High Spec Village – 079

Episode 79: Boy

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He felt “fear” towards that aura that was clearly on a totally different dimension from that of normal people.


『To be able to notice my presence even through ‘Silencer’. You are quite the person.』


That existence was――――in the shape of a person, of a boy, who looked at Yamato while having a smile that showed he had found something interesting.

His innocent and pure eyes felt out of place, containing a loving look, like one you would give to your closest friends.


(Quite the person……huh? Not a bad thing to be told……)


Yamato’s mind, which was on high alert, elated as if receiving the highest kind of praise.

He felt a sense of familiarity and affection towards the other party, who had until now showed only hate.


(HUH!? ……What……is this……? )


He then felt strange about his sudden change of heart.

After taking a deep breath, he concentrated on his breathing and heartbeat.


“I think……Therefore I am.”


While repeating those words in his mind, he reaffirmed his self-consciousness and ego.

This was a way of unifying the mind.

It was part of the defense techniques and martial arts taught to him by his parents.


“Haaa….  Alright then, who are you? ”


After regaining his composure, Yamato asked the boy, whom still had a fearless smile.


After all, there was no way an ordinary boy would be at the ruins in the sea of trees, where fierce animals and Spiritual Beasts roamed.

Furthermore, it seemed the boy had launched some sort of mental attack on them.


『Hmm, it seems ‘Unicharm’ doesn’t work on you either. That’s really cool! 』

“It’s enough of this charade. That technique won’t work on me anymore.”


The boy thought ‘That’s really cool! ‘ about the technique Yamato used.

However, by simply focusing his mind, that mental attack was ineffective now.


『That’s weird…… it seems to be working properly on the other four.』


Turning around, Yamato confirmed the boy’s words on the other four.


The empire’s swordsman Barrès, the Valkyrie Knight, the knight Lienhardt, and Lacq.

The four of them were under the effects of the boy’s skill.

They were standing still, unmoving, not even reacting to Yamato’s call to them.


(Is this some kind of hypnosis……? )


He didn’t know how it worked, but he was sure it was some kind of hypnosis that used visual and auditory illusions.

He had heard of something similar back when he was in Japan, used in the field of psychology.

And if an external stimulus was used badly, there was the risk of never properly recovering.


『Ohh, so it’s only one who’s not affected. You really are different, above when compared to the others.』

“That’s enough of compliments. Let me ask you again. Who are you? What do you want? ”


Making emphasis on those questions, Yamato strengthened his awareness.


It would be wise to just leave the ruins and not care about that unidentified boy.

However, he had said 『The five Fureki (Black Wolf)-class beasts that I summoned』 earlier.


In other words, he had the ability to at least call for Spiritual Beasts, and there was also the possibility of him being able to control them as he wished.

If they were to show their backs and simply leave the ruins, they ran the risk of being attacked.


Therefore, unless the situation was confirmed or the danger eliminated, it would prove difficult to just leave this place safely.


『I wonder if a lower species as yourself could understand an existence like me. That’s right…… I suppose you could call me “Spiritual Beast Master”』

“Spiritual Beast Master, you say……?”


『And about my goal, I simply came to check on the eastern ‘Divine Cardinal Tower’ that was suddenly activated. It should still remain dormant for a long time, you see.』

“Divine Cardinal Tower……?”


The boy self-introduced and spoke about his purpose like if he were making small talk.

Considering the several words that he had never heard before coming up in the conversation, Yamato could confirm that this boy was not a simple person.


“I see, then we are irrelevant to you. If you return everyone to normal, we’ll just leave this place at once.”


Yamato couldn’t truly grasp the other party’s objective from the conversation.


However, his purpose was to rescue Barrès and the imperial research team.

There was no need to be bothered by some unidentified existence now.


Therefore, with no need to be particularly hostile at this moment and with nothing to gain, he simply told the boy they would leave the ruins.


『Ohh, but if you leave now, I’ll be troubled.』

“What did you say? ”


『A Soul Key (Mana Key) is needed to activate each of the Divine Cardinal Towers. It should reside in the souls of the tribespeople living within the reaches of this tower.』

「Soul Key (Mana Key)……」


『Yeah. Generally, it dwells in the soul of the royal families or strong warriors. That’s why I kept the old bait alive until new bait arrived. That way, you know, more and more help will come, right? That’s how lower species are.』

“Bait, huh……?”


『Yeah, bait. For now, I’ll continue like this until I find the Soul Key (Mana Key), and if I can’t find it here, I’ll just go to the nearest city. If I kill all its inhabitants, I should find it.』



Everything that came out of the mouth of the boy calling himself ‘Spiritual Beast Master’ felt so unreal.


However, from the conversation, Yamato found out one big thing.

And that was, the boy ‘was an existence that looked down on people’.


At first glance it appeared he used a polite tone and attitude, but for him it was as if he was talking to insects or livestock.

And he felt no guild about it, similar to killing a bug on the roadside.


He might have no malice.

But the impression he gave of was truly and honestly――――That of the “worst kind of guy”.


“Sorry but, we’re not bait. I’ll have you release us, even if it’s by force.”


Discussing things any longer was useless.

That because both parties needed to acknowledge each other for a discussion to succeed.


Yamato decided to make use of force against the boy calling himself Spiritual Beast Master, and break out the hypnosis on the other four.


『’Release by force’, was it? Cool, interesting! Then, if you can touch me, even with a finger, I’ll let you go.』


The boy had the biggest smile as he answered.

Almost like a child who got a new toy…… but that was obviously a murderous expression.


“I have no time to be playing along with a kid’s joke.”


The other party was a mysterious existence just calling himself Spiritual Beast Master.


However, Yamato had no intention to go easy on him.

While separating from the four others, he took a step towards the boy.


『Ohh, by the way, I forgot to tell you something……』


In the next moment, when Yamato stepped forward, the boy began to speak.


“Tch!? ”


Feeling danger as chills running down his spine, Yamato immediately moved away from the spot he was.

He evaded using his full strength.




In the next moment, the sound of an explosion roared.

The ground where he was at a moment ago was blown away and something like a crater remained.


Judging from the boy’s attitude, he was not the one responsible for it.

Something else had come down, and along the shockwave, a strong killing intent could be felt.


『I forgot to tell you, there weren’t only five Spiritual Beasts here……』


Along with the boy’s words, the existence that attacked just now slowly appeared.


『Let me introduce to you. The Demon (Baal)-type Spiritual Beast…… Agni.』

High Spec Village 02h


With those words as the trigger, the existence materialized.


(A humanoid spiritual beast……?)


Yamato was lost for words after watching the appearance and its presence.


This was the source of the great fear he had felt before.

The Demon (Baal)-type Spiritual Beast Agni, a humanoid spiritual beast, had descended before him.



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    • Sadly I have to agree. Author-sama is reaching a little far expecting his MC to be able to combat something like this realistically. Can only expect Deus Ex Machinae is used to save him…


  1. Man, just when I thought that Yamato would be heading back to his happy go luck lifestyle, A major barrier is erected! The Black demon dog Yamato will definitely win though and it will be good!

    Thanks for the savory morsel!

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