High Spec Village – 034.3

《Introduction of the people so far》


――――◇――――Residents of the village of Urd――――◇――――


An ordinary young man who was transported from modern day Japan into another world.

Hobbies are mountain climbing and making tools. Not very good at socializing, especially bad at dealing with children.

Due to his feelings of gratitude, he decided to do his best to help Urd Village which was at the verge of destruction.

Although he is dexterous with his hands, he is sometimes a bit insensitive and clumsy (Especially regarding romantic emotions).

・Special possessions and equipment at the current time:Han horse (Regal Wind), Single-edged sword masterpiece made by the blacksmith Gaton, Owner of the rock salt mine, Nucleus of the Spiritual Beast (Core).

――――《People of Urd》――――

A minority living at the frontier’s mountainous area. Wearing colorful cloths and having a unique culture, they have quietly lived in a mountainside basin. In fact, they are the survivors of a belligerent clan that fought long ago to conquer the continent.


Granddaughter of the village chief of Urd.

A beautiful girl with a lovely face who, along with Yamato, started the restoration of the village on behalf of her grandfather, the village chief. A fourteen-year-old adult. She is an excellent hunter and her commanding abilities have improved.

・Special possessions and equipment at the current time:Compound Mechanical Long Bow (Marionette Bow).

【Village Chief】

Head of the village of Urd

Polite and courteous elderly man, also Liscia’s grandfather. In order to save the village from its crisis, he entrusted his authority to Liscia and Yamato. Although on the surface he looks like a kind-hearted old man, deep down he is quite the schemer. His recent worry is that his treasure is gradually decreasing.

・Special possessions and equipment at the current time:Treasured liquor.

【Elderly people in the village】

Old people who were left behind in Urd Village.

They possess a number of craftmanship techniques such as leatherworking, food preserving, Urd cloth weaving, porcelain production and building skills. While the children aren’t working away from the village, they pass down their knowledge and techniques to them.

Before, they were not suited to work since they lacked physical strength, but after Yamato came, they slowly have regained their vitality.

【Adult people in the village】

They were taken away by the evil Feudal Lord. That’s the reason nobody over the age of fourteen remained in the village, except for the old people. It’s unclear their current situation.

――――《Mountain Clan People》――――

A short, robust race loved by the God of iron and fire. They are skillful people with superior talent for Blacksmithing, crafting and mining. They dislike lying and have stubborn personalities.


Old blacksmith of the Mountain Clan People who lives in the outskirts of Urd Village.

A stubborn old man with a bad mouth. But his skills as a blacksmith are excellent, and he is able to instantly understand the rough drawings of Yamato and craft the items swiftly.

He is one of the only three people in the continent who possess the title of Grand Master Blacksmith.

・Special possessions and equipment at the current time:Large Fang of a Spiritual Beast〈Material〉, Ironclad Large Shield.

【Rock Salt Miners】

Gaton’s former colleagues who came back for the first time in a hundred years bringing their families with them. They made a deal with the people or Urd to take care of them in exchange for them mining out the rock salt. They decided to settle on the outskirts of the village.

――――Children in the village――――

――――《People of Urd》:


Oldest child among the village children.

A hot-blooded kid with a simple character, but with the presence of a leader and generosity towards other children. Prefers hunting with a crossbow instead of doing other jobs. Slightly younger than Liscia.

・Special possessions and equipment at the current time:Crossbow.

【Chloe (aka Painter girl)】

A quiet girl the same age as Guts.

Although not good at hard work and haughty like him, she has an excellent ability to draw pictures and write characters. She was appointed as a secretary of the village by Yamato when he noticed her talents. Loves reading books, and always looks forward to visit the village’s book storage.

She’s a smart girl who helps Liscia, she also helps with the managements of the village recently. Slightly younger than Liscia.

・Special possessions and equipment at the current time:Notebooks and writing instruments from modern Japan.

【Children of the people of Urd】

Children whose parents were taken away by the Lord.

Many of them are curious of many things due to their innocence and pureness. Still, they live a hard life without succumbing to fear. Their physical abilities are higher than ordinary people, and are good at activities in the mountainous forests.

・Special possessions and equipment at the current time:Crossbow.

――――《People of the Han clan》――――

People with a talent to treat horses like an extension of their own bodies. They are excellent in animal husbandry and horse-riding techniques, and became residents of Urd after they became orphans.


Beautiful girl of the Han clan and the direct descendant of the late chieftain. Now she holds the position of leader of the archer cavalry formed by the surviving Han clan children. Has a superior talent in handling the bow while mounted, hates to lose. Slightly younger than Liscia.

・Special possessions and equipment at the current time:Temujin Bow, Han horse.

【Han clan children】

Children of the people of the grasslands and new residents in the village of Urd. Although their ages are all over the place, they have superior talent in handling the bow while mounted. They usually work in the village helping with the farming and taking care of the livestock.

・Special possessions and equipment at the current time:Temujin Bow, Han horse.


【Evil Feudal Lord】

One day he suddenly marched towards Urd Village and took all the adults away. His residence is located in a big town quite a distance away from the village. It is a mystery the reason why he took away only the adults of Urd.

【Bandits in the Windmill Hut】

An armed group that aimed at the Village of Urd. They were noticed beforehand and were completely annihilated. Their property, which included a wagon and two horses was taken by Yamato.

【Spiritual Beast in the Rock Salt Mine】

Its purpose and environment are unknown, making it a mysterious life form. Able to crush a squad of knights, even with their strong combat skills.

Its first form casted a type of ‘curse’ that made groups attack each other.

In its second form…? Well, the ‘curse’ seemed to have changed into jet-black tentacles, giving it an overwhelming defense and offense after its resurrection.


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