High Spec Village – 016

Episode 16【Idle Talk】: Night of the welcoming party – Blacksmith Gaton’s side.


The ‘welcoming party’ had reached its end.

“Is this spot empty? ”
“Originally, the land has no true owner. You’re free to seat wherever you want to.”
“Makes sense.”

He decided to seat on the chair in front of this Mountain Clan old man, Gaton.

“Are the brats already asleep? ”
“That’s also one of their duties, to sleep since they are still growing. Right now, Liscia-san is finishing taking them to bed.”

As the feast approached its end, one could notice the figure of small children rubbing their sleepy eyes, appearing here and there. He had now just come back from helping Liscia putting them to sleep.

Right now, there was only them and some of the elderly people, drinking and eating while chatting in the plaza.

“Then, can you still drink? ”
“Ah, I’ll gladly accept.”

As he answered, Gaton then poured liquor into Yamato’s mug. This local alcohol had a nice, stimulating scent, and it was very treasured by the villagers.

“The village children really like you, oh Sage-dono.”
“Stop it with the jokes, Gaton jii-san. You can call me ‘kid’ like you always do. Besides, I’m not really good at dealing with children either.”

“You keep saying that, but who’s the one that has been showing results? That’s you, kid.”
“It was just a coincidence.”

They kept talking while drinking.
Just as he was telling Gaton, he truly felt it was just by pure coincidence that the village had shown the current results.

That went for the existence of the grain called Inahon, and so was true for the high adaptability of the children. It just happened that the nature blessings of the environment surrounding the village kept overlapping.

And the biggest of those blessings was sitting right in front of him.

“I came to express my thanks to you today. Blacksmith Gaton, without you here, things wouldn’t have gone so well so far.”
“Hmph, tonight you’re being quite straightforward, aren’t you, kid? Maybe tomorrow it will rain spears.”
“I’m always straightforward. And no, spears don’t just fall from the sky.”

He was just speaking the truth in these words of gratitude.
The appreciation he felt for Gaton and all he had done for him or rather, for the village, was real. He had been implementing various reforms to improve the civilization in Urd Village, such as the crossbows, the farming equipment, and about the household goods.

However, it was Gaton and his grandchildren the ones who turned his rough drawings into the actual thing. So it wasn’t farfetched to say that without them, the life in the village wouldn’t be this rich, and they would have struggled a lot more.

“I just do what is interesting to me, as a craftsman. And those just happened to be the things on your drawings.”
“If that is so, then this will be fast. I’ve already drawn a few more drawings. Could I leave it to you? to make them during winter?”
“Hmph. And also the same as usual, kid’s still a slave driver.”

Despite saying that, one could see a happy grin in his face.
An expression as if saying 『Whatever your drawing might me, I can do it as long as it’s made with metal』.

This person might really be able to make just about anything…

The frightening part of this old craftsman was not his outstanding smithing skills, but his flexible senses in the application of those skills.
He instantly understood the principles behind the crossbow and the farming equipment used in Yamato’s world just from a drawing, and he adapted it to make them easier to use in this world.

“By the way, kid…  no, Yamato.”

It was then.
The tone of the person sitting in front of Yamato changed.

“What is it, Gaton.”

Therefore he also changed into a more serious expression as he stared straight ahead.

“Just what is your true identity? ‘Who’ are you?”

He left the question hanging for a while unanswered.
He already expected this to be asked someday, but he never thought Gaton would be the first one to do it.

“I’m just a person who loves mountains (Pun not translated, basically ‘I’m just Yamato’). If I had to say it differently, I’ve seen a lot of things that do not exist in this country.”
“…I see.”

To his answer, Gaton just quietly nodded. He didn’t pursue any further.

“I also have a question to ask. Who are you, Gaton? Why did you decide to stay in this remote village possessing those incredible skills?”

Yamato also decided to ask a question he had always been curious about.
According to Liscia, Gaton was one of the only three people in the continent to possess the title of ‘Grand Master Blacksmith’.

One of the three who reigned supreme above all the countless blacksmiths. A person that should be living a life of wealth and riches, serving as a blacksmith of a powerful country, and with a status similar to that of nobles.

“I’m simply a man who loves iron. I just feel indebted to the people of Urd. Basically, the same as you.”
“…I see.”

He didn’t intend to pursue any further, so Yamato simply nodded quietly at his reply. They both had things they didn’t want others to hear.

“Kid… what are your plans in the village from now on? ”
“Even if you ask me, it would be to live, to do anything necessary to keep on living.”

There were still many issues to be solved, like to keep securing food, or to resolve the shortage of manpower.
But above all, it was necessary to overcome the upcoming winter, and to decide on the actions to take once spring arrived.

“I don’t know how the country where you came from was like, but currently, there’s a lot of mayhem in the continent.”
“Yeah, I already heard about it from Liscia-san.”

For now, Urd Village was enjoying some peace.
The reason being that, while secluded in this mountainous region, the geographical location helped by keeping the village relatively isolated.
Although it nominally belonged to a lord, this village was neglected since it was too far away from the city.

However, greedy people were the same in any world.
Gaton continued by saying that if the living conditions of this once almost destroyed village improved, danger would definitely come.

“I’ve been thinking about that. And I’ll have the children do something during winter.”
“Don’t be too hard on the brats, oh Sage-dono.”

“The weak cannot survive… that’s just a rule of nature.”
“That’s true…”

The old craftsman Gaton narrowed his eyes and showed a slightly sad expression as he answered.
He also had his important grandchildren. So, he also felt a little worried about their future.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone die.”

Those words were his promise as well as his resolve. Yamato wanted the people in this village to live their lives with hope, and for that, he would share his wisdom and skills with them.

“Look at you, speaking such reliable words.”
“But in exchange, the new things I want you to make. Can you have a prototype ready soon?”

“Hey! Do you want to overwork me to death!? ”
“So far, your body seems to be holding on just fine. Truly a prideful man of the Mountain Clan People.”
“That is obvious, who do you think you’re talking to?”

They continued talking as they enjoyed the conversation. It was very enjoyable for Yamato, despite the fact that this was an old man who liked to bicker back and forth.

“Hmph, should we have another drink, kid?”
“Sure, I’ll take it.”

While drinking Urd’s peculiar liquor, they both continued to enjoy the party.

TLN: I invite you all to read a short story I just translated, only 2 chapters of a “different world” short novel. Ore no Negai wa It’s worth your time, I promise.


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