High Spec Village – 080

Episode 80: Demon

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A humanoid type spiritual beast appeared in front of him, the demon Agni.


(Jet-black wings, a long snake-like tail, and long goat-like horns…… Exactly like a demon……)


Yamato observed in wonder the new enemy that appeared in front of him.

The demon (Baal)-type Spiritual Beast called Agni had the appearance like those of mythological demons.


And although it had quite a large frame, its size was closer to that of a person.

Its grotesque head had the features of a goat, although it was questionable if any of those features served their biological purpose.



“Whoaa!? Yamato-danna, what in the world is that monster!? ”


That moment.

Being blown away earlier by Agni’s shockwaves, the four others were awoken.

Lienhardt and Lacq had their eyes opened wide and their voices were raised in surprise at the unusual sight that was Agni.


“Tch… How pathetic of us, it looks like we were victim to some kind of skill, right!? ”

“Hey, Yamato…… What is that thing? ”


Next, Barrès and Sildria also spoke, having come back to their senses.

While regretting they fell victims of the boy’s hypnotism skill…… the ‘unicharm’, they both pointed their swords at the grotesque figure in front of them, Agni.


『Ohhh? Did you break free from ‘Unicharm’? Agni-kun is strong but, it’ll be troublesome if you all don’t hold back.』


Looking at the four people who had broken free of the hypnosis, the boy spoke with a sigh.


However, his face still had a smile as if he still had room to breathe and didn’t mind that the difference in fighting power had shifted.

As if he had leeway even if everyone attacked the demon Agni at once.


“Everyone, you shouldn’t let your guard down……”


Using that opportunity, Yamato explained the current situation to the other four.


About the mysterious boy who called himself ‘Spiritual Beast Master’, and how he had been the one who summoned and used the previous five Spiritual Beasts.

His goal was unknown, but he planned to used them and the researchers as bait, and eventually let lose in the largest city close by, the ‘Imperial Capital’.

Therefore, it was dangerous to just turn away and escape. Reaching this point, he told them they needed to defeat the demon in front of them, and restrain the boy.


“Impossible…… such a young boy was controlling the spiritual beasts……”

“I can’t believe it either…… but considering the current situation, it seems it’s true, Lienhardt-danna.”

“Yeah, it seems so.”


Due to his serious character, Lienhardt was having a hard time believing it. However, thanks to Lacq’s words he acknowledged the threat.

Although he was originally an inflexible knight, it seemed like being together with Yamato had made him grow.


“Demon, you said……”


The girl, Sildria was the one who gave the biggest reaction, begin at loss for words while her face became pale. Her overconfident expression was nowhere to be seen, and was replaced by the look of surprise for the first time.


“Demon (Baal) ? ……I’ve heard about it before from Loki……


Next to Sildria, Barrès briefly explained to Yamato about the information he had.


According to what Loki had told him, the word “Demon (Baal)” was written in the Empire’s secret records, written hundreds of years ago.

At that time, it was described that it was the cause for bringing the Empire, which had unified the eastern half of the continent, to the brink of destruction.

That’s why there has been a warning among the generations of the Empire’s royal family…… Never fight against that “Demon (Baal)”.


『Ooh, so that country still remains to this day? You got to give it to them, the inferior species have incredible resilience.』


The boy reacted to Barrès’ words.

He was at a distance where a normal person wouldn’t be able to hear it, but perhaps he had some skill that allowed him to eavesdrop in the conversation.


『Then, this time I’ll have to thoroughly get rid of it. Well, that’s in order to find the Soul Key (Mana Key) that will completely activate the four Divine Cardinal Towers! 』


The boy spoke as if he was boasting about his toy.

If he and the Demon-type Spiritual Beast were together, he could easily turn a quarter of the continent into scorched earth.

He proudly said that he had the power to not only destroy the Imperial Capital, but the Empire itself.


『However, even for me, the mana consumption would be quite intense. So, if possible, I would like to activate the four Divine Cardinal Towers, and make the extermination easier. 』


The boy’s words were the same as before, containing a lot of unrealistic subjects.

And phrases such as annihilating the great Empire, and activating the Divine Cardinal Towers, felt from detached from the world, considering this one had the level of culture of Earth’s medieval times.


(However…… he might be able to do it……)


There was a great possibility it was not a joke, considering the overwhelming aura coming off from the Demon Agni, and the existence of a boy who could control it.


Yamato couldn’t guess the boy’s goal, however, the other party seriously aimed at destroying the Empire, and killing all its citizens.


“B-Bastard…… You think I’ll stay quiet after hearing everything you’ve said so far……?”


That moment.

Sildria, who up until now had been silent as a reaction to the word “Demon (Baal)”, spoke in a trembling voice.

She wanted to remain silent, however, her anger surpassed that feeling.


“Mocking our glorious Empire…… Trying to harm the innocent citizens…… I can’t forgive that! ”

“Wait, Sildria! ”


Without listening to Yamato’s warning, Sildria dashed forward.

At a speed hard to follow with the naked eye, she reached the place the boy was at.


Truly an incredible speed.

A feat only possible for Sildria, who with her natural talent specializes in celerity and fast swordsmanship.


『Ohh, you’re fast for an inferior species…… but, you know……』


The tip of Sildria’s sword was about to reach the boy――――However, the boy still spoke as if he had a huge leeway.


『Agni has exterminated hundreds of swordsmen of this level! 』


Along with the boy’s words, Sildria’s body was blown away.

The demon Agni had attacked in an almost instantly motion.


“Ugh!? ”


Immediately after, the blown-away Sildria raised a voice of pain.

Her body flew and would hit the hard surface of the ruins. Such a shock would surely lead to the young girl’s death.


“Lacq! ”

“Yeah, Danna! ”


Even before hearing Yamato’s words, Lacq was already on the move.

Jumping across the many obstacles in the ruins effortlessly, he caught Sildria just before she crashed.


“Ughh, thanks……”


Sildria was barely safe.

She managed to defend against Agni’s lightning-fast attack barely.

However, after seeing the attack that went beyond his imagination, Yamato was at loss for words.


“This goat bastard! How dare you treat the princess like that! ”


Seeing how Sildria was toyed with, the Empire’s knight Barrès was enraged. He dashed like a mad beast in order to cut the opponent.

His prey was the demon shaped spiritual beast, Agni.


“Barrès-dono, I’ll assist you! ”


Orn’s Knight, Lienhardt, also followed in the attack.


And thus, the fierce battle against the Demon-type Spiritual Beast, an opponent strong enough to wage war against a Great Power, started.




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