Maseki Gurume LN – V1 – C04 Part 1

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Blooming talents and new goals.

The information that Olivia separated and returned home greatly puzzled the people in Ishtalika.

But even more puzzling was the fact that her child──, that Ain was appointed as crown prince.

Prime Minister Warren and Grand Marshal Lloyd. And adding to that the Vice-Captain of the Royal Guards, Chris, who showed support for Ain caused the nobles to not show great dissatisfaction.

──And so, the expectations placed on the Prince called Ain increased.

Not only was he popular because he was Olivia’s child, but he also had a good reputation among the servants and knights who worked at the castle.

The official announcement was still ways off, but the people in the capital were excited by the rumors that managed to reach their ears, and they were looking forward to the day they would meet their new prince.

About two weeks passed since Ain arrived at Ishtalika.

The change of seasons was approaching with autumn on sight. It was night, at the room Ain was given.

“……This sure is a great country.”

Going out to the terrace outside the room, you could see the cityscape glittering like a box of jewels.

The difference in civilization was clear even just by looking at the water train, which did not exist in Heim.

Ain’s room was located high in the castle, and right now he was carefully standing close to the railing.

“……Yeah, a great country indeed.”

Spending some time alone after all that had happened gave him plenty of time to think about many things.

And, the most important one was-

“Well then. Looking back, everything I did was in order to prove my worth to Chichiue and Camila-okaa-sama.”

What should I do now? He laughed as if to mock himself.

Ain’s efforts were all made to show his worth and to keep Olivia from receiving that unfair treatment.

However, he no longer was a person from Heim, but a Prince here in Ishtalika.

He still hasn’t gotten settled on his feelings of what should he do as a prince, so the emotions he recalled of those days were hard to sort out.

“I don’t like to have these half-hearted feelings since I’m a prince……yeah……”

It might be imprudent to think like this but, he might’ve not been as troubled by this if this was some rural country.

However, the country called Ishtalika was just too powerful, so the pressure was big.

“Well……It should be obvious for me to keep working hard.”

However, this was not the problem, the real issue was putting his feelings in order.

Those feelings of despite being the eldest son, being treated as a failure in the Roundhart family still haunted him.

“It’s frustration……I think.”

In the end, he couldn’t change Logas’s opinion and simply crossed the sea with Olivia.

This was most likely the thing that made him anxious.

“I didn’t pay much attention to it when I chose to cross the sea, but……It seems I unexpectedly don’t like losing.”

He was now in another country, and his position had risen to above the clouds.

This is why he could just say “Isn’t it fine now?”, but he just couldn’t get himself to think like that.

“──It’s not me the one who’s great, it’s Okaa-sama……Isn’t that true?”

To put it another way, Olivia had proved her worth, having completed a nationwide deal all by herself.

Ain had come to Ishtalika together with her, but as things stood, he felt empty inside.

He had a still that was not suitable for combat, and it hurt his heart that he was only being spoiled.

“For sorting out this problem, I want to change the opinion of those in Heim and prove my value like Okaa-sama. Also, since I’m now Ishtalika’s Prince, I have to show my worth here……”

With his problems piling up, Ain held his head on his hands in dismay.

He wondered if he could solve his worries, but no matter how much he thought about it, an answer eluded him.

While he still hadn’t acquired the mentality of a Prince, his own mind continued to be in disarray.

With a restless heart, Ain kept looking at the wide and beautiful castle town.

◇ ◇ ◇

His distress from that night continued to the afternoon of the next day.

Ain was visiting the castle’s basement── the laboratory of Katima, the First Princess.

Or rather, it would be more accurate to say he was forcibly brought in, and for some reason, his status card was also confiscated.

“……Why did you kidnap me? ”

Even though the other party was the First Princess, Ain’s speech was quite casual.

Still, this manner of speech felt just right for the two of them.

“In order to find out what Olivia asked me to, nya. Do you understand, nya? ”

Looking at the right, one could see a bookshelf on the wall, and at the left, various shelves with specimens and materials spread out.

Bones and magic stones were carefully arranged on those shelves.

The large desk that Katima appeared to use often was cluttered with many books and test tubes.

