Maseki Gurume LN – V1 – C01 Part 1

An Unfortunate Reincarnation



I wonder where I am? Also, I have no idea why I’m in this place.

In a white space that continued forever, God spoke to him.


“Your cause of death was quite pitiful. So, for your next life, I’ve decided that you chose it by spinning the rare gacha.”


During his previous life, everything could be called normal, so this was a somewhat surreal exchange.


“The cause of……My death? ”


Far from his cause of death, and aside from some common sense knowledge, he couldn’t remember what sort of life he lived before.

However, it was apparently normal for such loss of memory to happen when coming to this world.


“You might still retain some fragments. However, those remnants will gradually disappear after you leave this place.”

“I see, I guess it saves time.”


Well then, I wonder what the cause of my death was? He looked at God with great interest in the answer to that question.


“Your cause of death was……Blood loss. Just as you were cooking dinner, an insect suddenly appeared──”


Apparently, he was very bad at dealing with insects in his past life, so he was extremely surprised and fell back.

And as he collapsed, the knife in his hand flew in the air, piercing his throat.

After that, with nothing of particular notoriety, he died relatively quickly, or so God said.


“I guess there’s no limit to stupidity──”


God said he was so absorbed in cooking and that he was using a very good kitchen knife.


“HA HA HA HA……! You’re the first person to have such cause of death! ”


God opened her mouth wide while laughing. Yeah, you can laugh at me, he thought as he held his head on his hands.


“Well, with that said. It’s alright for you to enjoy your new life in another world.”


He didn’t know how to respond when he was told about another world. Or rather, he had no idea what that meant.


“Don’t sweat it. Well, what sort of gacha will you get ──?”


According to her, the basic qualities becomes higher, like a positive influence in the appearance.

Besides, if one was to be lucky, they could not only be reborn into nobility but also in the royal family.


(Well, that’s somewhat easy to understand.)


Being able to discern what your talent was from birth certainly was a welcomed addition.


“Alright, shall we get down to business then?”


DOOON──. God then took out from her clothes a somewhat simple gacha machine.

Where did you hide that huge machine in that tiny body, God? He thought while being impressed.

Since the appearance of God was that of a young woman, or rather a so-called little girl, he felt amazed.


“Come on, hurry up and pull it.”


Being hurried, he reached out his hand for the lever and strongly pulled it, while his heart pounded with excitement.

When he saw a golden capsule come out, he opened his mouth wide in surprise and turned to see God. However.


“Don’t get too excited. All of them inside are golden capsules.”

“You really had to ruin it!? ”


He sighed after responding to God, who was sneering at him.

After opening the gacha capsule, the result of it was written on a piece of paper and it read:


“It’s a Super Rare! ”


Would it be a rich household? Or maybe being born as royalty? His expectations swelled.

He then continued to look at the content written afterward.


“Uh……Eh? W-What does this……? ”


He felt puzzled. The reason being, nothing about being nobility or royalty was written on it.

──【Toxin DecompositionEX】. Only those large words.


“It’s a skill. And it even has EX on it, isn’t that great?”


Like I said, what’s this? He wanted to retort to God.


“It’s incredibly strong against poisons. No matter what poison it is, or germ or bacteria……it beats them hand down.”


Only by hearing that, he was able to understand this was an incredible ability. However, he couldn’t deny it was also quite bland.

It was simply plain. He sighed in his mind while mulling over just what sort of skill he got.


“Come to think of it, speaking of skills……What sort of world am I going to……? ”

“Umu. It’s your traditional fantasy world.”

“Then……Are there monsters and magic? ”


God then spoke about what sort of world it was.

Stats existed. So did monsters. And, most important, there was also magic. ……Or so she said.

He was excited this felt almost like a game, but the blandness of Toxin DecompositionEX felt like rain on his parade.


“Uh? There’s something else on the back of the paper, it says you’ll be reborn as the eldest son of an Earl’s house.”


Looking at the paper in his hands, God noticed there was a part he had not read yet.


“Ahh, that’s true. ……Then, is this some sort of compromise line?”

“Jeez. Quite outspoken, aren’t we? Just like before.”


Still, even if she said that, he didn’t remember his previous life.

This attitude was not quite becoming of God, but she probably just switched to a more natural tone.


“I’m sorry. Apparently, I’m like this.”


Too many things happened all of a sudden. So, he reflected a little.


“Come to think of it, is there anyone else who has been reincarnated there beside me?”

“Not close by. You might meet someone a few years away on foot. After all, it would be problematic if they were close, right? ”


When he thought about it, he noticed it would certainly be bad if someone with a powerful cheat was nearby.

This made him sigh in relief with a hand over his chest.


