High Spec Village – 036

Episode 36: A city of a different world


The trip took several days after departing from the village, while riding the shaking wagon.

But they finally arrived at the city of Orn.

“So, this is what Orn looks like.”

“Yes, Yamato-sama. Orn is famous as a trade city.”

After finishing the procedures at the city wall gates, the group traveling from Urd finally entered the city.

And as they traversed the streets, Liscia happily explained to Yamato about the city of Orn while sitting next to him.

“Is this classified as a large city? “

“Yes, it’s one of the largest cities in the northern part of the continent.”

Having three main roads intersect it, Orn was a city that had flourished, enriched by the trade. Liscia explained that the town used a monarchy system, but it was independently managed by a viceroy/governor-general.

And this being the nearest city to Urd, Liscia had accompanied his grandfather several times as he visited Orn in the past.

Therefore, Yamato decided to count on Liscia as a guide.

“First, let’s find an inn with a stable, Yamato-sama.”

“Will the recommendation letter from the village chief help?”

“It will, that way there won’t be the need for some troublesome procedures.”

As they rode the wagon through the main street, their first stop was a cheap inn.

Those who came from Urd before, have always stayed in this inn, Yamato remembered the words of the village chief before their departure.

The owner of the inn was someone who had migrated here from Urd, and a kind person.

After they  were to complete the accommodation procedures at the inn, the plan was to next head towards the bazaar that was located in the large plaza at the center of the city.

The purpose was obviously to sell the distinctive products of the village that were being carried, and it would also double as a market research for Yamato.

“Ok. Let’s go then.”

“Yes, Yamato-nii-sama! “

“Alright, Yamato-niichan.”

Both the children of Urd and from the Han clan showed no tiredness from the long journey.

And so, together with the group of energetic children, their first stop was the inn.

After finishing all the procedures without any issue at the inn, they then headed towards the large plaza in the city of Orn.

“So, this is the bazaar.”

“Yes, everyone is free to buy, but if we want to sell something, we first have to pay the location fee.”

“I see.”

A colorful and vibrant sight could be seen at the city’s bazaar.

Numerous individual shops and stalls were lined up, paving the various places of the plaza with a variety of well-arranged products.

Everything, from rare fruits from the south, to lustrous fabrics of the east. Exquisite ceramic goods and other miscellaneous items were piled up high and the vigorous sound of the sellers’ voices permeated the place.

“This is the spot where we’ll be selling out products today, Yamato-sama.”

“Isn’t this the pretty much the outskirts of the plaza?”

“It’s because we arrived too late today, let’s try to get a better location tomorrow.”


Like in any world, the best locations to sell were the first ones to be taken.

So, for today, after greeting the other sellers, they prepared the wagon, placing it next to their location alongside the bazaar.

The horses were taken to a nearby stable, and the rest of the children started to spread a cloth and arranging the products from Urd they were going to sell.

“I’ll leave the items to you, Liscia-san. I’ll go around to take a look.”

“Yes, Yamato-sama. Please leave it to us.”

Yamato decided to leave the preparation and customer service to Liscia and the children. I’m not really good at socializing after all, Yamato thought.

Therefore, it was a wise decision to leave it to them instead.

Alright then, let’s see how this goes…

Heading alone towards the center of the plaza, Yamato went to do a little research.

He was a person transported from modern day Japan after all, and he was ignorant of the politics and economic situation of this different world.

He had heard about it, but he wanted to confirm it, the situation of this market and this city, with his own eyes.

Wandering around this different world market, Yamato was exploring this different world city, Orn.

“The level of civilization is exactly the same as in the medieval ages.”

While inspecting the state of the city, such mumble escaped his lips. Of course, he was careful to keep his voice down as to not attract any attention.

“Medieval European Society”

That could sum up the vibe given by the city of Orn in comparison to Earth.

Stone buildings with their walls colorfully painted were lined up at the side of the streets, and the people lined up at the shops and stalls wore western-style clothing.

Liscia ha explained earlier that most of the northern part of the continent had a similar atmosphere.

“It appears that the economy is based on a unified currency. I wonder if the language is really also the same all across the continent?”

In one of the stories of the village chief, he had told Yamato that long ago, the currency and language of the whole continent had been unified.

That had happened in the age of the ‘super empire’ which unified the continent under the same banner a long time ago.

The rulers of this super empire were from a nation that had dominated the whole continent with their overwhelming force and special abilities.

Language, religion, currency, measurement units, they forced all the continent to use only one, the same for everyone.

And even to this day, that same commonality remained as a legacy left behind by the super empire.

“There are very different races. (TLN: as in ethnic groups) But there don’t seem to be any ‘demihumans’ anywhere…”

Plenty of people could be seen coming and going in this busy trade city, everyone with different races, skin colors, hair colors and facial features.

But those of a “demihuman” race… meaning those of mixed races such as beast men were nowhere to be seen.

Gaton, and the other from the Mountain Clan were from a different race than normal humans. However, they had features extremely similar to that of a human.

“Well, leaving that aside… the products lined up are truly of a low quality.”

At least that was Yamato’s honest impression of the products being sold at the bazaar.

In specific, if one were to compare them with the goods from Urd, the quality of the materials and the crafting were clearly of a lower quality.

“Or should I say 『the skills of the people of Urd are excellent』… Or at least that’s how it feels so far.”

He remembered hearing from both Liscia and Gaton that the crafted goods from Urd were popular and were traded at high prices in the city.

And among them, leather goods, textile fabrics and iron products were especially popular among peddlers.

“I see… then this will be a great opportunity.”

While continued to look around in the bazaar, Yamato somewhat grasped the economic situation of the city of Orn.

And he recognized that the ‘Urd’ brand was valued higher than he had imagined.

What he first assumed to be rudimentary goods made in a frontier village, were actually very high quality, making them a rare commodity and increasing their value.

Based on that, he was convinced that once trade had resumed between the village and the city, the future of the village will be a bright one.

“Okay… I guess it’s about time I go back to everyone.”

After finishing his rough market research, Yamato decided to return to the place where they were selling the goods from the village.

And since some time had already passed since they opened for business, he was a little worried about the sales.


But something was apparently wrong.

A loud and noisy group of people were in front of the Urd’s shop location.

“Yamato-sama, please help! “

Seeing him coming back, the girl Liscia came running asking for his help.

It appeared that while he was gone, the children were caught up in something troublesome.


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