High Spec Village LN – 01c


The confrontation against the beast of this different world was over. I killed all the rabbit-like animals.


“Thank you very much for helping me… Mr. traveler”.


The girl who had suffered some minor injuries on her limbs conveyed her thanks. Strangely enough, my ears heard it as fluent Japanese.


“I was passing through, don’t worry. It was really nothing”.


“You mean the… Big Rabbits!? ”


After my words, the girl got somewhat surprised. Seems like she was also able to understand my words.





According to her, the name of the dead beasts at our feet was Big Rabbit. At first, I was surprised by the appearance of these rabbits, but their movements were monotonous and slow once I properly paid attention.


In order to help the girl, I used the legal survival knife I used for mountaineering, and killed the Big Rabbits.


“Their fangs are certainly dangerous, but aside from that, they’re only oversized rabbits.”


I said while observing their corpses laying on the ground. If you watch out for their fangs, they were just rabbits. I wasn’t even particularly paying attention to it.


“Big Rabbits are very dangerous even for the adults in the village.”


Further surprised by my words, the girl explained. Big Rabbits attacked people with their quick movements, they were dangerous beasts that cunningly aimed for the legs and neck with their sharp fangs.


“You say this is a quick and dangerous beast? ”


But the girl’s explanation seemed weird. I was familiar with the outdoors, but by no means I was a master of martial arts.


I did acquire some techniques with the knife and in self-defense thanks to the influence of my self-proclaimed adventurer parents. But my fighting abilities only went so far, I was not great.





“By the way, I’m kind of lost. Sorry but, if possible, I’d love to go to the village where you live.”


I moved to the main subject and spoke to the girl who was still surprised.


A moment ago, this girl said the word “village”. In other words, there was a secluded village nearby, and there were people who spoke the same language as her.


“You saved my life; you are more than welcomed to do so! But there are some circumstances, and currently Urd village is suffering from a food shortage…”


“Still, it’s safer than this forest, right? ”


“Yes. There is water, and a safe place to sleep! ”


The girl’s suggestion was very helpful with me being in my current situation. It was almost time for the sun to set, and there was nothing more terrifying than a night in an unknown forest. And when it came down to food, I’ll just have to deal with it myself.


“Speaking of which, can these Big Rabbits be eaten? ”


Talking about food, I asked her about the beasts lying at our feet.


“Yes, their meat can be eaten, and their fur is a valuable item in the village. And according to the village rules, they belong to the one who hunt them.”


“That would be me, right? ”




I see, then its settled.  With this much meat, I’ll have enough food for a while.


“Then, I’ll take half. You can have the rest. Please, think of it as a payment for letting me stay the night.”


“That much of the Big Rabbits?  Okay, Thank you very much! ”


Big Rabbits seemed to be of considerable value in her village. The girl was truly pleased and I could see in her face that she was quite happy.





“Well then, let’s proceed to return to the village.”


She skillfully bled the Big Rabbits, and after hanging them on a wooden stick, we moved towards the village.


“You’re very good at it.”


Although she was a slender girl, I was impressed by her working figure, undaunted by the blood. I also helped her, and noticed the Big Rabbit’s internal organs and bloodletting process was exactly the same as that of Japanese hares.


“Thank you very much! Even if I look like this, I am a hunter. Speaking of which… It’s Liscia.”


“Hmm? ”


“My name is Liscia from Urd Village… Excuse me, but what would be your name…?”


Come to think of it, we haven’t introduced ourselves. I was so busy that I completely forgot.


“My name is Yamato


“Yamato-sama… what a wonderful name…”


“It’s okay if you drop the -sama, Liscia-san”


“Yamato-sama… Yamato-sama… It really has a lovely ring to it…”


Not good, she’s not listening. Let’s not worry about it.


“Well then, Liscia-san I leave the guiding to you.”


“Yes, Yamato-sama. ”





While walking on an animal trail, I followed behind the hunter girl Liscia for about an hour.


While observing the flora and fauna in the forest, I occasionally asked her about it and secretly gathered some. In this different world, the more information I obtain, the easier it would be for me to live.





“Yamato-sama, we can see it now! That’s Urd Village, where I live.”


“Oh, so that is it?”


Beyond the forest, in a slight elevation ahead of us, was a small village.


There was a lake in the mountain’s basin, and by the lakeside was a settlement extending. I could see some smoke rising, signaling the time to eat. From this distance, it appeared as a medieval-style primitive village like those one would see in the books or the internet.


(So, this is a village from another world. I wonder how things will go from here…)


Walking with the stick carrying the Big Rabbits over my shoulder, I strengthened my vigilance. I checked again my self-defense weapons being careful not to be noticed by Liscia.


This girl, Liscia welcomed me, but maybe not all the inhabitants of this village would be so welcoming. Sometimes, there was nothing more terrifying than the inhabitants of a remote village.



◇          ◇



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