“Also, you’ll be starting over as a baby……Hmm, seems it’s about time.”


At that moment, God told him that regrettably, the time limit had come.


“At last, my glorious life will…… God, if you please! ”

“Yeah, yeah. Okay then……May your life be filled with blessings.”


God answered with a smile, at the same time a glowing vortex appeared at his feet. And a slight ‘bo’ sound echoed all around.


“There! Off you go! Bye! ”


The end was too sudden.

Still, God saw him off with warm eyes full of affection and maternity, until he disappeared.


“……Fuu. I can rest now that this stage is completed.”


Muttering so to herself with satisfaction, God immersed herself in the silent and lingering aftermath.

It should be obvious, but God has seen off many people so far.

And this time should’ve been the same as before, just seeing him off──But that wasn’t it.


“One of my dearests wishes has finally been fulfilled. Well, well……I’ll be taking it easy for the rest of today.”


Muttered the goddess, in a nostalgic tone.

She had a deep smile and her body quivered with a sense of fulfillment.


“At long last, I was able to bring ‘you’ back to my world. That’s more than enough for me.”


He didn’t know. That this encounter with God was not just a coincidence.


“I guess I should’ve said ‘welcome back’……Well then, let’s see how he lives his new life.”


The true meaning of those words God spoke. That was a story that only she knew.







──I wonder how much time has passed?

He woke up to the glaring light shining in through the window.


(It was like a cliché……Like those common reincarnation stories I’ve read about.)


He then noticed.

A beautiful woman with glossy brown hair was holding him.


“Fufu……You sure are a good boy, Ain.”


Ain──This was his new name.

In other words, the woman holding him was his mother.


(I see……This means I was safely reincarnated.)


And when it came to understanding the words being spoken, he was sure this was a perk of the reincarnation. Or at least he decided to think so.


“Fue……ogyaa! Ogyaa! ”


All of a sudden, as his body felt itchy, he cried as a reflex.

This was something normal for babies, but somehow, crying against his will just felt odd to him.


“Arara……What is it? Could it be you’re feeling hungry?”


Just as she tried to soothe him, Ain stared at the woman who seemed to be his mother.


(Yeah, she’s completely──not like a mother.)


It was a matter of values.

Probably because of his previous life experiences, it was difficult for him to think of her as his mother.

In other words, his feelings were more like she was an older sister.

Still, the gaze he received was one of love, and the hand that held his head was filled with warmth.

Still, she certainly cared about Ain, so it was hard to ignore this comfort.



(…Well, it’s a new life. Let’s do my best.)




◇ ◇ ◇




After being reincarnated, five years had passed for Ain.

The name of the country where he was born was Heim, and it was apparently the largest country in the continent.

His family, House Roundhart ruled over a territory that was close to the Royal Capital. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say this was the best port city on the whole continent, so the influence they had on the capital was strong.

──However, Ain’s feelings right now were complicated.

He fell on the floor of his room with his hands and legs stretched, breathing heavily.


“N-No, I just can’t……The demerits are too high……”


It was quite hard to breathe, let alone speak.

The reason why he was in this condition right now was that he had tried ‘his’ skill.


“……I c-can’t get up.”


Toxin Decomposition──It’s a bit plain, but since I have it lets test it.

Thinking like that, he looked for some sort of poison. However, he wasn’t sure something like that could lay close to him, but then, he recalled the words God said.

She said that even fungi were included, if so, then why not look for some mold? He though.

Following that line of thought, he brought in some mod that he found stuck in some trees from outside.


“I-I never expected……it would be like this……”


Extremely intense fatigue fell upon him, causing numbness in his hands and feet. He also felt a strong, throbbing headache.

In truth, it was so painful than until just a few minutes ago, he had fallen unconscious.

The mold had disappeared after decomposing the fungus──But not long after, he found himself in this situation.


“……I’m sure nobody would be happy with a skill so plain, yet so inconvenient to use……”


A complete failure of skill.

About an hour later his physical condition had gradually recovered, however, this was still difficult to put to use.

Reaching for the cup of water on top of the desk, he managed to drink some.


“Alright……Let’s not use this skill.”


The headache had been particularly nasty.

It had almost disappeared now, but the headache, in particular, was a bitter experience.

──By the way, Ain’s agony did not end there.

He suffered some other hardships besides said skill.




After managing to lie down on the bed, he started to recall those hardships.


“Compared to my little brother’s amazing skill, mine is just……”


Despite being the eldest son, Ain had already given up on his position as the next head of the house.


“The eldest brother has Toxin DecompositionEX. And the little brother has Holy Knight ……Wow, speaking of my life, didn’t it start with quite the harsh handicap?”


Ain had one brother who was younger than him.

