25 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 6

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  2. I’m literally crying tears of happiness…
    Right after I posted the chapter, and before I saved the edited version, my computer restarted itself.
    I do all my translation in a translation software, but I edit them in word.
    So, I forgot to save my progress and did it after I finished. If this had happened one minute earlier, all my TL progress of chapter 6 would have been lost and I would probably be crying myself to sleep.
    Anyway, I really hope you like the chapter 🙂

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    • Why not do it on Google doc and Grammaly? I once worked in an enviroment that my work may crash every five minutes (wonder why the hell Pixar use that thing, Almost drive me crazy) After that autosave is my most favorite feature on any program.


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    Okay… MC’s being generous. There’s an old proverb I’m surprised he didn’t mention:

    “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a night. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for life”

    Basically what he’s doing.

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    • Is not very taxing, I usually just go to work and back home to translate and read, then sleep and off to work the next day.
      I really want people to read this story, that’s why I’m going for fast releases, for it to grab more attention. I really loved it when I first started reading it.
      Sundays are my “social” days, other than that, it is pretty much the same routine each day.
      But thanks for your concern 🙂

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    • Also, totally unrelated, but I cried while reading this chapter and the last one, sadly I cant properly translate the manners of the children, so I guess some of it gets lost in translation.
      But they are so sweet 😀

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  4. Thanks for the chapter and the high quality translation! I’m really excited to see how this story progresses. It’s definitely the second best village/kingdom building story I’ve read so far, the best being Realist Hero.

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  5. I don’t know where you referenced the word, but 一宿一飯の恩 actually read “isshuku ippan no on”.

    宿 means lodging, 飯 means meal, 恩 means gratitude.
    Thus the phrase literally means “the gratitude of one night lodging and one meal”. It’s not hard (or rough) at all, in my opinion.


  6. Thanks for the chapter.

    “Inside the house that was borrowed to me by Urd’s village chief, I finally woke up before the sunrise.” & “The back of the house that was borrowed to me had a kitchen outside.” Replace [borrowed] in both sentences with [loaned].

    “If I think about the further ahead, I need to properly do this.” Replace [further] with [future].

    “Is not that big of a deal.” Replace [Is] with [It’s].

    “Leesha nodded after hearing the list of good I told her.” Change [good] to [goods].


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  8. I guess that is also a good solution for now but I thought he would teach them how to be bandits.

    They still won’t be able to survive during winter and the Lord can come at any time and take whatever they gathered.

    The only logical solution is to train them as a mercenary group and raid the sorroundings to weaken the Lords influence and power while securing food.

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  9. Yo, Kari. I know that you want to share your happiness to the other through this novel, But I hope you don’t push yourself too far. Because we don’t want you to get sick. If you sick, who else will be translating this awesome novel. I think you should do it with your own pace. Sorry if my english is bad, that is not my native language


  10. many wrong grammar but not affect meaning of sentence like many MTL that sometimes make u think “what I just read?”
    thanks for chap


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