High Spec Village – 052

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Episode 52: Promise of reunion and return.

 A few days had passed since Yamato rescued Isis, the consul regent girl, and the morning of the day when they would return to the village of Urd came.

“Yamato-sama, the loading of the wagon has finished.”

“We’re done here too, Yamato-niichan! “

 The loading of the goods purchased at Orn’s bazaar was completed and it was time for the departure.

 They had come to sell crafts, such as high-quality leather goods and pottery to this city, made in Urd which was a village located far in the mountains.

 And on the other hand, instead of returning with an empty wagon, it was packed with items purchased in this city such as medicines, spices, crafts and other home supplies.

 Since there was no currency-based economy in the village of Urd, the coins earned in the market would end up basically being stored.

“Everyone, come and visit the bazaar again.”

“This Oba-chan will miss you, children…”

“You too, Mountain Clan Jii-san, come sell your stuff again.”

 Before departure, several merchants from the bazaar flocked the Urd wagon, saying parting words.

 The period in which the people of Urd stayed in Orn wasn’t long.

 But still, with the cheerful voices of children raised from morning until sunset, everyone in the bazaar had a familiarity and showed empathy for the hardworking children who gave their all to sell the merchandise.

 Yamato wasn’t good at servicing people, but while watching the buying and selling of good throughout the day, he could fully feel the warm spirit of the people of the city.

(Well then…)

 Yamato turned his eyes towards the aloof Lacq, who had come to see them off as well.

“…With that said. We leave it in your care for now, Lacq.”

“He, he… Ehh. Is that really okay with you? Yamato-danna.”

“Yeah. We’ll come deliver the goods from the village. Until then, can you watch over the Urd shop?”

“Well, if danna is the one asking, I’ll give it my all! Please leave it to me.”

 Yamato decided to leave the store which was schedules to open in the back alley of Orn to Lacq.

 Regarding the selected person, it was done at his own discretion, but nobody objected that decision.

“I’m not sure how it’ll go… but I think it’ll be fine with Lacq-san.”

“With this, now he’ll be no longer the ‘unemployed Lacq oji-chan’! “

“Even if I work, I’ll be an eternal debauchee, kids.”

 After the fierce battle to rescue Isis, the village children, including the village chief’s granddaughter Liscia, came to trust Lacq a bit more.

 All because against the danger posed by the knight of the empire Barrès and the magic sword Mad Storm, it was Lacq who protected the village boy.

 Everyone knew he was a man usually frivolous and going by his own pace, but he would take action when the time came.

“Then, as a souvenir… I’ll let you have ‘this’, Lacq.”

“Huh? Oooo-lmost dropped it…”

 When the two of them were alone, Yamato threw a gift to Lacq.

 A sculpture made of a clear red crystal. A handmade sculpture made by the old blacksmith Gaton.

“Eh… th-this is? A farewell gift, huh…”

“You’re the only one who noticed its values while it stood there decorating the stall in the bazaar.”

“What, what could you be meaning….”

 Lacq whistled while pretending not to know, but still, Yamato continued the talk.

“There’s ‘more to sell’ in the mountains of Urd. When it calms down a bit, you should come visit.”

“…alright …I’ll go play over there soon, danna.”

 The crystal was “Urd’s rock salt”.

 Lacq was the only person who had noticed the true value of the sculpture that was exhibited at the stall.

 For many merchants and countless citizens it went by unnoticed, but since the first day, Lacq was aware of the true nature of the “Urd’s salt”.

 With the incident of the Spiritual Beast, not many knew of the rock salt that hasn’t been mined for a hundred years.

 After Lacq noticed it, Yamato then knew that he was not a normal man.

 That’s the reason he invited him to “come play” at the village of Urd, in the usual way.

 With the final confirmation of the items loaded finished, the departure of the group was ready.

“Please wait, Yamato-sama! “

 It was then.

 A girl riding a horse alongside a knight rushed to see them off.

“Isis and Lienhardt, huh?”

“Isis-sama said that no matter what…”

 The last ones to see Yamato off was the knight guard Lienhardt and the consul regent girl, Isis.

 She took the time between her busy political issues to see them depart.

“Yamato-sama, I truly offer you my apologies. The thing is, I never really showed you the “third gift” I promised…”

 What the girl Isis was referring was the three gifts (Sanko no rei “三個の礼”) she had literally misunderstood the meaning of what Yamato tried to convey that time before (Sanko no rei  “三顧の礼”).