That alone wouldn’t pose any problem usually, but in this case, his little brother had quite a flashy sounding skill, the Holy Knight.

He felt like this wasn’t a match even from the start.


“I’m tired, I think I’ll read a book……”


After saying that, he picked up a book he borrowed from his mother from the desk beside his bed.

Recently, whenever he had free time, Ain would busy himself reading books on the sofa in his room.

At first, it was a way for him to study common sense, but recently it just turned into his hobby.


“……What’s this, a dragon? It sure is big.”


Right now, he was reading a picture book, and what was depicted on it was what were called monsters.

On the page Ain had opened, a giant dragon was pictured swimming in the sea.

He felt amazed by the illustration of a figure that was many times the size of a ship.


“No, no……Is there a way something that large exists? Could it be this is from old folklore? With my skills, I wouldn’t be able to do anything against it……”


He had used it for some mold and this was the result. He couldn’t use it to fight.

With that grim future in sight, Ain let out a deep sigh.


“──Ahh, that’s right, I promised I would train with Chichiue at noon.”


If this was to happen, I shouldn’t have tried to test Toxin Decomposition, he thought.

Ain regretted it a bit, but he laid down on the bed and tried to recover some of his strength.




──He only rested for a couple of tens of minutes, but surprisingly, this was enough to heal his fatigue. Ain then headed to the courtyard with his mood improved.

After practicing swings for a while, the man standing next to him opened his mouth.


“It seems your grip on the sword is improving.”

“Th-……Thank you! ”


His name was Logas, he was Ain’s father and Chief Commander in the Kingdom of Heim.

He was a tall person with a fearless expression. His strong build was also very impressive.


(Since I was not blessed with skills, I have to make it up with effort……!)


With large drops of sweat dripping from his face, Ain continued his practice swings.

Even when he was out of breath, he desperately continued his practice.

Maybe it was a benefit of the ‘super rare gacha’, but no matter the effort, it didn’t hurt.


“HAA! YAAA……! ”


This kept going for more minutes, for dozens of minutes. He continued his practice swings under the watchful eye of Logas.

Then, after seeing his arms were starting to tremble.


“……Looks like you’re getting tired, take a break for a few minutes.”

“Y-……Yes……! ”


After being told to rest by Logas, Ain sat down on the ground.

Not only the arms but also his legs were tired since he could feel the accumulated fatigue.

Just as he was resting and wiping the sweat from his forehead, a woman approached L, noticing the break in the training.


“──Logas-sama. Could I have some of your time? ”

“Huh? Ohh, Camila, what is it?”


(Camila-okaa-sama, huh……?)


When he called her mother/okaa-sama in his mind, he didn’t mean it as in his mother, she was Logas’ second wife.


“I’m sorry to come in the middle of training. It’s just, I wanted to talk to you about Grint……”

“Is there something wrong with Grint? ”

“No, it’s just that he’s four years old, and I was thinking it might be a good time for him to start training.”


The person they were talking about, Grint, was Ain’s younger brother.

He was Camila’s son and Ain’s half-brother.

Also, his power was different from Ain’s.


“He was born with the Holy Knight skill. Taking into consideration the future of the Kingdom of Heim, and the Roundhart family……I wonder if this might be a good time to start?”


That skill was so rare that there had only been very few people in the history of the Kingdom of Heim who possessed it.

Unlike his elder brother Ain, it could be said that Grint had inherited the martial prowess that their family was famous about.


“Ahh……I was actually thinking the same thing.”


Logas nodded deeply to Camila’s words. They were full of expectations for Grint.


“Ain. I spoke a bit with Camila. Sorry, but we’ll be leaving today’s training here.”


(Ohh, sure. I thought he would say that, but am I not being relegated a bit too easily?)


Despite being tired, he didn’t feel this was a good point to stop.

Ain got up, bowed to Logas, and the turned to look at Camila.


“Understood. Well then, Camila-okaa-sama, if you’ll excuse me.”

“Yes, have a nice day. And please continue to do your best and support Grint in the future.”


Yeah, yeah. These two words could sum up his inner thoughts.

Right now, she meant to emphasize that the next head of the family will be Grint.


“By the way, Ain. From now on, you’ll need to work even harder.”


Far from chiding Camila, Logas added on her words.

He too had high expectations for Grint and wanted Ain to match up to him.


(I know Chichiue isn’t a bad person……But sometimes he gets influenced by Camila-okaa-sama a bit too much……)


But with that said, he naturally felt like giving up since his value was lower than his brother’s.

Still, deep down he wanted to hear them say all this him not being the next head was just a joke.


“Yes, I’ll keep doing my best. ──Well then, if you excuse me.”


With those parting words, Ain finally left the courtyard and went to the bathroom to wash off his sweat.




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