“Yeah, I get it. I’m sure you’re often told you’re great at explaining things, Katima-san.”

Despite answering ironically to the cat in front of him──Katima was in a great mood.

Ain sat down on the sofa in the middle of the room and turned his eyes towards her, sitting in front of him.

“Let’s get started, nya. Here, suck everything from inside this box, nya.”

Saying so, she brought out a small wooden box to Ain.

That box was packed with randomly placed small magic stones.

“……What are these? Magic stones? ”

“Indeed, nya. It’s packed with cheap, 500G each, magic stones, nya.”

But, suddenly being told to absorb those stones, Ain couldn’t help looking at her with a suspicious gaze.

“I’m ready for any emergency, so don’t worry, nya. Olivia is waiting, so hurry up, nya.”

What’s that about an emergency? He wanted to ask, but he also didn’t want to keep Olivia waiting.

“──Ah, then I have to suck them up quickly. It’s not like I hate sucking magic stones.”

Olivia was waiting, so there was no helping it. Without any worry, he reached into the wooden box.

Since he already said he didn’t hate sucking the magic stones, he focused his mind so that he wouldn’t be distracted.

(Is this a Ripplemodoki magic stone?)

Just like the other day, he felt a rich sweet and sour flavor.

The more he absorbed, the stronger the flavor became, so he enjoyed them as if it were a dessert.

“W-What an easy to deal with fellow, nya……”

“No, it’s just that I don’t want to keep Okaa-sama waiting──Okay, I’m done.”

The magic stones had become translucent, like glass crystals.

Peeking inside the box Katima confirmed it, then she turned to check Ain’s status card.

“Hmmm, I see……Okay then, next is this box, nya.”

While she nodded in satisfaction, she didn’t really explain what she had examined and just took out another box.

“This one has magic stones of 90,000G each, nya. Don’t leave any, nya.”

“……They’re expensive. But well, I’m curious about what a high-quality magic stone would taste like.”

With a sudden increase on the rank of the magic stones, Katima shook her paw, urging Ain to continue.

“There is a harmless tree monster called Huorn, nya. There’s also a fake Huorn, who deceives people and eats them, called Black Huorn, nya. These are their magic stones, nya.”

“I see……Is that why it’s black? ──Then, let’s get right to it.”

It was easy to imagine with that example.

Ain reached for the box──for the dark brown magic stones.


But soon after, Ain leaked that sound while pressing his throat.

“A-Are you alright, nya!? ”

“N……No, it’s not like it failed. However, the taste of walnuts is strong……and I don’t like them.”

“……I don’t care about that, nya. Haa, give me back my worries, nya.”

Katima truly wondered if Ain’s absorption didn’t work.

But she only heard he didn’t like them, all while making an expression as if to throw up.

Meanwhile, the magic stones in the wooden box gradually became crystal clear.

“How can you say you don’t like walnuts even though you’re a half dryad, nya……Seriously.”

“No, no, I don’t think that even dryads can eat nothing but nuts.”

While having this light exchange, Katima was confirming Ain’s status.

Afterward, she nodded to herself more satisfied than before.

“For now, the verification should be over, nya.”

“──Verification? ”

“Indeed, nya. How strong can you get by absorbing magic stones, and if you could get skills? ……Also, I was just looking into whether or not absorbing magic stones would have a negative effect, nya.”

For that reason, he was made to suck magic stones several times.

Listening to it, he was somewhat convinced of what she said about her being “ready for any emergency”.

“In conclusion, your absorb doesn’t make you capable of unconditionally absorbing their power and skills, Ain, nya.”

“……What do you mean? ”

“You need a certain quality, nya. Also, you can’t get any power from magic stones that you’ve sucked many times, nya.”

“Does that mean I can’t get any stronger no matter how many more Ripplemodoki magic stones I suck? ”

To that, Katima nodded in reply.

No story would be this good to be true, so Ain felt a bit disappointed.

“First, the Ripplemodoki magic stones had no effect at all, nya. But, the next ones, the Black Huorn’s──”

With the status card on her paws, she handed it to Ain.

