High Spec Village LN – 01a

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Chapter 1            Towards the ruined village




I was wrapped by a dazzling light.


Suddenly, I found myself standing in an unknown forest.


(Where is this place…?)


I should have been climbing the mountain. Moreover, it was a mountain I was used to climb since I’ve climbed it several times since I was young.


(Did I get lost! No, that’s not it)


I was supposed to be a safe morning in the early summer. It is impossible to get lost in such a situation.





I checked on the nearby trees in order to gather more information.


(Is that a beech tree? … No, this is the first time I see this kind of tree)


I am somewhat familiar with different animals and plants. However, this is my first time seeing the kind of varieties from the trees that surround me. I haven’t seen them in the field guide, so most likely they are a specie not found in Japan.


I wonder what the heck is going on?


“Let’s check my current position…”


I tried to calm down by speaking my thoughts. Like this I can objectively confirm my position.


I took the compass from my pocket and confirmed the direction. At the same time, I also observed the surrounding branches and leaves, along with the direction at which the moss was growing. By acquiring the most information is the best way to get the most accuracy.


“After that, would be the position of the sun, ri… ght…?”


And finally, after moving my gaze towards the sky, I was at loss for words. I was surprised by seeing a spectacle that I had not imagined.


Next to the sun, the moon, “Why are there two!?  ”


It was an unbelievable sight.


Looking up, there was indeed a bright and shinning sun. But two satellites, two moons clearly be seen by its side. Earth should only have one, if my memory isn’t playing a prank on me.


“Haa… then that would mean… is this place not earth?”


That was my judgement after calming down and taking a deep breath.


Until a while ago, there was the possibility that I had lost my way in an unexplored forest. Earth was a savage land with many places unexplored, so it wouldn’t be strange for me to chance upon some unknown trees.


But that possibility had now completely disappeared. It proved that this was not the planet in which I was born and raised.


“Is this another planet? Or a parallel world? ”


Breathing here posed no problem. That would mean that the components in the air might be the same as on earth. If this was really another planet, to have the same component ratio as the Earth’s air, that would be an astronomically small probability.





“Well then, what should I do to survive…”


While wary of my surroundings, I took my future actions into consideration.


It was unclear how it happened, but I understood that this was not Earth. For the sake of convenience, lets called it “parallel world”. The biggest problem going forward was what to do in order to survive.


“Let’s assume the degree of danger is equal to those unspoiled jungles in earth… no, maybe I should assume it to be more.”


I raised my vigilance to the maximum.


My hobbies being climbing and outdoor activities, I’m quite aware of the horrors of nature.


No matter how science advances and develops civilization, human beings are very weak. Being bi-pedal, a person consumes a lot of physical strength by walking in two legs, and they can’t win against a wild beast if unarmed. Our digestive ability and resistance to various germs and bacteria is low, to it’s easy to get sick in such unexplored lands.





“At least I was lucky that I was climbing a mountain.”


In my back was a large backpack for mountaineering, filled with food and various survival tools. It was possible to explore a mountain several days with these supplies alone.


“Well then, what to do?”


Having confirmed my situation and checked my equipment, I decided to leave this place.


『Maybe if I stay here I can return to Earth again 』I quickly threw away that faint sliver hope.


As it was, I had little information, and if I continued to stay here, I ran the risk of being attacked by some unknown animal and dying. I judged that it was necessary to leave this forest in order to survive, and so I moved my feet.



◇          ◇



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