High Spec Village – Volume 2 Illustrations

Ore no Ongaeshi: High Spec Murazukuri Volume 2 Illustrations

High spec village2High Spec Village 02aHigh Spec Village 02bHigh Spec Village 02cHigh Spec Village 02dHigh Spec Village 02eHigh Spec Village 02fHigh Spec Village 02gHigh Spec Village 02hHigh Spec Village 02iHigh Spec Village 02jHigh Spec Village 02kHigh Spec Village 02l



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6 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Volume 2 Illustrations

  1. Honestly WN is too rushed but at least MC breaks down flags quick!
    Honestly I’d think Sildria/Knight Princess is the best girl lowkey.
    Though the way it’s written feels so cringe and forced, I’ve read a lot to know what the Author tryna portray so. I’m sure you too. (The overpraise and exaggeration, then the misunderstandings.
    1. It would be better off if it weren’t misunderstandings and MC would actually be that intelligent. That’d be badass lol
    2. It’s trying to make Sildria with a sharp intuition and strength her blood boiled when she saw MC but the Author wrote it poorly that she seemed unreasonable overbearing to what could be a cool scene of MC acting indifferent to an ‘ant’. Because it wasn’t written this way, it was only written as nothing but overpraise out of no where and rush. Thus she gave a bad impression to the reader. )
    Anyways, this is only few of the things I’ve noticed. I still really like this novel tho.


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