Looking at it, Ain noticed that his Stamina had increased by about 100, and he also had acquired an unfamiliar skill.

“What’s this ‘Dense Fog’ skill?”

“It’s a skill that Black Huorns use to confuse living creatures and get them lost in the forest, nya. It’s just like mist, nya.”

As the name suggested, it only generated a thick fog.

“Heee……Then, it’s fine if I use it, right? ”

While saying so, Ain focused his mind on this Dense Fog skill.

Then, a white fog began to gradually appear all around, with Ain at the center.

“──Eh, is it really just fog!? ”

Mere fog, with nothing special to it, surrounded Ain.

“Isn’t that what I just said, nya!? Seriously……normally one would wait for a reply before using it, don’t you think……? ”

“W-Well……It’s a skill that I’ve just acquired, so it would be a waste if I couldn’t use it.”

Although he had a point, Katima would’ve preferred for him to wait a bit longer.

However, she simply nodded in satisfaction after seeing the skill properly working.

“Haaah……Well, it’s fine, nya. There seem to be no adverse effects on the body, nya. Is that right, nya? ”

“Un. I don’t feel anything wrong. I’m relieved that I can keep sucking magic stones with no issue.”

Since that was the best case, Katima nodded at him with her arms crossed.

“It’s great that there’s no side effect to sucking magic stones, nya. If anything happens, tell me right away, nya.”

She dexterously handled her pen as she wrote about today’s results in her thick notepad.

──Immediately after, and perhaps anticipating the completion of the experiment, the door to the laboratory was knocked on.

“I think it’s Olivia, nya. Ain, it’s alright to go back nyaw.”

“Hm, got it. I’ll be going since Okaa-sama is waiting──Thanks for today.”

“Ahh, wait, nya! Give this note to Olivia, nya.”

After finishing moving her pen on her notepad, she cut a piece of paper from it and handed it to Ain.

Ain simply folded it without peeking at its contents and headed for the entrance to the laboratory.

Placing his hand on the thick door, he opened it and left the place alongside the sound of the squeaky door.

“──Welcome back, Ain.”

Outside the underground laboratory was a dim hallway of about eight tatamis──一and in front of the stairs that led back to the first floor, she was standing there with a big smile on her face.

“Uhmm, I’m back? ”

This was the first time today that he had seen Olivia.

The reason being, after barely waking up, he had already been kidnapped by Katima.

“Ahh──Here, Katima-san told me to give you this.”

“Fufu, thank you very much.”

He had forgotten to read what was written, but Olivia was quite interested, looking at it with a serious look.

Eventually, she folded it satisfied and stored it in her pocket.

“I’m very happy with these results. Come, let’s get going.”

“H-Hmm……Okaa-sama? About that, where are we going? ”

“To a veeeery special place.”

As for Ain, any place with Olivia was a very special place.

Being pulled by her soft hand, Ain went up the stair the led to the first floor.

The walls and ceiling resembled those of a cave, ‘Does Katima-san have a hobby for these?’, he wondered.

(I don’t really hate it since it looks like some sort of secret base.)

With each step that he came closer to the ground floor, the brightness increased.

And, after finally returning to the first floor of the castle, Ain continued to walk, being led by the hand.

“──So you’re back, Olivia.”

As soon as they reached the wide main corridor of the castle, Silvird was standing there over a thick carpet that laid on the floor.

Cool air could be felt coming from outside the windows and with it, the chirping melody of small birds.

Wondering what was wrong, Ain looked at him since his expression was more stern than usual.

“Yeah, I’m back. Then, as promised……Let’s go to the treasure vault.”

“……Umu, I know. After all, I said the other day that I’d listen to one of your wishes.”

This was, in a way, a form to repay Olivia for all the trouble she had been put through.

(Ahh, come to think of it, Ojii-sama said something like that before……But, why now?)

Also, how was this related to the treasure vault?

Seeing Silvird walking in the lead, Olivia pulled Ain’s hand and followed after him.

“Thank you. Nothing could make me happier.”

“I can easily understand why you’re so happy.”

Letting out a big sigh, Ain turned his gaze at Ain.

