High Spec Village – 025

Episode 25: Treasures of the Han clan


After being asked by one of the newest members of the village, the girl from the Han clan, Yamato and others departed from the village in order to find the ‘mementos’.

“Do you know exactly where this thing we’re looking for is? “

“Yes, Yamato-nii-sama. It should be a little further ahead from the windmill hut.”

“I see, alright, just a little more then.”

With the Han clan chief’s daughter leading the way, everyone went past the now ruined windmill cabin and proceeded to their destined location.

The group was comprised of Yamato, Liscia and some of the children of the Han clan who had regained their strength. There was no particular danger the current group couldn’t cope up with, so the crossbow squad was made to wait at the village.

“How are you feeling?”

As they continue their travel on foot, Yamato became a little worried about the Han children.

“Thank you for your concern, Yamato-nii-sama. But no need to worry, the Han clan lives and runs through the grasslands from an early age. We’re all confident in our strength.”

“Ok, it’s good to hear that.”

After several days passed since their rescue, the orphans had become very energetic as they had rested in Urd Village.

And currently, after walking for several hours they still had strength left. A tribe that lived in the grasslands sure is strong.

“Yamato-nii-sama, it’s around here… the place.”

“I see.”

They reached a small meadow at the basin of a mountain, guided by the Han clan girl.

It was a place so far away from Urd Village, Liscia said it was her first time coming this far.

“Alright, I’m going to call for them… I hope this goes well.”

As she said those words, the Han clan girl took out a small whistle that was hanging from her neck. Imitating her, the other kids also took a similar whistle.


As they blew it, a faint sound echoed. This whistle was said to be a clan secret and produced a sound that people couldn’t really hear.

Perhaps comparing it with a dog whistle, which produced a sound at a frequency at which people couldn’t perceive, would be better.

Even to Yamato, with his physical ability and improved five senses gained from coming to this world, it sounded like a barely audible sound.

Several more times, the Han clan children continued to blow the whistle. Yamato could only guess that there was a meaning in the rhythm and timing at which the whistle was blown.

It happened until after they had waited for about an hour in the meadow.

Their precious ‘mementos’ came.

“Are those the ‘mementos’ you were speaking of?”

“Yes! I’m really glad they are all safe…”

The Han children stared at ‘them’ as they came closer with a look of relief.

“Those are Han horses…”

“It seems so.”

Next to Yamato, Liscia was staring at such sight wearing a surprised look.

What the Han clan orphans were looking for were these ‘horses’, cherished by the clan the same as their own lives.

“Amazing… I’ve heard rumors, but to actually see a Han horse…”

“Are they really that well-known?”

“Yes, Yamato-sama. They are the most famous of the three major breeds of horses in the continent.”

Just like Liscia explained to Yamato, the Han horses were a rare breed of large horses.

Knights and generals all over the continent usually choose them due to them being excellent horses. Their reputation was high, due to them being expensive war horses, and one usually had to spend a fortune just to get hold of one of these.

However, to the grassland people, they were similar to a member of their family. That was the main reason of their scarce numbers on the markets, making them quite rare.

It was a common saying that after knowing how much one costed, your eyes popped out of their sockets.

Truly, big and sturdy horses… and they’re very beautiful too.

Yamato also felt impressed as he watched over the scene of multiple brown Han horses gathering one after the other.

He remembered the times when he traveled the world with his self-proclaimed adventurer parents. At those times, he had the opportunity to see several countries’ fine horses and had practical experience in horse riding.

However, this was the first time he saw such a beautiful fine horse.

『A fine horse will always be a beautiful one』 Was something he had gathered from his experience.

“Yamato-nii-sama!! “

It was then.

“Run away! “

The Han girl shouted loudly, warning him.

“Look out! A raging horse! You both need to escape! “

A Han horse was running, heading straight towards the place where Yamato and Liscia were standing. Its body was a size bigger than that of the other horses, and its temperament was visibly rougher.

Perhaps because it was its first contact with a person in a long time, it was in a state of frenzy.

Or maybe it was because it recognized them not as members of the Han clan and had assumed they were enemies.

This is bad…

Theirs was currently a dangerous situation.

Yamato would probably be able to avoid it due to his improved physical ability, but he worried about the person standing next to him, Liscia.

If she were to take the full impact of the horse’s massive body, it would end very bad for her. Even her life might be in danger.

It can’t be helped then…

Making up his mind, Yamato decided to go forwards in order to protect her from the horse.

“Yamato-nii-sama! You both need to escape! “

“Yamato-sama! “

The sorrowful cries of Liscia and the children echoed across the meadow.

However, he headed straight towards the big horse without paying any mind. All in order to attract its attention towards him.


In order to trample the stupid and tiny human in front, the huge horse swung its thick front legs. Its hooves were weapons that could even instantly kill carnivorous animals.

“Haa! “

However, after dodging the front leg, Yamato jumped on the big horse.

Having no saddle nor a leash, his was a dangerous situation. He had to cling desperately in order not to be shaken off.


And sure enough, the horse became angrier as he rampaged in order to shake Yamato down. It even rolled on the ground to crush its unwanted rider.

“Yamato-nii-sama! “

“Yamato-sama! I’ll help you! “

“Wait! “

He spat those words in order to calm down Liscia who was preparing her bow.

Since this huge horse was probably the leader of the pack, hurting it would probably hurt the relation between them and the horses in the future.


The jet black huge horse rage continued as it couldn’t shake off Yamato and kept going wild.


Similar to a rodeo bull machine, Yamato’s body was experiencing the shock of the intense centrifugal force.

Moreover, he had no saddle or rope to hand on to as he was riding it on its bare back. If he were to lose focus for a moment, his life would probably be in danger.

I won’t give in…

But regardless of his looks, Yamato wasn’t one to accept defeat.

So, he kept on struggling, betting on who would break first.

The violent battle finally came to an end.

The loud neighing from a while back was nowhere to be heard now.

“No way… to be able to ride the Ouba….”

“Yamato-sama! I’m glad you’re ok.”

After everything ended, Liscia and the children rushed up to Yamato.

The jet-black horse finally admitted defeat and had calmed down. It apparently now saw Yamato as its master.

“Amazing, Yamato-nii-sama! That giant horse is called Ouba, or King horse, and not even the fiercest among the clan members could ride it…”

“No wonder, he really is tough.”

While his body was full of sweat, Yamato calmly answered.

He still had strength to spare, but nevertheless it was a battle of perseverance and wits.

It’s not something I would want to do again to be honest.

“Yamato-nii-sama, I never expected you to be so good at horse riding… you were wonderful! “

“Thanks, but I’m not really a proper rider. For now, let’s return to the village.”

“Yes! “

And so, they managed to fulfill the Han girl’s request, and succeeded in securing a group of Han horses, the children’s ‘memento’.

Therefore, while guiding over twenty beautiful horses through the meadow, they triumphantly returned to Urd Village.


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