High Spec Village – 073


Episode 73: Road to the sea of trees.


Yamato asked for directions to the unexpected guide.


“It’s time to go to the Eastern Sea of Trees. Yamato of Urd.”


The Valkyrie Knight who was serving as their guide, Sildria said as she stood up dangerously in the coach seat, pointing in direction of the east, while her red hair fluttered in the air.


“Can you guide me to the ruins of the sea of trees, Sildria? ”

“You can bet I do, Yamato. Who do you think I am? I’m the famous Sildria-chan.”


The knights who were supposed to be their guides were made to faint by this girl called Sildria.

They were in no life-threatening situation, but still, they would not be able to move soon.


And since this time, it was both a secret and urgent mission, he had no choice but to ask the girl to give him directions.

She was acquainted with the old aristocrat Vlad who was a senior noble of the empire, and Sildria was also a high-ranking Valkyrie Knight, so her identity was solid.



“Hey, Sildria-chan. You wanna eat this fruit? I got it in the bazaar.”

“Umu, sure thing. Let’s eat it together.”


The girl Sildria, who was supposed to be of a high standing in terms of rank, was surprisingly getting along with the children of Urd in the back of the wagon.


“Although Sildria-chan is a kid like us, you have a strange way of speaking! ”

“How rude. Even if I look like this, I’m a proper 14-year-old adult who has completed her ceremony.”


“Amazing! So, you are older. Even though you are this short! ”

“Rude. From now on, I will become bigger, like elder brother and elder sister! ”


 Their psychological age seems close thought.

That’s what it seemed to Yamato as he saw Sildria and the young children speaking to each other.


Still, this was the same mysterious and beautiful girl who came at him with a sword on his neck.


“There are no dangers other than the Spiritual Beasts in the Eastern Sea of Trees. Still, do not be careless, Yamato.”

“Yeah, even if you don’t tell me. After the guide work is finished, please leave the woods.”

“Hmm, that is nonsense. If you are going to help that fool of Barrès, will you be able to face off against the spiritual beasts?”


Without listening to his words, Sildria silently pulled out the sword from her waist.


Like before, a sword skill that flowed so fast the eyes couldn’t keep up with it.

The only ones who could see its movements were Yamato and Lienhardt.


With that alone one could understand that Sildria was a genius swordswoman despite her age.

And since it couldn’t be helped, Yamato permitted her to accompany him.


“Umu? …Look, you can now see the sea of trees, Yamato.”

“Yeah, I can tell.”


The forest was now barely visible from the point at which Sildria was pointing at.

A little more and they’d arrive at the current speed of the wagon.


Ruins inside the forest… somehow it gives me a very unpleasant feeling…


Deep in the forest that spread to the east, Yamato could feel and indescribable ashen presence.

He decided against speaking of it, but the pressure he felt was several times the one he felt when he previously confronted the Spiritual Beast at the rock salt mine.


“Yamato-aniue-sama… that forest, is very dangerous.”


Behind him, a girl holding the back of his clothes said in a stressed voice.

That girl was the Miko of the Suzaku people, formerly the Majiri, who were the new inhabitants of the village.


They, the Suzaku people, were born with special powers.


『I know the weather of tomorrow. 』

『I can tell a dangerous place by the smell. 』

『I can see the people’s emotions in different colors. 』

There were many among their abilities that were trivial, but this girl had a stronger power than the others as a Miko.


Probably she felt the unpleasant sign from the sea of trees and thus became frightened.

Her figure was terribly small as she shook while grasping Yamato’s clothes.


“It’s fine. I’ll be back for sure. If there’s anything, let Liscia know.”

“Okay, I understand, aniue-sama.”


When he patted her head, a little smile floated on the face of the usually expressionless Miko.


He knew that if there was something wrong with him while in the sea of trees, this Miko girl would be able to perceive it.

If that were to happen, the Urd squad had the order to abandon the mission and return to the imperial capital at full speed.


 Even if I’m not with them, Urd has Liscia and the children.

Of course, Yamato wasn’t going to force himself do the impossible, he wanted to return without fault.



“This is the entrance to the Eastern Sea of Trees, Yamato.”


With such exchange, the wagon finally arrived at their destination.


“And here is the “gate” … the so called “Rashomon”.”


The Valkyrie Knight Sildria pointed towards an opening in the forest.

Although it was a product of nature, there stood a gate made of large twin trees, giving of an almost divine feeling.


“Rashomon”… what an ominous name…


In order to help the empire’s knight Barrès, Yamato was going to enter deep into the sea of trees.


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