High Spec Village LN – 01f

After Liscia left, I was alone in the house at the outskirts of the village.


“Well then, what should I do now?”


I mumbled while making sure nobody was around. What I learned from the explanations and my own observations was that Urd Village was in a dire situation.


So far, no hostility has been directed to me who is an outsider. It might have left a nice favorable impression having saved the life of Liscia, the Village Chief’s granddaughter. The Village Chief also said he would cooperate with anything I need.





“First of all, I’ll check and organize my luggage. Afterwards, should I make something to eat?”


I dropped the large backpack for climbing from my back and put away the essential tools I had. I was transferred here in the middle of a long-term mountain-climbing trip. Among the luggage I had were tents, survival goods, clothing, food and water.


However, I didn’t plan on depending on these to live. After all, this was a different world with a visible lower degree of civilization. I couldn’t imagine how many weeks or years I would have to spend in this world.


“I should consider procuring local supplies as much as possible.”


I had to prepare myself to live in this world until the day I died. And for that purpose, I intended to not rely on the tools and equipment I brought from modern Japan as much as possible. It went without saying that I would prefer to return to Japan if possible, but that possibility seemed low. After all, the theory and cause behind me being transported here was unknown.





“I guess today it fine with only taking out the minimum.”


I moved the necessary minimum survival gear to a spare small backpack which I could carry around easily. Knives, pans and other usual cooking utensils, seasonings, spoons, and a knife tool.


“If possible, I’d rather not use these on people.”


Just in case, I’ll also carry the tear spray for bears I use for self-defense. These were “weapons” too dangerous to be used on people.





“Haaa… let’s check my body’s movements…”


After taking a deep breath, I threw a kick into the air.


Next a combination of a palm strike followed by an elbow strike. Finally, a stab using the survival knife at my waist, I repeat these series of movements. These were the type of self-defense techniques that were hammered to me since I was young, by my self-proclaimed adventurer parents.


“I knew it, somehow my movements have become terribly sharp. Several times more than when I was in Japan.”


I was convinced of that as I finished the series of repetitions in this vacant house.


It was clear that my physical abilities were improving. My dynamic vision and five senses, including muscular strength and power, had grown considerably.


“Does that mean that it wasn’t a coincidence that I was able to defeat the Big Rabbits in an instant?”


It surprised me, to be able to trace the movements in my mind so perfectly. This might be a situation that veteran martial artist couldn’t even reach.


“Was my body strengthened by the influence of being transferred to this world?”


My body improvement was a happy miscalculation, but I couldn’t remain too optimistic in this strange world. After all, this was a world with unknown ferocious beasts.


◇          ◇


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