High Spec Village – 054.9

《Commentary on the weapons’ performance so far》 Part 3


【Magic Sword】

(TLN: It does say “sword” but probably the better interpretation would be “Magic Arms”?)

An heirloom left behind by the “Ancient Super Empire” when civilization was more developed than it is now.

Swords, spears, shields, armors, they are treasures imbued with strong power, which effects increase in proportion to the abilities of their wielder.

In the era where Yamato arrived, they are impossible to reproduce. With such scarcity, their value is incredible high and they are hard to obtain even for large merchants or royalty. It is said that no more than twenty of these magic arms exist in the continent.

【Magic Sword – Mad Storm】

Sword wielded by the Empire’s Knight Barrès.

It has the ability to block ranged attacks such as arrows with strong winds. It is said that it also has the ability to deliver range attacks using invisible blades of wind.

【Urd-type: Armored wagon (Chariot)】

A wagon remodeled by the old blacksmith Gaton following a design made by Yamato.

Although it looks like an ordinary two-horse-drawn wagon, it bolsters a surprisingly high defensive power and has higher maneuverability.


・Using two Han horses, its speed is several times that of a normal wagon.

・Special wheels and suspension, making it less shaky even in high speed travel.

・For the hood covering the wagon, “Urd-type Layered Defensive Membrane” was used. Can block arrows.

・The same “Urd-type Layered Defensive Membrane” is also used to cover and protect the horses.

・Attacks using a crossbow can be performed towards any direction thanks to hidden windows.

Weakness: Not good at close quarters combat or attacks with a sword. (Because the composite membrane can be cut and torn.)

【Urd-type Layered Defensive Membrane】

Defensive leather designed by Yamato and crafted by the old Gaton.

A versatile defensive material that can be made into different shapes, consisting of woven layers of thin metal and hard, cured leather. Can offer some protection from normal sword strikes and spear attacks, and arrows from ordinary bows cannot pierce through.

However, it’s not strong enough to guard against strong piercing attacks, after all, it’s just a defensive “cloth”. Special blacksmith technology was required for the production of the thin metal.

【High-speed trade wagon】

High performance wagon car designed by Yamato and manufactured by Gaton.

It’s a transportation vehicle capable of going between the city of Orn and the village of Urd at an overwhelming speed by making use of one of the best horses in the continent, the Han horses. Fast travel was accomplished by using special soft wheels and a suspension. It’s a wagon specialized in in transport quantity rather than combat capability.




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