“Of course. There can’t be anything more pleasing than seeing Ain grow splendidly.”

Ain wondered what where these two talking about. All he understood was that Olivia really loved him.

“Excuse me, do I also need to go to the treasure vault‥…? ”

“……Olivia, you see, she wants to give you something as a gift, using what a said the other day about an apology and reward.”

“W-What? You’re going to give me a gift, Okaa-sama? ”

What’s this all the sudden?

He looked at Olivia while wondering, and she just smiled happily.

“I heard about it this morning. That some tens of minutes ago Katima was testing your power, Ain.”

From what Silvird said, Ain inferred the gift was a magic stone.

The reason for such preparations was that Olivia was afraid that sucking a powerful magic stone might have an adverse effect on his body.

(I wonder what kind of magic stone is it……and for it to be stored in Ishtalika’s castle treasure vault……)

Noticing Ain’s gleaming eyes, Silvird opened his mouth to speak.

“……The thing she wants to give you, Ain, is── a magic stone for you to absorb, Ishtalika’s national treasure.”

There was some tension mixed in his voice, with power befitting the current atmosphere.

“──The Dullahan’s magic stone.”

“Du-Dullahan……is it? ”

He had certainly heard that name before. However, that was in a story from his previous life.

“There are records of a monster with great power. It was said that with a swing of its sword it could tear the heavens and split the oceans.”

According to the story, it was a monster unmatched in the use of the sword and had very high Attack and Defense.

A monster that wore full black armor over its entire body and a huge dragon-shaped sword in one hand──This is what Silvird explained.

“Our royal family has inherited for generations, and there’s only one of its kind……”

Maybe because it was considered such a great treasure, some hesitation could be seen on his face.

“Otou-sama. You should know when to give up. You said you were going to apologize for that matter and give me a reward, didn’t you? ”

Just the fact that she had secured such deal on a national level alone, was something to be rewarded from.

And with the issue of the apology added to that, Silvird simply couldn’t back down.

“We also spoke in my room. You already accepted, so don’t come saying you’ve changed your mind all the sudden.”

“Haaah……I know. That magic stone will become Ain’s new power.”

While wondering what kind of exchange happened in Olivia’s room, Ain was certain Silvird had been at the mercy of Olivia’s cleverness.

In the end, Silvird’s expression changed into one of resignation.

Wanting to change the strained atmosphere, Ain opened his mouth to speak.

“Ah, b……by the way! The castle sure is great, right……!? ”

Looking around, one could wide corridors with high ceilings.

Not only was this place spacious, but the delicate chandeliers and luxurious carpets added to its glamour, making it quite eye-catching.

Immediately, noticing Ain’s good-natured efforts, Silvird’s expression gently loosened.

“Isn’t that right? The name of this castle is White Knight── The reason being, His Majesty, the Founding King preferred white silver.”

Hearing Ain’s words, Silvird floated a soft smile and patted Ain on his head.

“Eventually you will learn more about the Founding King, but just for today, let me tell you a little story about the First King.”

Unified Nation of Ishtalika.

It is said that the man who served as the first king founded Ishtalika after a large subjugation war.

“Five hundred years ago, an entity called the Demon King appeared here in the continent of Isthar.”

“De-Demon King……!? ”

He never expected a word like Demon King to suddenly come out here.

He felt relieved to be living in the present age, but still, he felt overwhelming power from those two words.

“Umu, the Demon King. According to the records, it caused many races great losses.”

However, the First King himself took the lead and subdued the Demon King.

He didn’t hesitate to place his life on the line, and fought with courage and pride, eventually defeating the Demon King.

“The Demon King was strong. It is said that it killed many skilled people.”

The sky was turned jet-black, and the seas always raged.

His strength could break the earth, and his breath turned air into a deadly wind. However──

“The First King won. Stepping inside the Demon King castle, he pierced its body with a sword.”

The words of the First King took priority over anyone else’s.

It was now that Ain heard the roots of this aspect of Ishtalika’s culture for the first time.

“……Just like a hero, huh?

“Yeah──Ohh! That reminds me, wasn’t the Dullahan an aide of the Demon King? ”

“──I-Is it alright for me to get the magic stone of such monster……?”