 She, being the consul regent, tried to recruit Yamato as a strategic asset for Orn since he was called “the wise man in the north”.

 She misunderstood when Yamato refused, using the excuse that she didn’t really appealed to him in her speech and understood it as she not giving him the “three gifts”.

 (TLN: too much playing with words in these sentences, I tried my best.)

 Her first gift was a delicious fruit native to Orn, the second one was a beautiful flower from the city.

 And when she tried to present the third gift, the kidnap incident occurred, therefore she couldn’t present it.

 However, she did not forget, and rushed to this place to give Yamato the third one.

“Phew… Actually…”

 Calming her agitation, Isis opened her mouth with a serious look on her face.

“The last thing I wanted to show you was… the people of this city’s…”

“‘Smiles’… right? “

“Eh!? …How, did you…”

 Isis had her eyes wide open in surprise after Yamato finished what she was trying to say.

 But by looking at her expression, Yamato felt like his prediction was correct.

“A little magic trick. I guessed so by talking with the people in the city. They spoke of you as if you were their most important person and were quite proud of you.”

 This girl, Isis cared and worried about Orn more than anyone in the Consul household.

 She herself walked around and listened to the citizens’ voice.

 Everyone in the city admitted she was a little clumsy, but they admired her sincere attitude and seriousness when taking action.

 That was the splendor of Isis, the consul regent.

“In that case, Yamato-sama, there’s a place I’d like to show to you! A place where every citizen, no matter who they are, can smile…”

“You don’t need to be so thoughtful.”


 Isis was at loss of how to respond, but Yamato continued speaking.

“There’s no need for that, since I’ve already seen it. These past few days… the blooming “Smile of Orn”.”

“Yamato-sama… that means…”

“Yeah. You can rely on me if there’s trouble. At that time, I’ll come to Orn to help. After all that was the meaning of the “Sanko no rei” promise.”

“Yes! I’ll be in your care when that time comes… Yamato-sama! “

 Isis said with a beaming smile, and yet… she was also shedding tears.

 She never expected Yamato to reconsider giving his help to Orn, which he had once refused.

(Oh god…)

 Yamato was troubled on how to react to this girl.

 She was happy, yet she was crying… women truly changed expressions quickly.

 For him who was not good at communicating with others, women were something unknown whom he couldn’t really comprehend.

 The farewells successfully ended.

“Alright, then Urd trade caravan… time to go home.”

“Yes, Yamato-sama. “

“Leave it to me, Yamato-niichan! “

 In response to his words, the Urd wagon started to move slowly.

“Yamato-sama, take care…”

“Worry not about Isis-sama, Yamato, I’ll protect her.”

“Danna, later! “

“Everybody, come play again soon! “

 Being seen off by Isis, the knight Lienhardt, the self-proclaimed debauchee Lacq, and the people they met at the bazaar, the wagon traveled north leaving the city behind.

 After leaving the town, several days towards the north was the nostalgic village of Urd.

 By the time of their arrival, it would probably be the harvesting season of the Inahon grains.

 Thanks to the blessing of the weather and the increased cultivable land, they were expecting a several times larger yield this year.

 The busiest and happiest harvest season was about to start.

(Orn, huh? …It really felt like the time flew…)

 Looking back at the city of Orn, getting smaller and smaller at the distance, Yamato was overcome with emotion.

 He remembered the many happenings that took place in Orn.

(It feels… like I’ll be getting busy again soon…)

 The autumn harvest and winter preparations. Securing supplies in order to get ready the opening of the Urd shop.

 And responding to the threat pushing from the east, the Hisan Empire.

(There’s a lot to take into consideration. Seriously… But I guess it’s not all bad things…)

 Swayed by the wagon, Yamato muttered while he smiled, but nobody took notice of it.

“Yamato-ani-sama, the village of Urd has come into view! “

“Really! It’s been a while! “

“Look, Yamato-sama. The fields of the village where the inahon is planted look so golden…”

 A few days later after traveling through the highway, they finally returned to the village.

 Beyond the highway pass, the longed-for settlement came into sight.

“Yeah, it looks that way.”

 It’s been almost two years since Yamato first came to Urd.

 And now, a new season was about to start.


Chapter three ends here.

Chapter four will start after some idle talks.


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