High Spec Village LN – 01b

It has been about an hour since I started walking in this unknown forest.


I followed the direction of the compass while measuring the time with my wristwatch. All my devices are working perfectly, except for my mobile phone which obviously doesn’t pick up any signal. This might be another world, but the actions to take in a forest were the same as on Earth. Advance in a constant direction, and pay close attention to your surroundings.


“So far this has been just a normal forest. The green is a little darkish though.”


As always, I kept checking my surroundings as I moved. The forest was on a darker tone of green, but the trees, bushes and moss were similar to those of the same ecosystem in Earth.


So far, I had found no particular danger, therefore I’ve been moving without problems. Rather, I felt power swelling up from the depths of my body, somehow like the feeling that my body was lighter.





“Well, the problem is the wild animals.”


My main concern was the existence of animals living in this forest. I did not know what kind of ecosystems this other world had.


However, 『There are always herbivorous creatures in rich forests. And therefore, carnivorous creatures who feed on them』, that was the law of nature. And in a forest so rich, it was sure to be danger.


“A carnivorous animal, huh? Well then, to what degree would that hold true?”


My parents were wild, self-proclaimed adventurers, and I’ve been taken to the wilderness around the world since I was a child. Because of that influence, even now, exploring nature is my only hobby. I’ve had past experiences facing certain dangerous animals.


But in this strange world, it was best to just avoid any danger altogether. For some reason my body felt stronger, and my five senses sharper, allowing me to further increase my vigilance.





It was at such time.


“Eh… This voice is…? ”


I heard a voice from the direction to which I heading to. Not the cry of a beast, but the language of an intelligent creature.


“Is this a scream…?”


Having come to that conclusion, I hastened my pace towards that direction. When you hear a scream, that would mean there were creatures close to that person.


But in order to obtain information about this world, I took the risk and approached the direction of that scream.





And thus, I reached the place in question.


I erased my presence and hid behind a bush to check the situation.


High Spec Village 01c


(A girl, huh…?)


The one who had been asking for help was a girl.


She had quite an eye-catching appearance, blonde hair and blue eyes, pretty similar to a foreign person. But strangely enough, the 『Help me! 』I heard in my ears was the Japanese I was familiar with.


Being attacked by several animals, the foreign girl had fallen into a predicament.


(Can that be… a rabbit?)


I couldn’t believe that a group of rabbits were attacking this girl.


However, they were two sizes larger than the rabbits of Earth, and they also had sharp fangs in their mouth. Just as the beasts tried to attack, the girl violently swung the dagger she held in self-defense.


(If it continues like this, it would be bad…)


My body moved before my mind ordered it to.


I jumped out of the bush, and used my survival knife at my hip to cut down the beasts.





◇          ◇



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