He couldn’t imagine a monster that could be an aide of the Demon King.

“……Speaking of which, it is said that one of the aides is still alive, but that doesn’t matter right now.”

Right next to Silvird, who spoke some ominous words, the brain of Ain was occupied with another matter altogether.

First of all, admiration for the First King, who was said to be strong enough to defeat the Demon King.

And also, a pain in his chest as a result of feelings of nostalgia and a sense of familiarity.

(Why do I feel like this? Even though it’s an old story that I’ve never heard before……)

Was this some sense of responsibility after being appointed as Crown Prince? He thought it was because of those responsibilities as prince──That perhaps the pain in his heart was because of his anguish of last night.

Eventually, without finding an answer, Ain opened his mouth with a spiritless expression.

“Well, I haven’t sorted that out yet, but……I do admire the First King.”

“That’s good, admiring him. I pray that you, Ain, also take over protecting the white silver just like the First King.”

“White silver? ”

Ain tilted his head at this clearly local word.

“The First King loved white silver. It’s beautiful and noble, and it is now the prided symbol of our royal family.”

It was both the symbol of the country and the Royal Family.

The color loved by the man who defeated the Demon King and unified the continent.

He could now see how it had been proudly passed down.

And thus, a small flame of ambition lit inside Ain.

“──I’ll do my best.”

He remembered the promise he made with Krone.

It was quite vague, saying to better themselves, but still, it became Ain’s driving force.

Right now, he felt a bit of regret, like despite getting some inspiration, he still was missing one piece of the puzzle. After that, Ain continued to have a trifling conversation with the other two.

Compared to his life in the Roundhart mansion, he realized that his life had now changed a lot.

“Umu, we can see it now. ……That’s the treasure room.”

As they walked down the corridor, the end of it was now in sight,

Ain gulped as he stared at the huge door in front of him.

(No matter how you look at it, that’s an incredible door……)

At the end of the large corridor, only this lone door stood.

The stone door had several keyhole-like engravements, scattered at random.

Just by being there, this large and tall door gave off a sense of intimidation.

“Inside there is something that will become my new power, right? ”

Being aware of his emotions gradually rising, he asked Silvird who was walking next to him.

Silvird nodded with a calm face and continued to speak while looking at the door of the treasure vault.

“This is the crystallization of the power of a real monster. ……And it’s been sleeping inside this treasure vault.”

Ain swallowed again as he listened to that voice.

He fell under the illusion that his throat was dry, even though it was just a magic stone what he would be absorbing.

“……Ain, should we not do it today? ”

Silvird asked anxiously, looking at his grandson’s tense appearance.

“Ahh, no. I’m really interested in absorbing it. I’m even looking forward to it. ”

Ain then replied in a cheerful tone, shocking Silvird.

“Ahh, is that so? You sure are Olivia’s son. It’s obvious that you’ll want to absorb it──Well then.”

Before long, the three of them stood in front of the door of the treasure vault.

At that point, Silvird took a step further.

“Why don’t we open the treasure vault’s door?”

He held his large hand over the center of the door.

“The door, is……!? ”

With a focus around his hand, the engraved keyholes reacted.

Even though they were arranged irregularly, they began to move little by little, until a straight vertical line was formed.

“This whole door is a magic tool. The Royal Family is the key, and the only way to unlock it.”

A space between the two doors was created. The magic tool had created a vertical line.

The sound of stone grinding against stone resounded, and the door opened on both sides.

“This is the place where the wealth in the castle gathers. You should remember this well, Ain.”

Ain couldn’t help to float a silly expression while being called out.

With a lively voice, Olivia opened her mouth and moved in between them.

“Father, where is the Dullahan’s magic stone? ”

“Calm down. ……It’s over there.”

Silvird, with a tired expression, pointed a finger over in response to her joyful voice.

Then, taking Ain’s hand, Olivia moved forward quietly.

The treasure vault was quite large, and could even be described as a mountain of treasure.

(Whooaa…… It’s filled with incredible things.)

In contrast to the delighted Olivia, Ain’s mind was captured by these surprises.

