouth wide while laughing. Ahh, whatever, go ahead and laugh at my stupid way to die……

I’ve got high hopes for my next life, this time I’ll live my life for real!



“Incidentally, you can’t be reborn in the same world.”


“……Eh? ”


“The exchange has already been made, and your soul has disappeared from there. It has returned to being just energy to maintain the world.”


“Then what are you implying? I can’t no longer come back to life?”


“No, I’ll bring you back to life. But I’ll do so in another world.”


“Another world? No, wait, what was that exchange in the first place?”


“A lot of energy is used to maintain the world, but don’t worry, there is plenty of energy here so you can come back to life. That’s all I can say.”



What’s the exchange? I’m not really convinced with that sort of explanation.

But I can come back to life, right? Just simply disappearing without a trace is something that makes me feel sick just by thinking about it. Ahh, then, in my next life, can you make me handsome?



“Since you’ll get at least a Rare one, your appearance should be good.”


“Looks like I’ll be on the winning team.”


“Well, the fundamental qualities are just higher than normal. But if you’re lucky, you might be born into royalty, or become a noble.”


“So, it boils down to that, huh?”


“That’s all included in the gacha.”



I see, it’s indeed easy to understand.

But knowing what kind of talent I’ll have since birth will surely make things easier.

And even if I do my best in moderation, I’ll be sure to get a good result. Seriously, the path to success.



“We’ve talked too much, there’s not much time left.”


“So, it’s about time.”


“Umu. Your new fate will now start.”


“So? Where is the gacha? ”


“I explained it as so just for the sake of convenience, it’s not like there’s a real gacha machine…… With that said, since this was a special service, I made one for this occasion.”




What God pulled out of her clothes and dropped it down was the usual gacha machine you would often find in the arcades.

But I wonder how this God could pull out such a huge machine from her small body.

Ohh, by the way, this God had the figure of a little girl. Hooray.



“Here, these are the tokens to play it.”


“Eh, two? ”


“Don’t you want the Rare gacha? If so, then you have to play the 200-yen game.”


“I see, so God likes this kind of performance.”



Alright, the 200-yen gacha it is!

Putting the two tokens and turning the crank really gave me a luxury feeling. Let’s see what I get.



“OOOOHHHHH! ! A golden capsule! ! ”



This one is definitely not Rare.

Maybe its Ultra Rare or even a Secret one! !

With this, I’ll have a promising next life.  Seriously, I’m very grateful.



“Well, every capsule is a golden capsule.”


“Way to spoil my mood! ”


“Well, calm down, why don’t you try opening it? ”


“Ahh, you’re right……”



Along with a pop, I opened the golden capsule.

Inside was some weird paper, like those of the fortune cookies.

Unfolding it will now reveal the results for my future.



“It’s Super Rare! ”


“How lucky……”


“But God, there must be Ultra Rare too, right? …… If so, then Super Rare isn’t that big of a deal.”


“Even among the Rare gacha, the Super Rare is so unbalanced, so there should only be three of them in there.”


“……But, if it’s a gacha machine of this size.”



That’s right, if there’s three of them in this normal-sized machine, then the probability to get them isn’t that bad.

Moreover, if you take into consideration the Ultra Rares and the Secret and so on, getting something above Rare isn’t so hard.



“Even if it looks like this, it is a fake one. Inside it you can fit three football fields.”


“Isn’t that somewhat unfair!? ”


“That’s why I was surprised. Well, pay no mind to it…… So? What’s written in it?”



That’s right, I somehow managed to draw a Super Rare, I need to look at its contents!

What will it be? What will it be? ……I wonder if I’ll be destined to be the richest person in the world? If so, then the harem…… Ehh.





“What is it? Hurry up and say it.”


“What the heck is thiiiiiiisssssss! ”



A very unexpected word was written in it.

Toxin Decomposition EX…… What’s this?



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13 thoughts on “Maseki Gurume – 001

  1. OMG, that way to die though. I can say though taht even without finishing the rest of the story synops the moment I read his ability I KNEW it was a badass skill. Not the specifics of what he could do with it though.


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