Nevertheless, it was hard to find out a proper word to describe the greatness of the place.

There were beautiful swords, and chests filled with gold and silver, and also several chests containing magic stones.

But particularly eye-catching was, after all, the place where Ain was walking towards.

“──Is that……!? ”

“Fufu, that’s right. That will be your new power, Ain……The Dullahan’s magic stone.”

In front of them was a stone pedestal that stood out considerably.

The pedestal was made of white stone and was studded with gold and precious jewels, giving off an air of luxury.

And on top of it, the special entity called the Dullahan’s magic stone was enshrined.

“It’s black, but also so blue……? ”

The appearance of the magic stone was reflected in his eyes.

Like a black diamond with a blue haze raging inside.

──Before long, Ain finally arrived in front of the Dullahan’s magic stone.

As Ain gazed at the magic stone in front of him, Silvird cautioned Olivia by his side.

“……Olivia, don’t touch it.”

“Yeah. Or rather, don’t you try doing it either, Father.”

Those words of caution were because Ain was the only one who wasn’t particularly affected by the magic power that resided inside the magic stones.

Therefore, the two of them shouldn’t touch such magic stone.

“Come to think of it, is it really okay for me to get this national treasure without any procedures? ”

“Umu……your worries would’ve been usually well placed, however……There’s one thing that can prevent it.”

After a brief pause, Silvird then continued.

“In the end, the Dullahan’s magic stone is not owned by Ishtalika, but it belongs to the Royal Family.”

“Ahh……No wonder then, that makes this easier.”

“Correct. This is a reward for Olivia, and my atonement. ……This is for those two things.”

The head of the Royal Family had approved of this. That’s why it wasn’t a difficult matter.

“……Well then, help yourself.”

Ain reached out. Since it was a little high from the ground, he had to stretch his hands.

Then, with both hands opened, he picked up the magic stone as if he were grabbing something delicate.

“──The Dullahan’s magic stone will surely help you, Ain. Maybe that’s the reason for its existence…… I’ve been thinking that for a while now.”

Ain nodded in response to Olivia’s loving smile.

He then cleared his mind while focusing his consciousness into the palm of his hands.

“Well, let’s start──Hmm, Huh……?)

Ain could absorb the power of a magic stone by his own will──Or at least he should.

“──!?  O-Ojii-sama? Did you say something right now……? ”

A voice reached Ain’s mind, that said; 『So, you’re back?』.

It was a man’s voice. That why he thought it belonged to Silvird.

“Huh? I’ve been silent so far.”

Silvird said, answering the weird question.

Still, even if he looked around, there was naturally no other man present.

……Did I mishear? Ain wondered while looking left and right.

“I’m sorry, I must’ve misheard.”

With that response, he decided the voice from a little while ago must’ve not been real.

Then, regaining his focus, he turned his attention back to the Dullahan’s magic stone.

“Well then, let’s get started.”

Swallowing his fresh saliva, he entrusted everything to the senses on his palm.

Eventually, his whole body’s senses were sharpened, and the magic stone became warm, almost as if it had its own heat.

……And just as Ain began to suck the power from the magic stone, a new disturbance appeared.

(Wai…… what!?  This……What’s happening──?)

The magic stone, the Dullahan’s magic stone acted as if it had a will of its own.

Contrary to Ain’s intention, it appeared as if the magic stone itself was the one making the power flow── or so it seemed to Ain.

──Then, at that moment.

“Ngg──T-This is……!?  Olivia! Get behind me──”

With the magic stone in Ain’s hand as the center, a force spread like an explosion.

Raising his arm in caution to protect Olivia, Silvird goes back down one step.

“F-Father……!? ”

While being protected, she looked at Ain with worry.

However, Ain, on the other hand, only felt it as a slight wind pressure that made his hair flutter.

Light leaked out of the magic stone in the shape of lightning, creating a vortex as it overlapped with the strong wind pressure, Ain’s whole body then wrapped up in the black and blue fog.

(Wait, wait, wait──Is this alright!? )

Against his own will, the Dullahan’s magic stone continued to yield its power onto Ain.

That fog was gradually absorbed into his body and at the same time, an omnipotent feeling began to dwell in his body.

“AIN! If you feel something is wrong, let go of it! ”

For the first time, Silvird’s heartfelt worried yell came to Ain.

The leaking light became a bolt of purple lightning, surrounding the black and blue fog.

“U-understood! But……! ”

Even though he wanted to let it go, his hands were seemingly glued to the stone.

However, as if noticing Ain’s anxiety, the magic stone gave out a mysterious warmth.

(I wonder what is……this……?)

It was as if he was being told not to worry, and thus, he gradually regained his calmness.

His hand was gripping tightly the magic stone due to the tension, but he slowly loosened his grip.

(──It’s alright……Right‥…?)

Then, the strong light and wind pressure soon settled.

The fog surrounding Ain quickly disappeared, and the only thing left was a purple lightning running across his body.

But even that only flashed for a few seconds before it went quiet absorbed into his body.

“Is……Is it over……? ”

“……Yeah. Looks like it’s now over, Father.”

After all that clash, the three people were greeted by a sudden calmness.

Returning the magic stone to the pedestal, Ain turned around and faced the two who were approaching.

“I’m sorry. Looks like I’ve worried you……”

After he said that, Ain opened and clenched both his hands, then showed an expression filled with a sense of accomplishment.

“Looks like I succeeded. All across my body, there’s this sense of fulfillment, like I’ve never felt before.”

It was a feeling like being reborn, like if his five senses had been renewed.

And even though they had worried about his condition, Ain’s body felt quite light.

Calming his anxiety down, Silvird laughed loudly causing his wrinkles to become more apparent.

“HAHAHAHA! Indeed! After all, you’ve absorbed the power of a legendary monster! ”

“Fufu…… Just like your grandfather says. Oh, Ain, you’ve surely become wonderful.”

With her hands still covering her mouth, Olivia and then hugged Ain tightly against her chest.

(I never thought I would really get the power of a national treasure magic stone……)

With his back being gently patted, he remembered the time when he was discarded by the Roundharts.

Just as he recalled his encounter with God and the life in his former mansion, Silvird began to speak cheerfully.

“The Dullahan’s armor is a product created by a skill using magic. Maybe Ain will be able to use those powers too.”

“──C-Come one, let’s look at your status card right away! ”

Quietly stepping away from Olivia’s chest, he took out his status card from his bosom.

(Huh……the smell of coffee……?)

Suddenly, Ain’s entire body was enveloped in a strong coffee scent.

Was this the taste of the Dullahan’s magic stone? Coming like an aftertaste like this, it gently healed Ain’s mind.

“Hey, Ain? Did something change……or nothing did? ”

Although her words were calm, Olivia couldn’t truly hide her excitement.

She urged Ain, looking at him with shining eyes.

“──Whoaa……It turned amazing……”

With the rapid beating coming from his chest as background noise, he looked at the numbers displayed in the status card.

Ain’s eyes opened wide after looking at the drastic changes in the contents.

Ain Von Ishtalika

【Job】 Crown Prince

【Stamina】 1355(1120UP)

【Magic】 2541(2100UP)

【Attack】 218(144UP)

【Defense】 540(500UP)

【Agility】 95

【Skills】 Dark Knight/Dense Fog/Toxin DecompositionEX/Absorb/Gift of Training

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10 thoughts on “Maseki Gurume LN – V1 – C04 Part 1

  1. Oh Kari, your health is the most important thing. Since this is your only income, it’s a difficult thing to have to push through and keep working even while recovering. Hopefully they find the cause, and you continue to get better!!!

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  2. Umm I just think this on the current chapter that I reading. Ain is likely the first king/founding king of Ishtalika, and after he died he reincarnated on Earth, and died again, and when the Goddess said “Finally I got you back again in this world”, I feel like she’s the wife of previous Ain that became a Goddess and the Dullahan said “So you’re back” because it feels nostalgic, this is just my theory.

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    • Maybe the Goddess is the Demon King? With something like faking death or rebirth ability? Maybe it’s rebirth and he died from something before she woke up again then she realized she felt something towards him?
      That’s my addition to the theory.


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